Monday, April 7, 2008

Whether the Lizard Man story ends there remains to be seen. What's clear for now, the mystery's plot - has only thickened.

BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - It's a story that got a lot of people talking in the Midlands. Back in February, a Lee County family woke up to find their van torn and bloodied. Some people thought the legendary Lizard Man had struck again, and many of you sent us stories telling about your own run-ins with him.

Now, an investigator says those who believe the legend have it all wrong. Instead, he says a very different type of creature is to blame.

For for more on Biscardi's investigation, you can click here>>

Daily Echo, UK - 3 hours ago
... that he believes that the world is ruled by a powerful elite called the Illuminati', a secret society made up of a race of reptilian humanoids. ...
California crew thinks "Lizard Man" may be "Bigfoot"
WIS, SC - Apr 1, 2008
Some people thought the legendary Lizard Man had struck again, and many of you sent us stories telling about your own run-ins with him. ...

California group comes to Bishopville to investigate "Lizard Man"
WIS, SC - Mar 30, 2008
BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - Stories of the Lizard Man and the van belonging to Bob and Dixie Rawson in Lee County have hit the national media. ...
WHIT GIBBONS: Lizard Man sighted again (but Elvis is still dead)
Tuscaloosa News (subscription), AL - Mar 9, 2008
The Lizard Man is back! At least that's the word on the street - and on CNN. Two decades after reports that the seven-foot, three-fingered, ...

Sir Ian McKellen Loves Guillemots
Playlouder news, UK - Mar 27, 2008
... perhaps this year he'll appear as a werewolf and decide to rustle sheep for a living, or a... lizard man... and become a member of the new world order. ...

Big Foot and Pot Hole Patrol, Fact or Fiction
Sudbury Star, Canada - Apr 6, 2008
Does Bigfoot exist,I know I have seennews reports that people have seen one and shown blury pictures that might have been one. ...
Bigfoot draws monster crowd to Hagerstown store opening
Hagerstown Morning Herald, MD - Apr 5, 2008
Clayton, his father, Dan Troxell, and his uncle Rodney Troxell, were among nearly 1000 people who went to see Bigfoot 4x4 on Saturday at the grand opening ...

UFODigest, Canada - 10 hours ago
by Regan Lee An interesting characteristic of Bigfoot, UFO and alien encounters is the electronic, beeping sound many witnesses report hearing during these ...
Event digs into Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Apr 4, 2008
Speakers will discuss such phenomena as UFOs, Bigfoot and ghosts from 11 am to 6 pm at the Tanglewood Senior Center on Austin Avenue in Lyndora. ...

Bastrop Daily Enterprise
Bigfoot Road Trip
Bastrop Daily Enterprise, LA - Apr 4, 2008
"I had employees running around, all excited because Bigfoot was on the front page of the Enterprise," said Musgrove. She only had time to glance at the ...

The Associated Press
Chiropractor Gets New and Bigger Bigfoot
The Associated Press - Apr 1, 2008
(AP) — Tom Payne has a new and bigger Bigfoot to replace the carving that was stolen from outside his chiropractic clinic and was recovered only after the ...

Bigfoot surprises brave boy
NECN, MA - Apr 4, 2008
But all that was put aside Thursday afternoon, as the monster truck, Bigfoot, driven by Jerry Dalton and Rick Lord, showed up outside Jacob's house. ...

Bastrop Daily Enterprise
Bigfoot backlash: sighting story creates quite a stir
Bastrop Daily Enterprise, LA - Apr 3, 2008
Yesterday's story about a "sighting" of bigfoot on the banks of Bayou Bonne Idee apparently evaded quite a few folks. Staff writer Wes Helbling hatched the ...


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