Saturday, May 17, 2008

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While driving to a remote work site late in the evening on May 14, 2008, I was targeted by a Federal Homeland Security Agent on roving patrol and followed for several miles along SR86 in Southern Arizona. After following me for some distance, the agent initiated a traffic stop absent reasonable suspicion along a deserted stretch of this unlit two lane highway. The road had no developed shoulders along the section I was pulled over at making it impossible to completely pull out of the lane of traffic.

Additionally, the presence of several blind curves in the area make for dangerous conditions, especially at night. To testify to this fact, makeshift crosses from roadside memorials are plentiful in the area.

SR86 is a public highway that runs East -- West. It's also over forty miles North of the international border with Mexico and never intersects the border at any point.

When I first noticed the vehicle, it was the second one behind me and closely trailing the vehicle in front of it. Aggressive and dangerous driving is common by Homeland Security Agents operating in the area. At the time, I couldn't make out any markings so I wasn't sure if it was a Homeland Security vehicle or not. It was riding high off the ground however with headlights and a rough vehicle outline resembling the commonly seen CBP vans & trucks in the area that have been diverted from the border to conduct internal enforcement operations targeting domestic traffic.

After following me for several miles, the agent eventually turned on his flashing red & blue lights and passed the vehicle in front of him. He stayed in the opposite lane until the distance between myself and the other vehicle widened enough for his patrol vehicle to squeeze in behind me.

I pulled over a short distance later and turned on my video camera. The agent's radio was on as he approached my vehicle and I could hear it state that a 10-29 check on me had come back negative (check for wanted) followed by my name, a description of my vehicle and my address. Standing slightly back from the driver's side door, the agent said nothing as he shined his flashlight into my vehicle. With my camera up, he began backing away.

As he backed away, I asked him why he stopped me and what his name was. He stood behind my vehicle and said nothing. The second time I asked, the agent indicated he wanted me to roll my window down but otherwise refused to identify himself or the reason why he stopped me. Since he initiated the stop, his refusal to inform me as to who he was, why he stopped me, or even make any demands of me was very strange indeed.

A few moments later, the agent went back to his vehicle and drove away without any explanation as to why he arrested my travels and invaded my privacy. Unfortunately, I didn't make a mental note of the vehicle's license plate or agency vehicle number before it left the scene and it was too dark for my camera to pick it up.

Welcome to Checkpoint, USA

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nev. Yea, thank god for patriots who document the gestapo police. I've seen his videos, haven't checked them in a while but he's good.

I posted your Indiana I-69 SAHFTA on High Alert video on YT, maybe you'll get more visitors. Keep up the good work, later