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The New World Order 'Global Positioning System'


The Global Positioning System is a constellation of over 24 U.S. Government satellites providing PNT services to civilian and military users on a continuous, worldwide basis -- free of direct user charges. The system provides highly accurate location and time information to anyone equipped with a GPS receiver. GPS provides a precise, common location and time reference to an unlimited number of people in all weather, day and night, anywhere in the world.

For further information about how GPS works, please visit one of the following websites:

National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

Big Brother lives: Photo ticket cameras could track drivers nationwide


Photo Ticket Cameras to Track Drivers Nationwide
--Vendors plan to add spy technology to existing red light camera and speed camera installations. 16 Sep 2008 Private companies in the US are hoping to use red light cameras and speed cameras as the basis for a nationwide surveillance network similar to one that will be active next year in the UK. Redflex and American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the top two photo enforcement providers in the US, are quietly shopping new motorist tracking options to prospective state and local government clients.

REDFLEXred® Fixed System (download brochure)

[PDF] Nighthawk Systems Announces Alliance with American Traffic Solutions

Government Technology
New York Seeks Green Perspective From Traffic Camera System
Government Technology, CA - Sep 10, 2008
New York state is putting a new spin on traffic monitoring cameras by trying to measure the environmental benefits they can bring. By implementing more than ...

Your GPS and live traffic updates
PC World Magazine, Australia - 11 hours ago
SUNA also focuses on data from CCTV systems: camera monitoring systems that watch over major roads. SUNA combines all of this data with information from its ...
Monitor Your Business on The Web, India - Sep 18, 2008
Web-enabled Network cameras have made possible the real-time monitoring of a site where the camera is installed from virtually anywhere in the world, ...
One of these things is not like the others - 20 hours ago
Counted among the project's protected sites are: water and power plants, media and communications venues, and transportation hubs considered critical to the ...

EDITORIAL: Cameras will make for safer intersections
Princeton Packet, NJ - Sep 15, 2008
Each of the towns will install something called a “traffic control signal monitoring system,” defined by the DOT as “an integrated system or device ...
Security upgrades coming to airpark
Howell Tri Town News, NJ - Sep 17, 2008
"The security camera system will enhance the current security system in place and allow for real time monitoring of activity." Because it already has a ...
Cure for Drowsy Driving?
WHSV, VA - 18 hours ago
One of the new technologies is an eyelid closure system that would measure a truck drivers attentiveness with a camera and alert them if they start to ...
First red-light cameras to go up at Worley, Providence
Columbia Missourian, MO - Sep 16, 2008
"Once we get (the Missouri Department of Transportation's) approval to install those cameras, we can get that whole system up very quickly," St. Romaine ...


Government Technology
New York Seeks Green Perspective From Traffic Camera System
Government Technology, CA - Sep 10, 2008
New York state is putting a new spin on traffic monitoring cameras by trying to measure the environmental benefits they can bring. By implementing more than ...

Speed camera delay 'could cost lives'
Times Online, UK - Aug 30, 2008
Xavier McAuliffe, its owner, said January is now the earliest likely starting date and it will then take at least five months to roll out the camera system ...

Lawsuit questions legality of speed cameras
AZ, AZ - Sep 18, 2008
Legal papers filed in Maricopa County Superior Court contend that some of the speed violations recorded by Redflex Traffic Systems before the first week in ...

Red-light cameras hit speed bump
ThisWeekNews, OH - Sep 18, 2008
Since April, the city has been working with Arizona-based Redflex Traffic Systems to develop the traffic enforcement system. Redflex is the company that ...
Westwego OKs camera speeding tickets
The Times-Picayune -, LA - 11 hours ago
The vans are being provided by Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. of Arizona. The city is unlikely to get red-light cameras, because all of its intersections with ...

Six intersections considered for red-light cameras
Abilene Reporter-News, TX - Sep 16, 2008
"The selections were based upon consideration of the accident history, frequency of red-light violations, results of the Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. study, ...
Smile When You Pass That Traffic Light
Nextgov, DC - Sep 17, 2008
Redflex and American Traffic Solutions are selling the enhanced systems as a way to help police track down Amber Alert cases and stolen cars. ...
Speed vans heading back to streets; voice your opinion now
The Daily Advertiser, LA - Sep 18, 2008
Earlier this summer, questions had surfaced about whether such vans from Arizona-based Redflex Traffic Systems had equipment that was in full compliance ...
City OKs traffic cameras
Las Cruces Sun-News, NM - Sep 15, 2008
There will be no cost to the city for the enforcement program, which will operated by Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., of Phoenix, with administrative ...
Council considers red light cameras Las Cruces Sun-News
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Cops: Traffic tools, including radar van, make streets safer
Tucson Citizen, AZ - 14 hours ago
The technology and equipment is provided by a Scottsdale-based vendor, American Traffic Solutions. The city pays the company a fee for each "adjudicated ...

Scottsdale Police nab 'Photo Radar Van' Driver for DUI

Redflex apologizes for van driver's alleged DUI, NC - Sep 9, 2008
Redflex Traffic Systems released an apology Tuesday afternoon after one of its drivers was arrested by Scottsdale police for allegedly driving under the ...
Cops arrest photo radar van driver for alleged DUI The Associated Press
Phoenix speed enforcement driver charged with DUI KOLD-TV
Driver of speed-enforcment van booked for DUI East Valley Tribune - KPHO Phoenix
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Gladstone still eyeing red light cameras
KC Community News, KS - Sep 18, 2008
The city has recently teamed with American Traffic Solutions to complete the study in its second attempt to have red light cameras installed and made ...

Continuous reporting of vehicle speed, location, and much more
Вісник, Ukraine - Aug 22, 2008
Get the proof you need with a GPS Track Your Assets Around The World RFID Satellite Tracker. Learn More This name is available exclusively through Sedo! ...

The People's Voice, TN - Sep 5, 2008
A still-under-construction superlight subway will soon connect it all at high speed; every car has multiple TV screens broadcasting over a Wi-Fi network. ...

Drivers could have speed limited by satellite devices, United Kingdom - Sep 15, 2008
A motorist who tried to accelerate beyond the speed limit would find the system stopping the car from going any faster or issuing a warning instructing them ...

NY Times Calls For Speed-Limited Vehicles, Uses Flawed Logic
Jalopnik, MI - Sep 8, 2008
So, by Mr. Sepkowitz’s logic, isn't it actually safer to speed than it is to drive at or below the speed limit? Maybe we should call for a ban on not ...

British Government Studies Possibility of Satellite-Controlled ...
Collision Week (subscription) - 4 hours ago
Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) is a system that provides the vehicle, by satellite, information on the speed limit for the road currently being ...

‘Einstein’ replaces ‘Big Brother’ in Internet surveillance
Einstein also known as the EINSTEIN Program is an intrusion detection system that monitors the network gateways of government departments and agencies in the United States for unauthorized traffic. The software was developed by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT),[1] which is the operational arm of the National Cyber Security Division[2] (NCSD) of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).[3] The first version examined network traffic while the expansion in development could look at content.[4]

Einstein is the product of U.S. congressional and presidential actions of the early 2000s including the E-Government Act of 2002 which sought to improve U.S. government services on the Internet. Originating at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and subsequently moved to the General Services Administration, FedCirc was one of four watch centers that were protecting federal information technology[6] when the act designated it the primary incident response center.[7] With FedCirc at its core, US-CERT formed in 2003 as a partnership between the newly created DHS and the CERT Coordination Center which is funded at Carnegie Mellon University by the U.S. Department of Defense.[6] US-CERT delivered Einstein to meet statutory and administrative requirements that DHS help protect federal computer networks and the delivery of essential government services.[1]

Einstein's mandate originated in the Homeland Security Act and the Federal Information Security Management Act, both in 2002, and the presidential directive named Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 7[1] which was issued on December 17, 2003.[8] On November 20, 2007, "in accordance with" an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo,[9] Einstein version 2 was required for all federal agencies, except "not to include" the Department of Defense and United States Intelligence Community agencies in the executive branch.[10]

‘Einstein’ replaces ‘Big Brother’ in Internet surveillance
Online Journal, FL - 15 hours ago
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has budgeted $5.4 billion for Einstein in his department’s FY2009 information technology budget. ...

Homeland Security elaborates, slightly, on Cyber Security Initiative
CNET News, CA - Sep 16, 2008
Deputy Security for the Department of Homeland Security Paul Schneider, along with other senior federal officials, offered more information at a forum ...
Homeland Security to direct cybersecurity initiative Nextgov
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US Cybersecurity Is Weak, GAO Says
MSNBC - Sep 16, 2008
Five years after the Homeland Security Dept. took charge of the team as a critical safeguard against threats to national security, US-CERT "still does not ...
Watchdog agency cites flaws in DHS cybersecurity program
Nextgov, DC - Sep 17, 2008
Homeland Security plans to fix these shortcomings through enhancements to Einstein, an automated system that collects, correlates, analyzes and shares ...
CISO Perspectives: The Einstein Program, DC - Sep 12, 2008
The Einstein Program, managed by Homeland Security Department’s National Preparedness and Policy Directorate, will capture certain segments of federal ...

Ars Technica
GAO report slams US cybersecurity, US-CERT, and DHS
Ars Technica, MA - Sep 17, 2008
GAO, however, has not been swayed by DHS' rhetoric, despite the agency's plans to expand the Einstein program, hire more analysts, and aggressively expand ...

US Department of Homeland Security (press release)
Fact Sheet: US Department of Homeland Security 9/11 Anniversary ...
US Department of Homeland Security (press release), DC - Sep 10, 2008
US-CERT developed the EINSTEIN intrusion detection program, which collects, analyzes, and shares computer security information across the federal civilian ...
DHS rejects criticism of agency as Beltway politics
Computerworld, MA - Sep 17, 2008
today dismissed as classic Beltway politics the suggestion by By Jaikumar Vijayan September 17, 2008 (Computerworld) The US Department of Homeland Security...
Watchdog: US Computer Emergency Readiness Team isn't ready
Register, UK - Sep 17, 2008
By Dan Goodin • Get more from this author A government watchdog agency has taken the US Department of Homeland Security to task for failing to adequately ...
Officials talk cyber initiative with industry, VA - Sep 15, 2008
Officials from the Homeland Security Department, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the White House and other agencies involved in ...
Polygraph like machines to "spot terrorists" by scanning general public for anxiety

Not the mind probe again, officer? My ass hurts


Department of Homeland Security Privacy Impact Assessment ...


US Homeland Security To Utilize Physiological Screeners To ...
AHN - 9 hours ago
(AHN) - The Homeland Security Department is pilot testing at a Maryland airport a prototype of a physiological screener to spot terrorists. ...
Anxiety-detecting machines could spot terrorists USA Today
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Anxiety-detecting machines could spot terrorists
USA Today - 9 hours ago
Unlike a lie-detector test that wires subjects to sensors as they answer questions, the "Future Attribute Screening Technology" (FAST) scans people as they ...
US Homeland Security To Utilize Physiological Screeners To ...AHN

Project Hostile Intent Aims to predict your intentions by using ...
Freeople, TX - Sep 7, 2008
It sounds far-fetched, but this is the aim of Project Hostile Intent (PHI), the latest anti-terrorism idea from the US Department of Homeland Security. ...

Homeland Security developing 'Minority Report' technology
ThirdFactor, UK - Sep 9, 2008
The technology is being developed under a project called Project Hostile Intent (PHI) and will utilize a large array of surveillance and remote biometrics ...

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