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Why the fascination with the end of the world?


A huge particle accelerator experiment is about to start and a tiny group of people believe it could spell the end of the world. But why are we so obsessed with the possibility of apocalypse?

The world will end. That much is a certainty. But it may not be soon. And in all probability it will not come to a shuddering, fiery, boiling, cataclysmic end on Wednesday this week.

Aftermath: Population Zero investigates what would happen if every single person
on Earth simply disappeared. Drastic changes to the environment animals running
wild Meltdowns and explosions all over the world. This is what life will be like
on earth from day ten to one year after humans vanish from existence. This is the
astounding story of a world we will never see.

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can exact their plan to end 80% of the population and help the select, chosen few of the planet live forever with the aid of advanced technology.
In Endgame, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones chronicles the history of the global elite s bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars using order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire.

Watch as Jones and his team track the elusive, secretive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to uncover their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world s agenda and instigating World War III.

Learn about the formation of the North American transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever.

Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science Eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation.

View the progress of the coming collapse of the United States and the formation of the North American Union.

Never before has a documentary assembled all the pieces of the globalists' dark agenda. Endgame's compelling look at past atrocities committed by those attempting to steer the future delivers information that the controlling media has meticulously censored for over 60 years, fully revealing the elite s agenda to dominate the earth and carry out the most wicked plan in all of human history.

Alex Jones's new documentary, Endgame, posits several theories relating to "the dawn of a new dark age" in which a few elite businessmen are planning to erase global boundaries in order to conglomerate the governance of three disempowered populations: the E.U., the North American Union, and the Asian Union modeled after Communist China. This plan allegedly involves depopulating countries around the world, constructing superhighways that connect otherwise unreachable regions throughout America, and forming paramilitary groups to infringe on personal freedoms and privacies. Interview footage of journalist Jim Tucker among many dubious others is spliced amongst myriad historical footage of the past two World Wars, right wing political speeches, eugenics charts, and shots of woodcuts depicting Napoleanic conquests and the Roman empire, impling that our society's political conservatism bears resemblance. But in tracing the formations of the League of Nations, the U.N., and finally Bilderberg Group in 1954, Endgame accuses these groups of trying to merge countries and eliminate international borders, without really assessing the fact that this has never been a secret. It will also seem obvious to many viewers that private parties "bankroll" wars for economic gain, not always philanthropic. Toward the film's end, an extended segment about Planned Parenthood's ties to early eugenics groups, which accuses Ted Turner and Bill Gates of buying into depopulation plans because both have donated funding to promote birth control in third world countries, reveals a pro-life agenda. In addition, after watching multiple clips of Jones himself yelling into people's car windows, wondering why the airport security are detaining him for following businessmen with a camera, stalking visitors at a Canadian hotel, and making other various rash gestures, it is difficult not to see Endgame as one man's elaborately considered conspiracy theory. —Trinie Dalton

Times Online
Apocalypse now? 30 days when the world
Times Online, UK - Sep 10, 2008
3: 2nd century AD: The Montanists, founded in around 155 AD by a chap called Montanus, were perhaps the first recognisable Christian "end of the world" cult ...
Reassuring children about the world's end
BBC News, UK - 3 hours ago
Marc McLean's two daughters Leah, 10, and Jade, eight, heard about Cern and the end of the world in the playground. "The kids weren't crying but they were ...
Video: Big Bang test watched live by scientists france24english
If the end of the world was nigh... South Devon Herald Express
Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? ZDNet
Ha'aretz - (Pressemitteilung)
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The end of the world as we know it?, UK - 2 hours ago
And, sadly, things are not much more cheery at the other end of the labour market. Cranfield School of Management has found that just 5% of bank managing ...
End of the world as we know it was short-lived
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Sep 10, 2008
THE end of the end of the world, proclaimed by some commentators, lasted all of one day. And to paraphrase Pauline Hanson, if you are reading this, ...

Voice of America
World Does Not End, India TV Channels Warn Panicking Viewers
Voice of America - 19 hours ago
The TV newscasts dramatized the end of the world in reporting on Wednesday's so-called "Big Bang" machine, which in reality is called the Large Hadron ...

CERN Fiasco - the end of the world is nigh postmortem
ZDNet UK, UK - Sep 11, 2008
Unfortunately one tragic outcome of all this that has emerged is a young woman in India committed suicide convinced that the world would end on Wednesday. ...
Midhurst students learn to survive the end of the world...
Midhurst and Petworth Today, UK - 33 minutes ago
SURVIVAL was the name of the game when 30 youngsters learned how to cope in the wake of an environmental disaster. Thirty students from Midhurst Grammar ...
Teachers quell end-of-world concerns
Times of India, India - Sep 11, 2008
Susan Santhosh, who teaches at Kendriya Vidyalaya-CRPF, Avadi, said "When I found class VII students talking about the end of the world, I immediately ...

Large Hadron Collider: 10 other dates when the world failed to end, United Kingdom - Sep 10, 2008
Oct 22 1844 - Millerites, followers of the American Baptist preacher William Miller, became convinced that the end of the world had been predicted in Daniel ...
End of the world on Wednesday? Hindustan Times
The CERN Large Hadron Collider: Why the world won’t end on Wednesday Custom PC
Will the world end on Wednesday?
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Ray McNulty: 9/11: It was the end of the world as we knew it
TCPalm, FL - Sep 10, 2008
It was, really, the end of the world as we knew it. Soon, we would hear that a third plane went into the Pentagon. Then came word of Flight 93 going down in ...

The end of the world?, GA - Sep 10, 2008
by Scott Sowers One of the big news stories of the week gave some gloom and doom end of days fear for people around the world. No, it doesn't have anything ...

It's the end of the world
Liverpool Echo, UK - Sep 10, 2008
End of the world? Bring it on! It’ll be a breeze and a blessed relief. Apparently, though, according to those party-poopers/so-called experts who always ...
Is this the way the world ends?, UK - Sep 9, 2008
And yet, the artists who portrayed the end of the world in the Renaissance were not pessimists. They believed the destruction of life as we know it was the ...

'Balanced' migration and population control
Times Online, UK - Sep 10, 2008
Sir, In his dismissal of Balanced Migration’s call for a cap on immigration (Opinion, Sept 9), David Aaronovitch apparently accepts without question the ...
Population control is important after all
Denver Post, CO - Sep 10, 2008
By Neal Peirce For years, in company with most journalists, I've been ducking the population issue. We Americans seem to have it on our DNA — we believe ...

Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer ...
Natural, AZ - Sep 10, 2008
Population control for money is the easiest way to describe the new Codex which is run by the US and controlled by Big Pharma and the like to reduce the ...
Bigger budget for population control pushed, Philippines - Sep 7, 2008
Edcel Lagman is making another pitch for his controversial population control bill in the House of Representatives’ deliberations on the proposed ...

Population control movement is racist
Irish Independent, Ireland - Sep 3, 2008
Right from the start, the population control movement has been driven by mainly racist ideologues. Perhaps the best study in this area is 'The Inherent ...
Gov’t to spend more on family planning: official
VietNamNet Bridge, Vietnam - Sep 10, 2008
Ca Mau authorities were having troubles getting the population control message through to rich families, many of whom were now having three children, ...
Sierra Leone Immigration – Influx of Foreigners A National Concern
Standard Times Press, Sierra Leone - 21 hours ago
For security; for population control through the entry visa process; for monitoring the movement and engagement of non citizens within the country, ...
Church claims population control bill railroaded, Philippines - Aug 18, 2008
By Felipe V. Celino ROXAS CITY, Philippines—The Catholic Church in Capiz remains steadfast in its opposition to three controversial bills seeking to promote ...
Population bill proponent ready to dialogue with bishops
all 8 news articles »

Remaking Humanity
The Claremont Institute, CA - Sep 7, 2008
Bold in its claims and wildly arrogant in its approach, the international population control movement of the 20th century provides a stark example of the ...

5 THINGS... about population control
Electric New Paper, Singapore - Aug 31, 2008
2. The Greeks instituted pederasty, a practice where adult males enterinto relationships with boys so that they wouldn't get the women pregnant 3. ...

The Depopulation of Planet Earth
OpEdNews, PA - Sep 6, 2008
This document explicitly laid out a detailed strategy by which the United States would aggressively promote population control in developing nations in ...

Population reduction efforts needed
Summerland Review, Canada - Aug 27, 2008
I offer Weisman’s thoughts to the readers so that they can think about the need for population control. It will be absolutely necessary, as China has done, ...

Informed Consent or Institutionalized Eugenics? How the Medical ...
RedOrbit, TX - 22 minutes ago
Viewed in this light, the appeal to good health, while unobjectionable on its face, may promote eugenic attitudes that individuals with some disabilities ...

Daily Mail
Royal Mail honours family planning pioneer Marie Stopes - but ...
Daily Mail, UK - 20 hours ago
But she is also a controversial figure who was accused of being racist and anti-Semitic and advocated eugenics - even disapproving of her own son's choice ...
Eugenics at the Olympics
Wired News - Aug 21, 2008
As a window into the wrongness of American eugenic science, this can't be beat -- not just because of the underlying belief in Aryan superiority, ...

Washington Post
'I Served the King of England': What Didn't He Do in the War?
Washington Post, United States - 10 hours ago
... where Jan works changes to a clinic for eugenics (populated by perfectly blond Aryan goddesses), then to a hospital treating injured war veterans. ...

Yao Ming: Successful Eugenics Experiment, VA - Aug 16, 2008
The Olympics are always a festival of human biodiversity, with each sport having its ideal body-type. The Chinese Olympic team flagbearer Yao Ming, ...

Eugenics: Study Finds Vast Majority (84%) of Down Syndrome Babies ...
Lifesite, PA - Aug 13, 2008
By Thaddeus M. Baklinski TRONDHEIM, Norway, August 13, 2008 ( - A recently published Norwegian study of prenatal detection of trisomy 21 ...
British Government Chooses Hitler-Loving Abortion Movement Pioneer ...
Lifesite, PA - Sep 2, 2008
So successful was she at altering British society in favour of her eugenics doctrines, the British government has chosen her to be included in a "Women of ...
Karadzic's Arrest Brings to Light Psychiatry's History of Ethnic ...
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - 20 hours ago
Rudin was president of the International Federation of Eugenic Organizations and world leader of the eugenics movement which sought to remove "inferior" ...
A mainstream moment for Down syndrome
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - Sep 10, 2008
This is properly called eugenic abortion — the ending of "imperfect" lives to remove the social, economic and emotional costs of their existence. ...
Al Gore: Too Big for His British Genes
Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), VA - Aug 25, 2008
The British sought scientific legitimacy for their genocide, and named it eugenics. A supposed "race science" to improve the human species through selective ...

Center for Research on Globalization
Militarism and a Uni-polar World
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Aug 26, 2008
In an effort to support such views, the Rockefeller family became involved with Eugenics, a fascist doctrine that advocated breeding a superior race by ...

The Mass Media Division of UNESCO
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Aug 14, 2008
Part 1 in this series described this philosophy and its relation to eugenics. The second article outlined the purpose of UNESCO, which is to mentally ...


WSET, VA - 52 minutes ago
The chaos started Friday morning after news broke of high gas prices and gas shortages in North and South Carolina. The word "ration" was just mentioned and ...

Nashville, GA Police Monitor Long Gas Station Lines
WCTV, FL - 28 minutes ago
Some stations in Nashville, Georgia had their unleaded price at more than four bucks a gallon, and the scene appeared calm. But one Flash Foods Store had ...
Diesel appears to be in good supply, gasoline lines long
The Trucker - 3 hours ago
Long lines could be found a many gas stations across the nation, and especially in the southeast and southwest where prices jumped by as much as $1 a gallon ...
Easley activates state law against gas price gouging San Antonio Business Journal
Hurricane Ike fuels higher gas prices, shortages Winston-Salem Journal
Gas Prices Rising Around the Country WHSV
Morganton News Herald - TheHerald
all 248 news articles »
Gas reaches $4 and more at many Columbia stations
The State, SC - 10 hours ago
There were similar lines at the Kangaroo station across the intersection. One man on a motorcycle claimed to have waited 45 minutes to get to the pumps, ...
Video: Money Minute: Gas, Oil, ImClone, Mortgages AssociatedPressAs Ike approaches refineries, Wiregrass packs gas stations Dothan Eagle
Rumors fuel area pump rush Gainesville Sun
Christian Science Monitor - Greeneville Sun
all 2,098 news articles »

$4-plus gas prompts long lines, price-gouging feared
Rock Hill Herald, SC - 5 hours ago
Some motorists are waiting 20 minutes in line for $4 gas today, while some gas stations were asking customers to limit fuel purchases to 10 gallons as ...

Jump in gas prices brings lines at pumps
ENC Today, NC - 6 hours ago
At 10:45 am he said the station would continue service until the fuel was gone, which he estimated would be two hours. On Neuse Boulevard, more long lines ...
Ike causes local fear, gas shortages
Morganton News Herald, NC - 3 hours ago
Many stations boast long lines, and some are running low on gas, waiting for tankers to come deliver more. Drivers like Mooresville's Johnny Broome have ...
Locals line up for gas
Augusta Chronicle, GA - 16 hours ago
Long lines were seen at a number of gas stations, including the Circle K at 226 Georgia Avenue in North Augusta, where there had been a continuous stream of ...

Fuel Fears: Long Lines As Gas Prices Sky-Rocket
WSIL TV, IL - 20 hours ago
Gas stations like Kroger in Herrin had long lines where folks had to wait upwards of 20 minutes just to fill up. We had reports that some gas stations ...
As Ike nears, chain asks for limit on gas buys
The Associated Press - 11 hours ago
Emergency management officials in three western North Carolina counties said lines formed and some stations ran out of fuel Thursday after rumors of supply ...

Motorists Finding Some Stations Out Of Gas
Tyler Morning Telegraph, TX - 5 hours ago
Gas pumps at the Whitehouse Brookshire’s on State Highway 110 were shut down around 11 am this morning as areawide fueling stations face similar shortages. ...

Gas Price Hike Not Just In Tri-Cities
Bristol Herald Courier, TN - 11 minutes ago
By News Channel 11 Long lines could be seen at gas stations all across the Tri-Cities Region today. Gas prices have risen over 30 cents, and a few stations ...

AAA Texas warns of possible gas supply interruptions, NC - 2 hours ago
The average retail price of gasoline in San Antonio remained virtually unchanged heading into the weekend. However, analysts with AAA Texas are keeping a ...





On Katrina's 3rd anniversary, another storm brews By MARY FOSTER, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 46 minutes ago NEW ORLEANS - The solemn ceremonies for the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on Friday for the most part were blown away by Tropical Storm Gustav, which threatens (...)




Added: Aug 29, 2008

Proof Population Control will be underway SOON!

They are now talking about it on the mainstream news... Thanks to Quandary121 for this info on this man Rick Oltman "Consequences of Excessive Immigration" Given April 18th, 2007 Hold Their Feet To The Fire Rally - Rick Oltman http:/ (...)


From: Earthlasthope

Tags: 911 Cooper EDF freedom girl God Jesus JFK life news NWO Paul Rebel Ron secret sex terror truth War warcraft William Wow

Added: Jun 19, 2008

Population Explosion - ECU #156

The population is booming and Mike Hanauer of Zero Population Growth considers that the world's leading environmental problem. Population growth is already straining the world's environmental and energy resources. If current trends continue, the population of the U.S. could reach a (...)


From: piucaprim

Tags: EnviroVideo Frank-Melli Growth Hanauer Mike Population Zero

Added: Feb 18, 2007


Codex Alimentarius was created in 1962 as a trade Commission by the UN to control the international trade of food. Its initial intentions may have been altruistic but it has been taken over by corporate interests, most notably the pharmaceutical, pesticide, biotechnology and chemica (...)


From: teabowbraine

Tags: alex Alimentarius chemtrails Codex cooper endgame illuminati jones jordan maxwell population reduction william zionist

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World Population

A graphic description of world population growth from 1 A.D. World Population (Millenium Edition) was produced and copyrighted by Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth, Inc.) in 2000. Population Connection is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.


From: rgumbrecht

Tags: growth human population

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Population and Environment

I made this for my Population and Environment class, Fall 2006, University of Oregon, Geography Department. Leave a comment, I'd like to know what people think.


From: deftonedinzion

Tags: Agriculture Biointensive Christina Envrionment Geography of Oregon Permaculture Population Sasser Sustainable University

Added: Nov 30, 2006

The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See (part 1 of 8)

And probably the most boring. But then again, when I told that to my students and had them give me feedback, most said that if you followed along with what the presenter (a professor emeritus of Physics at Univ of Colorado-Boulder) is saying, it's quite easy to pay attention, becau (...)


From: wonderingmind42

Tags: arithmetic energy exponential function growth overpopulation population resources steady

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Population Reduction - Take your medicine and shots

Population Reduction - Take your medicine and shots to help the Earth of course. Eat you prepackaged food from Kroger's Corporate Distributors, whether from US or China and drink down that city water. After all, it's good for the environment if you die.


From: vudumojo

Tags: "new "population "world alex edward eu g. government" griffin jones nau nwo order" reduction" vaccine world

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Terrifying the population

How may we scare you? Let me count the ways...


From: scarboz40

Tags: 9/11 911 bush chomsky fear grenada horton iraq lies political politics racism republicans saddam terror war

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Aftermath: Cities Crumble

How would the Earth react if people suddenly disappeared? The long-term effects are explored here. Aftermath: Population Zero : SUN MARCH 9 8P et/pt :


From: NationalGeographic

Tags: aftermath armageddon doomsday earth environment global planet population us warming without world zero

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RHCP - Save the Population

Red Hot Chili Peppers Save the Population track 16 on the Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits album from 2003 The ending of this song is just beautiful


From: TheFuzzysham

Tags: 2003 Chili Greatest Hits Hot Peppers Population Red RHCP Save the TheFuzzysham

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Population 436 (2006)

Excellent horror movie! This is a clip about how they do population control in this town. Synopsis: While traveling to Rockwell Falls in an assignment of the US Census Bureau, the surveyor from Chicago Steve Kady has two flat tires nearby the small town. The local Deputy Bobby Cain (...)


From: FunnyHorrorFlick

Tags: control crazy fight funny hang horror population scary

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The High Cost of a Lower Population - The One Child Policy

See the updated version! This is a documentary entry for National History Day 2006/2007 created as a partner project between myself (Wilfred Chan) and my partner, Tim Tan. We're both in the 10th grade at Shorewood High School. The NHD them (...)


From: zuperbeef

Tags: Abortion Child China Day Deng Family History Infanticide Mao One Planning Policy Population Tragedy Triumph

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Save The Population -Love Hina AMV-

Made when I was 15. Constructive criticism is appreciated, things like "you're ruined good song with a bad cartoon/vid" just proves how narrow minded you are. Anyway, for AMV makers, viewers - enjoy!


From: pita077

Tags: AMV Chili Hina Hot Love Peppers Population Red Save The

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David Rockefeller speaks about population control.

David Rockefeller gives a speech about over population. In this video, you will hear and see him discussing how the U.N. should sustain the population.


From: slaintrimmer

Tags: Alan Control David Eugenics Population Rockefeller Ted Turner UN watt

Added: Apr 11, 2008

Population Control this video is going to show what all these 911 truthers are talking about when they are saying all this population reduction. though it may be exaggerated to an extent by them. this is all you need to know in the current (...)


From: thesunofjuda

Tags: Aspartame atheist christ creation darwin evolution FDA fluoride global god jesus population reduction truth warming

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Population Control: Evidence of harm

(News clip Montage) Biological warfare and testing on the public.


From: slaintrimmer

Tags: Alan Alex Control David Eugenics Hate Jones Media Population Propaganda Rockefeller Ted Turner Tyranny UN War watts

Added: Apr 18, 2008

Population Control: The Eugenics Connection - Part 1

Has eugenics faded away with time, or has the pseudo science morphed and cloaked itself under new auspices? Were some of the original founders of population control efforts themselves eugenicists? How and when did eugenicists shift from Galton era ideals to Malthusian population con (...)


From: oldthinkernews

Tags: control environmentalism eugenics population rockefeller

Added: Jun 23, 2008

David Rockefeller speaks about population control.

David Rockefeller gives a speech about over population. In this video, you will hear and see him discussing how the U.N. should sustain the population.


From: Politicophobia1776

Tags: Alex American Conspiracy control David Jones New North NWO Order population Rockefeller Union World

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Inside Story -Sudan's displaced population - 17 June 08 - P1

A long and costly war between the Sudanese government and former rebels in the south made the country home to millions of internally displaced people. Inside Story team visited one of the camps of the IDPs just outside Khartoum and and also met with some southerners inside the capit (...)


From: AlJazeeraEnglish

Tags: Al displaced English Inside Jazeera population Story Sudan's

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~ NPI: Global White Population to Plummet to a Single Digit

Global white population to plummet spacer Statistics show that white people will become a tiny minority on the planet within the space of just a few generations. Free download as e-book WHO SPEAKS FOR US? White (...)


From: NPISupporter

Tags: Analysis Commentary demographics Documentary europe geopolitics Gotcha! Grassroots News Outreach Political racial

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Sigourney Weaver talks gorilla and visits the local population - BBC wildlife

Sigourney Weaver jounreys back to Rwanda to visit the family of gorillas she first met on the set of gorillas in the mist 20 years ago. Watch as she employs some of her gorilla etiquette and techniques to refamiliarise herself with the family.


From: BBCWorldwide

Tags: African animal animals apes baby BBC cute endangered gorillas health in jungle monkeys orphanage primates Rwandan Sigourney the Weaver wildlife

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Food as a weapon : The global population reduction agenda

A documentation of how the criminal elite has used and will continue to use the food supply as a way to carry out their plans for one-world tyranny and global population reduction. Trans fats and aspartame are nothing but tools for the CFR-funded eugenics agenda. The CFR uses the C (...)


From: wvoutlaw2002

Tags: CCF CFR CSPI Eugenics Genocide Murder New Order Population Reduction Rockefeller World

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Threat to seahorse population

Seahorses flourishing off the coast of the UK are facing a threat from boats churning up the sea grass which provides them with food and shelter.


From: bbcworldnews

Tags: BBC News population seahorse Threat

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update town population Jimmy Robbins

Me doing a little updating and then playing don't fly away :-)


From: jimmyrobbins

Tags: apologies for jams! Jimmy music Robbins sorry too update

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Jewish Archivements III. -The Armenian Population Reduction

Part 3 of my series on Jewish archivements.


From: Krauthammer2000

Tags: Armeniangenocide communism holocaust judaism slauther socialism turkey

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100 vs 1

100 man vs 1


From: therm0man

Tags: 100 comedy japan man

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The Population at Sticky Fingers

The Population at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden. 20/8 2008


From: thepopulationsweden

Tags: Fingers Population Sticky The

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Aging Population in Singpaore

Many people in Singapore are getting old. Here, we learn about about how the seniors citizens live in Singapore and how the government help out.


From: frostingdud

Tags: 2E1 aging FTPSS geography in podcast population project singapore video

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Jews in Iran - Australian TV - 1/2

There are 25,000 Jews living in Iran. When Israel backed a plan to pay Iranian Jewish families $60,000 to settle in Israel, Society of Iranian Jews met the announcement with scorn, issuing this statement: "The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradable for any amount of money. Iranian (...)


From: samsedaei

Tags: Bush Charlie Clinton edwards huckabee Iran Iraq Israel Khazaee mccain Obama Oprah paul romney war WMD

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Population Control: The Eugenics Connection - Part 1

Kopie von oldthinkernews Has eugenics faded away with time, or has the pseudo science morphed and cloaked itself under new auspices? Were some of the original founders of population control efforts themselves eugenicists? How and when did (...)


From: 4GodNUs

Tags: Control Eugenics Laboratory Osborn Population Rockefeller

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Proof Population Control Will Be Underway SOON!

IMPORTANT: CLICK *MORE* ENDGAME - ALEX JONES - BLUEPRINT FOR GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT So do you want these global elite bastards to have their way with you. Set up Global Government to get you all into these compact cities by (...)


From: bill122460

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Balaena universus hominis

The Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre commenced land based research two weeks ago at Cape Byron lighthouse. Marine Science students & volunteers, under the guidance of researcher Daniel Burns, have sighted approximately 1,400 whales during the 14 day study period. This (...)


From: TheOceaniaProject

Tags: Cetacea Dolphin Oceania Research Whale

Added: Jun 08, 2008

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