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The Illuminati and the New World Order

Translating Ron Paul
PoliGazette, Netherlands - Sep 10, 2008
Better yet, turn him over to the Illuminati. They have ways of dealing with people like him.) Those candidates who represent actual change or disagreement ...

Peter Ingwersen of NOIR.Illuminati II to lead line-up of ...
Bahama Islands Info, Bahamas - Sep 2, 2008
Illuminati II of Denmark will lead the list of international guest designers presenting their latest creations at the event this Fall. ...


ET on the Top-Secret 'Angels & Demons' Set!
Entertainment Tonight News - Sep 9, 2008
"Now, those clues are hidden in what's called 'The Path of Illumination,' an elaborate kind of map that leads to the secret meeting place of The Illuminati. ...
Socialist States of America: What Country Did I Wake Up in Today?
FOXBusiness - Sep 8, 2008
But I thought Hank and his Illuminati friends in the banking syndicate and at Fannie and Freddie all assured us that they’d never actually use that power to ...
International Forecaster September 2008 (#3) - Gold, Silver ...
Gold Seek - Sep 11, 2008
In doing so, we have created the perfect fraud machine for the Illuminati, thereby extending the life of one of the biggest Ponzi-schemes of all time, ...
The Goldsmiths--Part IX
Gold Seek - Sep 8, 2008
The Goldsmiths, Part V, in this series, discussed the Illuminati and the Sabbatians. The attitude on secrecy, for those involved, was cited in that ...
Illuminati for the Glitterati
All At Sea, U.S. Virgin Islands - Aug 21, 2008
In these times of 500+ foot yachts with their auxiliary submarines, is there any additional flourish available to provoke genuine envy on the dock? ...
International Forecaster September 2008 (#2) - Gold, Silver ...
Gold Seek - Sep 6, 2008
This destruction of real estate values was of course planned for the sheople by the Illuminati in another one of their "cutesy" little rip-off schemes to ...
The Goldsmiths--Part V
Gold Seek - Aug 27, 2008
The International Forecaster goes on to also refer to them as the Illuminati. Though previous Forecaster articles may or may not have described the historic ...
Mark Steines Blogs from the 'Angels & Demons' Set in Italy!
Entertainment Tonight News - Sep 5, 2008
... must confront a shadowy secret society, the Illuminati, to uncover a conspiracy that may put the Vatican -- and the world -- in explosive jeopardy. ...

Nolan Chart LLC, VA - Aug 21, 2008
In Connecting the Dots, since 1994, Nickalis Tower finally has the complete, full-context picture of the nature of the Enlightenment Illuminati, ...
Down time: Comic books - 'New Avengers #44'
Hub, MI - Aug 27, 2008
Also, the Illuminati, a group that consists of the heads of the most powerful superhero groups have been manipulating events behind the scenes. ...


BBC News
A worrying new world order
Economist, UK - Sep 11, 2008
Talk to ministers and officials in private, and they admit that the new world order is making them anxious. Their anxiety is justified. ...
Video: Russia will improve its army RussiaTodayEstonian farms seek ‘independence’ Religious Intelligence Ltd
Sarkozy embarks on Georgia peace mission Independent Online
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Awkward Anniversary: Bush's "New World Order"
Wired News - 12 hours ago
Not because of preemptive strikes or missing WMDs, but because of a September 11 speech citing the conflict as one step in producing a "New World Order. ...
These are the new middle ages, not a new order, UK - 15 hours ago
We are entering - for those keeping track - the new new, new new world order. President George Bush Snr's world order of multilateral cooperation was ...
the new world disorder
Los Angeles Times, CA - Sep 11, 2008
Yet, by contrast with the 1990s, when President George HW Bush hoped to replace the Cold War with a "new world order," the prospects of achieving liberal ...

New world disorder
Globe and Mail, Canada - Sep 10, 2008
Yet by contrast with the 1990s, when US president George HW Bush spoke of replacing the Cold War with a "new world order," the prospects of achieving it no ...
We friends of liberal international order face a new global disorder, UK - Sep 10, 2008
Yet, by contrast with the 1990s, when president George HW Bush hoped to replace the cold war with a "new world order", the prospects of achieving it no ...
‘World needs new social economic order’
The Post, Pakistan - 19 hours ago
SEPAN International president Dr Khalid Mehmood Zaffargarh Chaudhry said: "The world needs a new social economic order instead of US new world order to end ...
Global realignment: How Bush inspired a new world order
Tehran Times, Iran - Sep 7, 2008
By Ramzy Baroud The series of unfortunate and costly decisions made during the two terms of the Bush administration, combined with economic decline at home, ...

Global Realignment: How Bush Inspired a New World Order
American Chronicle, CA - Sep 8, 2008
The series of unfortunate and costly decisions made during the two terms of the Bush administration, combined with economic decline at home, might devastate ...

Ottawa Citizen
The week that buried the new world order, UK - Aug 30, 2008
The 'new world order' envisaged in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an order in which liberal democracies would proliferate across the world as ...
The New New World Order Telos
Putin's visions of grandeur bog down in new world order World Tribune
Russia is reasserting itself GulfNews
The Moscow Times -
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Nationhood is Sooo Twentieth Century
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - Sep 11, 2008
In the new world order there is a bipolar balance of energy and power from Global to local with nothing in between. Now that technology has made virtual ...
Steinmeier Hails Renewed Chinese-German Ties
Deutsche Welle, Germany - Sep 11, 2008
"We are seeking a new world order," he said. "New political and economic centers of powers are emerging, and China is one of them. ...
The New New World Order
Times Online, UK - Aug 25, 2008
Western consumers grasp all too well the role of their spending habits in the new new world order. Soaring global energy demand has driven oil prices from ...
Chomsky decries the US as a dictator
Creamer Media's Engineering News, South Africa - 17 hours ago
... of the Gulf War that there is a new world order that the US is establishing, and that the main principle of this new world order is “what we say goes”. ...ASX:ESW
LETTER: The GOP's new world order
Lufkin Daily News, TX - Sep 4, 2008
The "New World Order," not "Communist World Order," originated in a secretive group of Republican individuals called the Council for National Policy (CNP) ...
The American Dream is alive in “new” America
Bayshore Courier, NJ - 21 hours ago
In many ways, the creation and history of the United States mirrors this new world order. This country was founded upon entrepreneurial spirit. ...

Sanpaku Eyes


By RawMahdiyah
Feb. 16, 2006

When a baby is born, the iris, or colored part of the eye, is usually beautifully balanced between the upper and lower eye lids. It touches the upper and lower lids, so that no white, or sclera, shows above or below. The sclera is visible only to the left and right of the iris. This indicates a balanced and healthy nervous system. The baby is alert and in generally sound health.

When a person dies, the iris rises so that it partially disappears under the upper eyelid. The white sclera shows below. In Oriental Medicine, we call such an appearance sanpaku, which means "three whites" showing. Three whites, or sanpaku, is common among those who are ill or exhausted. It is most severe among those who are gravely ill and approaching death.

Three whites show that a person's nervous system is seriously imbalanced. Such a person's mind, body, and spirit are out of harmony with the larger forces of the cosmos. The person's intuition is off; his or her ability to assess people and situations is weak.

Generally, there are two types of sanpaku. The first is yin sanpaku, white showing below the iris, which is very common, especially among drug addicts. Here, the iris floats upward, revealing the sclera below. The second type is yang sanpaku, white showing above the iris; here the iris sinks downward toward the bottom eyelid. This reveals a dangerous or violent character. Charles Manson has beautiful yang sanpaku eyes.

If the white shows below the iris, the condition is yin, indicating that the dangers come from outside. A person with yin sanpaku eyes will place himself or herself in dangerous or threatening situations unwittingly- and may not survive.

If the white shows above, the condition is yang, and the danger comes from within. A person with yang sanpaku eyes is extremely violent, filled with rage, and likely poses a threat to himself and others. He may destroy himself, but may also take others with him.

The macrobiotic philosopher George Ohsawa wrote a book called You Are All Sanpaku and dedicated it to John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, among others. Ohsawa said they were all seriously sanpaku and thus suffered from impaired judgment that indicated poor health and premature death. These people were excessively yin sanpaku. All of them accepted danger, but were unable to survive it.

Yin sanpaku, or white showing below the isis, is the result of excessive intake of yin substances, such as sugar, refined grains, alcohol, and medical drugs.

Yang sanpaku, or white showing above the iris, comes from excessive intake of meat, salt, and hard cheeses, and from indulgence in violence. Yang sanpaku shows a character that is self-centered and bent on fulfilling its own ambition, something without regard for the cost.

Balanced eyes, with the iris touching the upper and lower lids, reveal a balanced condition and sound judgment. Balanced eyes come from a balanced view of life and sound dietary habits, especially the consumption of whole cereal grains and fresh vegetables.

When former Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi was killed, Time magazine published a series of photographs of her, including one taken just before she was assassinated. The picture clearly revels her yin sanpaku eyes, which reflected her condition and revealed that she was in danger.


"Cast down what is in your right hand. It will swallow up what they have wrought. Verily they have wrought only a sorcerer's stratagem; and a sorcerer does not succeed (no matter) from whatsoever (skilled group) he may come." (Quran-20:69)

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