Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunglasses of Death

Skull Sunglasses w/Attitude
Many students feel their vote is irrelevant because the candidates are usually the same. This is understandable because in the 2004 election there were few perceptible differences between Bush and Kerry: they were from the same race and age-group, they were both wealthy, they both attended Yale and they were both members of the Skull and Bones secret society.

New world order means end of US freedoms
Kennebec Journal, ME - Sep 16, 2008
... the Cobden Club, the Club of Rome, Skull and Bones Fraternity, Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Pilgrim Society and others. ...

What really scares us about Barack Obama
Ha'aretz, Israel - Aug 27, 2008
Here, after all, was the man, the moneyed, Yale Skull and Bones legacy son of a moneyed president, grandson of a US Senator trading on his identity as the ...

Dem bones, dem bones
New Statesman, UK - Aug 28, 2008
Mundane as they are - a Pizza Hut where once Merton Priory stood, a drab housing estate where once Cross Bones welcomed society's most shunned - each ...

Skull jewelry reminds us to live for today
Shopping Adviser - Chicago Tribune Blog, IL - Aug 23, 2008
Skull and Bones is Yale University’s best known secret society. Bonesmen have included President George W. Bush as well as his father and grandfather plus ...

'Me' for president
Crosscut, WA - Sep 4, 2008
They're former war heros, Harvard grads, Skull and Bones members, multi-millionaires, tycoons or, yes, TV anchors and beauty queens. They're packaged, faked ...

Granbury resident sees something satanic in team's pirate flag
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - 7 hours ago
"Everything I’ve ever read about black flags and white skulls and bones, it’s called the 'flag of death,’ " Arnold-Curry said this week. ...

Legendary fighter plane on display at Depot
Pocono Record, PA - Sep 8, 2008
Unique to this Tomcat is the Skull and Cross Bones insignia that was adopted by Fighter Squadron 84 in the 1950s. The squadron was later nicknamed the ...

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