Monday, April 14, 2008

SNL lampoons Petraeus hearings on Iraq
Raw Story, MA - 10 hours ago
David Petraeus has his own take on the recent report given on progress in Iraq, particularly the 30000-troop "surge," to the Senate Armed Services Committee ...
SNL Notices Petraeus, Mocks Clinton's Iraq War Vote
Huffington Post, NY - Apr 13, 2008
It's official: SNL loves politics, and loves being a player in the game. That's my impression from this week's cold open sending up the Petraeus hearings, ...
SNL Increases Its Skewering of Clinton
Gothamist, NY - 21 hours ago
However, last week, the show poked fun at the Clinton's tax returns and, last night, well, see how Clinton is spoofed in a hearing with General Petraeus ...
SNL on Petraeus hearing elsewhere
BlueOregon, OR - 18 hours ago
BlueOregon is a place for progressive Oregonians to gather 'round the water cooler and share news, commentary, and gossip. Learn more about BlueOregon and ...


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