Saturday, April 5, 2008

Original Reports Indicate it Crashes, then the Story changes to say it Caught on Fire. Once again another key Military Inconsistency Reporting of another incident.
Russia ‘Alarmed’ As US Readies April Nuclear Attack On Iran
Collective Bellaciao, France - Apr 2, 2008
"Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing to counter any ’radioactive hazards’ which may result from a US strike on Iran’s nuclear plants. ...


Sioux City Journal
Will America wipe out Iran's nuclear installations?
Australia.TO, Australia - Apr 3, 2008
Syria is nominally not involved in the Iraq war but has the potential to join with Iran to double the number of fronts that the United States can expect to ...
Video: NATO expansion a 'direct threat to Russia' - Putin
Putin 'Satisfied' with NATO Summit (subscription)
Russia assails NATO over expansion plan, support for US missile ... (Pressemitteilung)
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US Attack on Iran: Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear ...
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Mar 31, 2008
A US attack on Iran will come suddenly, and if it is indeed aimed at destroying Iran's nuclear capabilities -- a "threat" being talked up again with new ...

British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes, United Kingdom - 15 hours ago
Tension between Washington and Tehran is already high over Iran's covert nuclear programme. The Bush administration has not ruled out military strikes. ...

Russian Source Say US Iran Strike Near
Free Market News Network, FL - Apr 1, 2008
According to Novosti, Russian Colonel General Leonid Ivashov said "that the Pentagon is planning to deliver a massive air strike on Iran’s military ...

Calls for Admiral to “blow whistle” on Iran strike plans
RINF.COM, UK - Mar 16, 2008
... Staff have serious reservations about US plans for military intervention against Iran. Mr Fallon reportedly made his opposition to a strike known to the ...

Radioactive Contamination a Current Threat?
Arab News, Saudi Arabia - Apr 3, 2008
It should be the national duty of every Saudi nuclear scientist and environmentalist to sound the alarm about the consequences of an attack on Iran’s ...
Saudis, Turks may develop nuclear weapons CCTV
Report to Senate: S. Arabia could get nukes Ha'aretz
The Candidates on Iran Foreign Policy In Focus
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Nuclear Spring by J. Peter Scoblic
New Republic (subscription), DC - 17 hours ago
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Jordan, and, of course, Iran are all pursuing, planning, or exploring their first nuclear power reactors. ...
Nuclear Spring by J. Peter Scoblic New Republic (subscription)
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US bomber crashes
Peninsula On-line, Qatar - 12 hours ago
Doha • A US B-1 bomber caught fire after landing at Al Udeid air base near here yesterday but the crew members were safely evacuated. ...
Bomber Catches Fire
Dakota Voice, SD - 14 hours ago
By the Content of Their Character By the Content of Their Character It was initially thought that an American bomber crashed in Qatar, but the information ...
B-1 bomber catches fire in Qatar
Gulf Times, Qatar - 14 hours ago
A B-1 BOMBER belonging to the US Air Force caught fire last night at the Al Udeid Air Base, 35km south of Doha. A spokesperson for the US Air Force Central ...
US B-1 bomber explodes in Qatar
PRESS TV, Iran - 15 hours ago
A B-1 US bomber explodes after it lands in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, a defense official says, adding no-one is hurt in the blast. ...

US Bomber Crashed On Landing At American Air Base In Qatar []
RTT News, NY - 17 hours ago
4/4/2008 4:47:21 PM A US military B-1 bomber crashed Friday during a landing at an American Air Force base in Qatar, the CNN reported, quoting a US military ...
US Bomber Explodes In Qatar
NBC, CA - 17 hours ago
A US B-1 bomber has exploded while landing at al-Udeid military base in Qatar, according to US military sources speaking to western news sources and the ...
US Bomber Catches Fire At Base In Qatar
CBS News, NY - 17 hours ago
(CBS/AP) The US military says a B-1 bomber has caught fire at an American Air Force base in the Middle East. A military official says that details are ...
B-1 bomber crashes in Qatar
CNN International - 17 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A US military B-1 bomber crashed Friday during a landing at al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar, according to a military official. ...
US B-1 aircraft crashes in Qatar
BBC News, UK - 18 hours ago
A US B-1 bomber aircraft has crashed in the Gulf state of Qatar, reports from the country say. The plane exploded as it landed at al-Udeid Air Base, ...
US B-1 bomber explodes on landing in Qatar-Jazeera
Reuters - 18 hours ago
DUBAI, April 4 (Reuters) - A US B-1 bomber exploded while landing in a Qatari air base due to a technical fault on Friday, Qatar-based Al Jazeera television ...
Reports: B-1 bomber crashes in Qatar
USA Today - 18 hours ago
Both the Associated Press and Reuters are reporting that a US military B-1 bomber has crashed at an air base in Qatar. Al-Jazeera is reporting that the ...
US aircraft crashes in Qatar, Qatar - 18 hours ago
A US military aircraft has crash landed at the al-Udeid military base in Qatar. The B1 bomber reportedly suffered technical difficulties and exploded as it ...
Air Force buys 28 more UAVs, VA - Apr 3, 2008
The Air Force awarded two new contracts Monday for 24 Predator MQ-1B unmanned aircraft and four Predator B Reaper MQ-9 unmanned aircraft worth about $78.7 ...
'The Robot Zoo' - reveals biomechanics of robot animals
AME Info, United Arab Emirates - Apr 3, 2008
For the first time in the Middle East, the award winning touring exhibition, 'The Robot Zoo' is appearing in Qatar on the Doha corniche. ...

US Bomber Catches Fire in Middle East
The Associated Press - 16 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — A US military B-1 bomber caught fire Friday after landing at an American base in the Middle East. All crew members escaped safely. ...
B-1 bomber crashes in Qatar
CNN International - 17 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The US military says a B-1 bomber has crashed at an American air base in Qatar. A sweep-wing B1-B bomber, similar to this one, ...

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