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"FEMA RED / BLUE LIST" Marked For TERMINATION / Judeo-pornographic culture pushing pedophilia
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 7:19:22 PM
Subject: "FEMA RED / BLUE LIST" Marked For TERMINATION / Judeo-pornographic culture pushing pedophilia

We are all on a Red or Blue list somewhere, those on the red list will be woken at 4am and taken to the camps and probably killed.

Red List - These people are the enemies of the NWO. They are the leaders of patriot groups, outspoken ministers, outspoken talk show hosts, community leaders, and even probably NET leaders. These people will be dragged out of their homes at 4:00 am and will be taken to FEMA detention centers and killed. This will take place approximately 2 weeks before martial law is enforced.

Blue List - these are also enemies of the NWO, but are followers of the Red List folks. These people will be rounded up after martial law is in place, and will be taken to the detention centers and 're-educated' . Various mind-control techniques will used on them. Most will not survive this. Mr. Springmeier was not specific on exactly who was on the Blue List, but I would guess that people such as you and I are on that list.

Yellow List - these are citizens who know nothing about the NWO and don't want to know. They are considered to be no threat at all and will be instructed as to how to behave and will most likely do whatever they are told. Unfortunately there are too many of these to be effectively controlled, so many will be killed or starved.


Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 9 May 2008, 11:44 p.m.

Recently I have noticed BOTH a red and blue disc, about the size of a nickel, and placed on the outside of my mailbox. They are relatively newly placed. They can be removed but are stuck really well. They are reasonably thick and would weather well. They are not just paper. They are reflective. I live off the main road, and I drove to town tonight carefully eyeing all the mailboxes along the way. The vast majority had yellow discs, which are reflective, and show up well in the car headlights. As I got into town, I noticed some larger colored discs on the curb at several houses. I would imagine they could be placed on door posts as well, or most any hard surface such as a wall. Go outside at dark with a flashlight and check it out,and see if they are in your area also.

I just got home and did some searching on google, and this is what I came up with.

http://www.uaff. us/deathcamps. htm

Scary stuff, but hey, we all have to go sometime.

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From: Simon P. Smiler
Date: May 14, 2008 2:54 PM
To: undisclosed- recipients

Hello everyone.
I might be scaremongering. Apologies in advance if I am.
The text below comes from this webpage http://www.uaff. us/deathcamps. htm
The webpage also has photographs of what it says are freight wagons for human prisoners.
For those who are in the USA it might be worth looking at your mailbox (etc) and seeing if this information is possibly accurate - or a load of rubbish.
Best regards

The first paragraph inside the link says it all!

On the 13th day of March 2008, a rare "closed door" session was held by the United States House of Representatives. It was only the fourth time in the history of the United States that the House of Representatives closed the doors and met in absolute secrecy. Thus, those who were elected to represent the people of the United States would not allow the people to know what they were meeting about. Furthermore, House Rule XVII, clause 9, forbids the Representatives from revealing what was discussed. The penalty for leaking such information includes loss of seniority, fine, reprimand, censure, or expulsion! What went on behind those closed doors where every member was sworn to absolute secrecy, to always conceal and never reveal? We know that the only reason for secrecy is to hide evil. The news media said almost nothing about the secret conclave, but it was mentioned only that one of the items being discussed was the new surveillance techniques that are going to used by the U.S. Government to watch every American. (19)

Am I right in thinking that Right Wing Christians get funding from the American Government? Because my sixth sense makes me feel really bad Chi energy

vibrating from all these words and photos. They've had 2000 years practice of frightening people into submission and I kinda think, having experienced their diseased, stupid minds first-hand, that this is what they are spending all that American Taxpayers cash on!

The reason for my comment is this...... Why re-educate those on the blue list. Why not shoot them aswell? After all, they are discussing taking-out billions World-Wide aren't they? So why go to all the trouble of re-educating a minority like this. It don't make sense. It is not credible. Therefore inspired by people of lesser intelligence

who have allowed religion to send them friggin crazy and " one crumb short of a biscuit " as I would say!

Notice that those who put up no resistance are on the " Yella" list !!

I don't buy it! And I am sick of my own Government constantly playing the " terrorist" card against Islam and the 'sickies' in The Media ie the BBC in particular, to which in my mind, the next article relates.

Just my personal opinion. Graham Jukes (UK)

2 very important videos to watch:- 90 sec video com/watch? v=G1EXKLVgEx0
2 hr video http://www.heyokama HEYOKA.13Decline AndFallAmerica. htm

Judeo-pornographic culture pushing pedophilia -- Jew lesbian's kiddie porn pictures of fourteen-year- old child star "Miley Cyrus" displayed in Jew-owned Vanity Fair -- and they are getting away with it -- even discussing this Jew culture sabotage coup is promotion for their cultural sabotage agenda.

Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia-The Next Frontier

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
April 29, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Teen idol Miley Cyrus, 15, has apologized for provocative pictures that appeared in Vanity Fair calling them a "mistake," but they are yet another calculated assault on the American psyche, which is being prepared to accept pedophilia.

A society always takes the values of its ruling class, and America (indeed the world) is run by a satanic cult of pedophiles, occultists and criminals known as the Illuminati. They represent the top rung of Freemasonry which is now putting the capstone on their satanic New World Order , which turns Christian civilization on its head.

Cyrus and her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, do not become mega-stars without becoming pawns of the Illuminati. That's Miley flashing the sign of Baphomet (above.) (Of course she has some alibi to gull the willfully ignorant. They aren't going to tell you they are flashing the sign of the devil. The point is to get you to do it!)

And that's Hillary flashing the same sign, because you don't become President unless you are a member of this tight little club.

Illuminati defectors have provided abundant evidence of the proclivity of our secret masters to have sex with children. Children are passed around like "bottles of fine wine" among many notables in the world of politics, finance, justice etc. They are protected by allies in the courts and police. Thus Madelaine McCann can be stolen from her parents in Portugal, and ferreted to a waiting yacht, and Portuguese police level absurd accusations at her parents.

Society will continue to condemn and punish some pedophilia and child porn, while at the same time conditioning the public to its eventual acceptance. Pedophilia is the logical outcome of the values promoted by the New World Order: sex for its own sake without reference to love, marriage and procreation.

Schools are teaching children to have sex as young as age 13 and to experiment with homosexuality. MTV has taught a generation of young girls to believe their whole value derives from how "hot" they are. Having an adult lover would be a great status symbol.

"Wholesome" 'tween role models like Miley Cyrus ( whose favorite TV show is "Sex and the City") "accidentally" pose in sexually provocative ways.

Gay organizations push to lower the age of consent, and you know how important "gay rights" are. Heterosexuals have been conditioned to imitate gay sexual behavior. For example, courtship has been replaced by "hooking up" which in gay terms is "cruisin." Pedophilia is the last gay behavior pattern we must learn.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz says she's sorry her photos have been 'misinterpreted. ' Geez, how could a picture of a half-naked 15-year-old on the cover of a national magazine be misinterpreted? And lying in father's lap with her pelvis thrust forward, how could that be misinterpreted? Is this the way fathers and daughters should relate? Is incest the next "next frontier?"

In the bottom right photo, a reader, Rob, writes: The bottom right photo has the "devil's salute" with the right hand. The left hand is pointing down, therefore, one hand is pointing up, whilst the other hand is pointing down--indicates the dualistic (marriage of opposites, or reconciliation) , cabalistic magical philosophy "As Above, So Below" (The devil goat Baphomet performs the same sign). What is being said is that, "White magic is the same as black magic." Furthermore, the tongue is out, this is a well known satanic sign.

Sounds to me these pictures are being interpreted correctly.

Oh they'll pooh-pooh and wax indignant, and everyone will rush to see the pictures. This is where it's been going for some time. Sex is the lowest common denominator and it is the best way to degrade humanity and destroy social structure and moral values.

The Satanist Sabbateans who organized the Illuminati in the 18th century are a pagan sex cult. The world is in their grip. Their values will be ours.

Pedophilia 6X More Prevalent Among Homosexuals

My "Our Leaders Are Sex Addicts"

Police State III: Total Enslavement

Arizona State University Decision Theater Tests Pandemic Flu Plans
14 May 2008 This year, the pandemic flu committee created what is known to be the only tabletop exercise of its kind in the nation, says Allan Markus, ASU’s director of campus health services and co-chair of the pandemic flu committee. The exercise, which took place April 10 in ASU’s Decision Theater, involved the university’s pandemic flu planning committee and several senior administrators. Mary Tyszkiewicz, a senior analyst at the Homeland Security Institute, a think tank that supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, seconded Markus’ observation.

New blow to detention plan
15 May 2008 Gordon Brown's efforts to persuade Labour MPs to back the 42-day detention of terrorist suspects without charge suffered a fresh blow after the plan was condemned as "fundamentally flawed" by a parliamentary committee. Mr Brown appears to be heading for a humiliating Commons defeat on the issue next month.

AT&T Wins Award From the Department of Homeland Security for ...
FOXBusiness - 10 hours ago
"The Department of Homeland Security is tasked with the critical mission of leading the unified national effort to protect our country from a wide variety ...
UPDATE 2-Verizon, AT&T win Homeland Security contracts Reuters
UPDATE: Verizon Wins $678.5 Million Pact From US Homeland Security
Verizon Business Wins $678.5 million Networx Contract with Dept ... Converge Network Digest
IntoMobile - RTT News
all 142 news articles » VZ - T - OTC:GLNW
Verizon Business, AT&T Win Homeland Security Network Contracts
InformationWeek, NY - 27 minutes ago
Verizon's 10-year, $678.5 million contract calls for merging various Department of Homeland Security units onto a single common and secure IP network. ...T - OTC:HSYN - VZ

CNN International
Homeland Security trains for presidential transition
CNN International - 3 hours ago
The Department of Homeland Security brought the top officials together to prepare for the transition that will follow this fall's presidential election. ...

Brocktown News
Lawmakers want better treatment for detainees
The Associated Press - 16 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Top lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee are demanding more information from the Homeland Security Department about medical ...
Report: Deportees drugged against will Melbourne Herald Sun
Washington Post Series Examines Sedation of Detained Immigrants ... Kaiser
US drugging immigrants before deportation Austin American-Statesman
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NCC officials thought grounds for Homeland Security training
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - 1 hour ago
... the board were under the impression that the grounds and facilities would be used by the Homeland Security Administration (HSA) for training purposes. ...

Air Force Wants 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers
Wired News - May 13, 2008
By Noah Shachtman May 13, 2008 | 3:54:00 PMCategories: Info War The Air Force wants a suite of hacker tools, to give it "access" to -- and "full control" of ...

The Associated Press
Colonel suggests using hackers' tool against them
The Associated Press - 10 hours ago
Now an Air Force colonel is suggesting the US military build its own "botnet," or network of remotely controlled computers, to be ready to attack the ...

Air Force Col. Wants to Build a Military Botnet
Wired News - May 12, 2008
After that, the Air Force could add botnet code to all its desktop computers attached to the Nonsecret Internet Protocol Network (NIPRNet). ...
Call for military to operate botnet ZDNet
USAF Considers Creation of Military Botnet Slashdot
A US military botnet in the works ZDNet
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Air Force Wants to Use Every Computer They've Got to Build Massive ...
Gizmodo - May 14, 2008
... but the plan would press millions of computers set for the scrap pile into DDoS duty, as well as every unclassified computer in the Air Force's ...

Air Force Looks to Use Military, Civilian PCs For Offensive Botnet
DailyTech, IL - May 13, 2008
... using the American public's computers. He wants the botnet to be placed under the US Air Force's command. The Air Force is becoming increasingly ...
VIDEO: Full Control Of Internet Looming, Croatia - 18 hours ago
Air Force wants a suite of hacker tools to provide it with access and full control over every computer network and every computer. Air Force wants a suite ...
By Shaun Waterman UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Washington Times
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The Tech Herald
USAF takes cyber security seriously – they are ready to deploy botnets
The Tech Herald, IN - 18 hours ago
“Lt. Chris Tollinger of the Air Force ISR Agency envisions continually capturing the thousands of computers the Air Force would normally discard every year ...
Air Force opens moving claims Web site
Stars and Stripes, DC - May 13, 2008
Now, Air Force members will have just 70 days to do the same damage inventory, Bee said. But they can then go to their computers, ...

Ars Technica
Preparing for cyber warfare: US Air Force floats botnet plan
Ars Technica, MA - May 12, 2008
First, the mere fact of the article's existence suggests that the Air Force has decided that the ability to mount DDoS attacks is a major offensive ability ...
Top immigration official outlines security database changes
Chicago Tribune, United States - May 13, 2008
Julie Myers is Homeland Security's assistant secretary for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She was in Chicago on Tuesday. ...
Video: ICE Agents Raid Meat Packing Plant AssociatedPress
Immigration Authorities Arrest Hundreds in Raid on Nation’s ... Forward
Update: Crowd greets detainees at Waterloo
New York Times -
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Homeland Security delays port IDs
Superior Telegram, MN - May 13, 2008
By DANIELLE KAEDING/Wisconsin Public Radio, The Daily Telegram The Department of Homeland Security is delaying the introduction of new security clearance ID ...

DHS faces human capital challenges, VA - 42 minutes ago
By Ben Bain The Homeland Security Department’s acting deputy secretary told a Senate committee May 14 it is absolutely essential that DHS’ top human ...


WBNG-TV, NY - May 13, 2008
By WBNG News The New York State Office of Homeland Security and the New York State Police today announced the expansion of an upstate program to enhance ...
Police arsenals add radiation detectors The Post-Standard -
Combating terrorism in CNY WTVH
Local police getting radiation detectors NewsChannel 9 WSYR
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Homeland Security Update: Terror Watch List Errors
Helicopter Association International, VA - Apr 29, 2008
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced this week new procedures intended to reduce the hassles for airline passengers whose names mistakenly ...


Wired News
Gov Must Reveal Watch List Status to Constantly Detained Americans ...
Wired News - Apr 24, 2008
The plaintiffs, most of whom are Muslim, filed suit (.pdf) against the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI in June 2005. They say none of them have ...
US must reveal if they're on watch list Chicago Tribune
Judge Rejects Bush Administration's 'State Secrets' Claim; Says ... FOXBusiness
Court orders feds to reveal reasons for detaining travelers WTHI
New York Times
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ASU's Decision Theater tests pandemic flu plans
Arizona State University, Tempe - 22 hours ago
The exercise, which took place April 10 in ASU’s Decision Theater, involved the university’s pandemic flu planning committee and several senior ...

Pandemic training exercise a success
Corsicana Daily Sun, TX - May 14, 2008
Paying attention, ahead of time, to what problems might come up and having contingency plans in place to address those problems when they arise was another ...

BMA and NHS Employers agree flu pandemic plans
Pulse, UK - May 7, 2008
NHS Employers and the GPC this week announced a new agreement to safeguard GMS practices in the event of an influenza pandemic. The agreement ensures that ...

'Fundamental flaws' in 42-day detention plan, UK - 15 hours ago
"Our view is that the government has not made out its case for the need to extend pre-charge detention beyond the current limit of 28 days," the committee ...
New blow to detention plan Independent
Brown vows to 'win' over 42 days BBC News
MPs warn Gordon Brown over terror detention plans
Scotsman -
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The Age
1000 refugees receive protection, not detention
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 1 hour ago
No more "rotting" in detention … Mohammad Dawlat Hussain says he is "finally welcome within Australian society". MOHAMMAD DAWLAT HUSSAIN is among 1000 ...
1000 refugees celebrate dropping of temporary visa The Age
Govt scraps Temporary Protection Visas Sydney Morning Herald
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Brantley panel OKs detention center plan
Florida Times-Union, FL - 11 hours ago
By MIKE MORRISON, Times-Union correspondent The Brantley County Commission has taken the first step toward landing a private detention center that would ...

Braley aides visit Waterloo detention center
Gazette Online, IA - 12 hours ago
Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, were given a tour Wednesday morning of the temporary detention and processing facility at the National Cattle Congress grounds in ...
Some Waterloo Residents Don't Have Much Sympathy for Detainees KCRG
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Immigrant crackdown creates need for more detention beds - 17 hours ago
(Map, News) - A privately run immigrant detention center in suburban Denver that serves several Western states is looking to expand - anticipating a greater ...

Iowa immigration raid is one of biggest of its kind
Los Angeles Times, CA - 21 hours ago
Nearly 400 people were arrested Monday by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a raid on a meat-packing plant in Iowa. The raid was apparently one of ...
Iowa raid called largest in US
Chicago Tribune, United States - May 13, 2008
By Henry C. Jackson | AP DES MOINES — A federal Immigration raid at a kosher meatpacking plant in northeastern Iowa was the largest such operation in US ...
Immigration raid in Iowa largest ever in US
The Associated Press - May 13, 2008
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A federal immigration raid at a kosher meatpacking plant in northeast Iowa was the largest such operation in US history, ...
Iowa immigration raid is largest in US history
Arizona Republic, AZ - May 13, 2008
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Federal officials said Tuesday that they had detained 390 illegal immigrants after a raid on a meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, ...
Immigration arrests at Iowa meat plant total 390
Reuters - May 13, 2008
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Immigration arrests at the Agriprocessors Inc meat plant in Postville, Iowa, totaled 390, making it the largest number of such arrests ...
Top immigration official outlines security database changes
Chicago Tribune, United States - May 13, 2008
AP CHICAGO - A top US Immigration official says it's necessary to increase fees to fund a security database that tracks foreign students. ...
The nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse says it takes ...
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - May 13, 2008
Agriprocessors responded to federal charges Tuesday, the day after authorities arrested 390 of its employees on immigration violations in the largest ...
Immigration raid in Iowa largest ever in US
The Associated Press - May 13, 2008
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Federal officials say a raid at a northeastern Iowa meat processing plant this week was the largest in US history. ...
Feds: Drugs made at kosher meat plant
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - May 13, 2008
Federal authorities charged that a methamphetamine laboratory was operating at the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse and that employees carried weapons ...
Video: ICE Agents Raid Meat Packing Plant
AssociatedPress - May 13, 2008
Federal immigration agents arrested more than 300 people in Postville, Iowa on Monday during a raid on a meat packing plant. (May 13) Show video
Hundreds in Iowa arrested in immigration raid
Seattle Times, United States - May 13, 2008
Federal immigration agents raided the world's largest kosher meatpacking plant Monday, arresting more than 300 people and housing many of them at a ...
Hundreds Are Arrested in US Sweep of Meat Plant
New York Times, United States - May 12, 2008
By SUSAN SAULNY In the biggest workplace immigration raid this year, federal agents swept into a kosher meat plant on Monday in Postville, Iowa, ...
Illegal immigration raid strikes heartland
Kansas City Star, MO - May 12, 2008
In what’s being called the largest immigration raid in Iowa history, agents today raided the Agriprocessors Inc. meat processing plant in tiny Postville, ...
Iowa meatpacking plant raided in ID theft investigation
USA Today - May 12, 2008
POSTVILLE, Iowa — At least 300 people were arrested Monday on immigration and identity theft charges at Agriprocessors, one of the USA's largest packing ...
Police raid US kosher meatpacking plant
Jerusalem Post, Israel - May 12, 2008
Up to 700 employees at the AgriProcessor's Plant, the largest kosher meatpacking plant, could be arrested as part of an immigration raid Monday. ...
300 arrested in Iowa in immigration raid at largest US kosher meat ...
USA Today - May 12, 2008
Federal immigration agents today raided the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse and meat-packing plant and arrested more than 300 people in northeastern ...
UPDATE 3-Immigration arrests top 300 at Iowa meat plant
Reuters - May 12, 2008
By Bob Burgdorfer CHICAGO, May 12 (Reuters) - US immigration agents arrested more than 300 people on Monday at Agriprocessors Inc, a kosher meat plant in ...
Federal officials arrested 300 workers in a raid on the nation's ...
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - May 12, 2008
Monday's raid on Agriprocessors by agents from US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement was said to be the largest ever in Iowa, where the company is located ...
Immigration arrests at Iowa meat plant top 300: ICE
Reuters - May 12, 2008
CHICAGO (Reuters) - US immigration agents said on Monday that more than 300 people were arrested at Agriprocessors Inc's kosher meat plant in Postville, ...
Hundreds arrested in Iowa immigration raid
The Associated Press - May 12, 2008
POSTVILLE, Iowa (AP) — Federal immigration agents in northeastern Iowa have arrested at least 300 people in a raid on the world's largest kosher meatpacking ...
As many as 700 arrested in Iowa illegal immigration raid
USA Today - May 12, 2008
By Nigel Duara and William Petroski, The Des Moines Register Agents from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement entered the Agriprocessors Inc. complex in ...
Immigration raid at Agriprocessors in Postville
Chicago Tribune, United States - May 12, 2008
AP POSTVILLE, Iowa - Immigration officials raided the Agriprocessors Inc. plant in Postville on Monday as part of an investigation into identity theft. ...
Iowa meat plant target of immigration, ID search
Reuters - May 12, 2008
CHICAGO (Reuters) - US immigration agents were searching the Agriprocessors meat plant in Postville, Iowa, on Monday for evidence related to identification ...
Postville raid was largest at a single site in history
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - 1 hour ago
By JOSH NELSON, Courier Staff Writer WATERLOO --- The immigration raid on a Postville packing plant ranks as the largest ever targeting a single site. ...
Scared relatives huddling inside Postville church
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - 1 hour ago
By JENS MANUEL KROGSTAD, Courier Staff Writer POSTVILLE --- People sleep on the floor and in pews, and clean their bodies with wash cloths in the bathroom. ...
UPDATE: Court hearings held on the dance floor
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - 1 hour ago
By JEFF REINITZ, Courier Staff Writer WATERLOO — Court continued today for Agriprocessors employees who were detained Monday during a raids at the Postville ...
Postville criminal arrests rise to 154
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - 1 hour ago
By JOSH NELSON, Courier Staff Writer WATERLOO — Criminal charges have now been filed again 154 of the 390 people detained by federal authorities in an ...
Postville principal still seeing impact of immigration raid
Radio Iowa, IA - 1 hour ago
By Pat Curtis The principal at Postville's elementary and middle schools says Monday's immigration raid on the town's largest employer has had a dramatic ...
ICE's efforts affect employers, too
St. George Daily Spectrum, UT - 4 hours ago
ST. GEORGE - In February, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers raided a metal factory in Utah County. They arrested 50 undocumented workers. ...
Postville raid detainees ushered through hearings
Quad City Times, IA - 6 hours ago
By JAMES BELTRAN | Thursday, May 15, 2008 DES MOINES, Iowa - Dozens of people arrested in the nation's largest immigration raid were ushered through a ...

Conditions at Detention Centers Questioned
NPR - May 13, 2008
Tell Me More, May 13, 2008 · Reports of substandard health care and unnecessary deaths at US immigration detention centers have heightened concerns among ...


Alalam News Network
US Has Detained 2500 Juveniles as Enemy Combatants
Washington Post, United States - 10 hours ago
Although 2400 of the juveniles were captured in Iraq after the US-led invasion in March 2003, only 500 are still held in detention facilities in that ...
US army detains 500 minors in Iraq: report AFP
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Detention In America
CBS News, NY - May 11, 2008
One of the biggest is the explosive growth of a system of immigrant detention centers that few Americans know anything about. Immigrants who come into the ...

Detention Nation, NY - May 13, 2008
... by prizewinning reporters Dana Priest and Amy Goldstein, centering on the issue of exploring the government's detention of undocumented immigrants. ...

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