Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clouds could be artificially created over the earth's oceans to block the sun's rays and protect the earth from the increasing threat of climate change.

It may sound like an idea straight from a science fiction novel, but this is one of a collection of eleventh-hour solutions to climate change that have been proposed by scientists this week in a collection of papers published by the Royal Society. Friends of the Earth said the research was a "giant wake-up call" for world leaders. Climate change campaigner Robin Webster said: "We can't wait for a magic bullet to dig us out of this hole - many of the solutions to climate change exist already but need political backing to make them happen."

The Hologram Projector.


The Royal Society publication discusses a number of drastic geoengineering solutions to climate change that may need to be adopted if political agreements on emissions reductions are unsuccessful. These range from the more familiar, such as sequestering carbon in the oceans, to more controversial solutions such as spraying ozone-depleting aerosols into the atmosphere. Society president Martin Rees said: "It's not clear which of these geoengineering technologies might work, still less what environmental and social impacts they might have, or whether it could ever be prudent or politically acceptable to adopt any of them. "But it is worth devoting effort to clarifying both the feasibility and any potential downsides of the various options." He added: "None of these technologies will provide a 'get out of jail free card' and they must not divert attention away from international efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases."

Radar Weather Tampering

I was watching the Local Radar and something strange was going on, on my Monitor. I haven't seen any threatening weather for at least 5 days and to my surprise, there was this radar images that was showing heavy rain and severe weather passing over my house. Now this gets weird because I haven't had any severe weather that the Radar is indicating live or in the last few days as I recorded it moments ago. So where did these storms come from on the Local T.V. station, where did they get this data to broadcast and freak me out with?
They inserted from my perspective weather for some point in the future and goofed up. They must have made a mistake and put in Radar Footage of the Storms that haven't ever arrived yet or something like that or they are time travelers and brought back the latest forcast?

Wadda bet
the fake storms on local radar today I recorded will be the same one ones on radar tomorrow from the wrath of Hurricane Ike ?

This is the weather map of another weather service to compare and show you that the storms depicted above on the Local Radar Channel were ones manufactured or animated. Not even storms that were live or from hours ago.

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