Monday, April 14, 2008

American Nuclear Missile Safety - Air Force B-52 Mistake Lessons from the Accidental Missing Nuke...

3 Things We Learned From the Accidental U.S. Nuke Flyby ..... Neither you nor Popular Mechanics has the ability to make your e-mail address public. ...

The People's Voice
The attack of 'Al-Qaeeda' and Pakistani 'loose nukes'
The People's Voice, TN - Apr 13, 2008
The Pakistani 'loose nukes' hijacked by the cave-dwelling, stick-wielding, suicide-bombing, 'Al-Qaeeda' mantra is among the multiple facile absurdities ...
Lessons From the Accidental Nuke Flyby - Apr 8, 2008
The DSB report notes that the US Navy, which handles nuclear missiles in its submarine fleet, has a system that keeps those weapons under one banner, ...

US erred on nuke delivery
Detroit Free Press, United States - Mar 26, 2008
Last September, a B52 bomber was mistakenly loaded with nuclear-armed missiles and flown across the United States to a military base in Louisiana. ...

A US Nuclear Guarantee to Israel
National Review Online Blogs, NY - Apr 12, 2008
Krauthammer calls on the US to issue a nuclear guarantee to Israel to deter Iran from launching a nuclear attack on the Jewish state. ...
Op-Ed Contributor Israel Can Stand Up for Itself New York Times
The Israel that must defend itself WorldNetDaily
Charles Krauthammer: At best, we can deter Iran from using nukes Minneapolis Star Tribune
Tapped - Hot Air
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Assigning Blame, From Loose Fuses to Loose Nukes
New York Times Blogs, NY - Mar 25, 2008
By Mike Nizza Now that the parts — four electrical fuses for ICBM’s — are back in American hands, an investigator is trying to find out “how this error ...

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