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Corbett Report Confronts Bohemian Grove Member Barry Cooper
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The Corbett Report decided to call up Barry Cooper, a political theory and social sciences professor at the University of Calgary who happens to be one of many Bohemian Grove members whose name appears in the 2006 roster that was sent anonymously to the Infowars office. Many of these members belong to the world of academia, and some are even listed alongside their university.

Cooper admitted to being a member of the Bohemian Club and to attending the grove annually, but declined to further discuss what goes on at the power meeting, though he did deny taking part in the Cremation of Care ritual that grove members take part in each year.

The Corbett Report asked a number of poignant questions that Cooper left untouched, among them, one addressing the lack of transparency about the real political power structure, even as Cooper himself admits he leaves his students in the dark about what goes on behind the scenes.

CORBETT REPORT: “Do you ever mention the Grove when you’re talking to your students about the power structures that govern global geopolitics?”

COOPER: “I doubt it.”

Clearly a key meeting of the shadow government is indeed relevant to that global power structure, though much of its power draws from secrecy itself.

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