Thursday, May 15, 2008

Special Announcement!
* * * Guest Speaker: RON PAUL * * *

Thursday Evening on our weekly Ron Paul National Meetup Call


Thursday 5-15-08 9 pm (eastern) 8 pm (central) 7 pm (mountain) 6 pm (pacific)

605-475-8500 Code-5092984

Other Special Guests for call:

Ernest Hancock Creator of the "LOVEUTION" Freedom's Phoenix

Steve Dore Ron Paul Campaign Music Theme

Marc Scibilia Hope Anthem

Isreal Anderson The Freedom Tour

Jim Condit, Jr.

Robert Schulz Founder: "We the People"

"Granny Warriors"


This will be broadcast live over this VENUE along with our live Conference Call.

0 Federal Liberty Candidates running for Congress or Senate.

lease check their links on


Best wishes,

Sponsored by The Freedom Fellowship

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Bette Smith -
Fred Smart -
Dede Farrell -
Jim Condit -
Ray Mills -
Henry Nicolle

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