Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bizarre flooding continues in Bellevue, Ohio

Ohio town enduring four-week flood
USA Today - Apr 20, 2008
By John Seewer, AP Writer BELLEVUE, Ohio — For the past month, Bob Norman has slept on his couch, waking every 90 minutes to make sure the pump in his ...

Bizarre flooding continues in Bellevue, Ohio
WKYC-TV, OH - Apr 18, 2008
BELLEVUE -- Beautiful weather, no river, no stream and yet hundreds of residents are flooded here. No sudden thunderstorms or drenching rains can explain it ...

Another strong earthquake hits southern Illinois overnight
Carmi Times, United States - 18 hours ago
Intensity, and thus ground effects, depends not only on the magnitude, but also on the distance to the epicenter, the depth of the earthquake's focus ...
Earthquake Hazard Maps Show How the Nation Shakes with Quakes
United States Geological Survey (press release), VA - 23 hours ago
These shaking estimates combine the effects from all possible earthquakes, both nearby and distant. The changes in earthquake ground shaking estimates are ...

West County Journal
Active aftershocks
Indiana University, IN - 22 hours ago
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- In the wake of the earthquake that shook the Midwest early last Friday, there have been a series of aftershocks associated with the ...
Early morning aftershock nothing uncommon The Southern
Princeton, Kentucky Princeton Times Leader
5.2 magnitude earthquake jolts area St. Charles Journal
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National Ledger
23 earthquakes in four days have some Tri-Staters saying enough is ...
Evansville Courier & Press (subscription), IN - 12 hours ago
... data of seismic events, including their effects on buildings and structures, to create a nationwide network of more than 7000 earthquake sensor systems. ...
Earthquake a 'wake-up call' Chicago Tribune
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A bright spot
Anchorage Daily News (subscription), AK - 3 hours ago
Its effects are still being seen today. Today, visitors to Valdez can learn more about the Good Friday Earthquake and the Exxon Valdez oil spill at the ...
Earthquake's Far-reaching Effects
WBAY, WI - Apr 18, 2008
The earthquake happened along the New Madrid fault system, which is actually centered in the Missouri valley. The tremor was felt hundreds of miles away in ...
Effects of southern Illinois earthquake could be felt in Vernon County
Westby Times, WI - Apr 18, 2008
Angel Gutierrez, a seismologist based at the USGS's National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colo., said Friday morning that the earthquake, registering 5.2 on ...
Government often promises too much to disaster victims
Jakarta Post, Indonesia - Apr 20, 2008
and tsunami that struck Aceh and Nias. Post-disaster management has become a cause for concern in Indonesia following the 2004 earthquake...
To a Fault: The Bottom Line on Earthquakes
Media Newswire (press release), NY - Apr 21, 2008
Rassati has studied the structural and seismic effects on infrastructures, especially buildings. "Unfortunately, the money is drying up for earthquake ...

Aerial view of CERN near Geneva in Switzerland showing the path of the tunnel for the LHC

Status CERN LHC will be in production mode on the 21. of May 2008 Comments

SLEUTHS: Please help keep watch for forthcoming test activity at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Aerial view of CERN near Geneva in Switzerland showing the path of the tunnel for the LHC

Status CERN LHC will be in production mode on the 21. of May 2008 Comments

SLEUTHS: Please help keep watch for forthcoming test activity at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

They are trying to find the God Particle which may or may not exist.
If there is no underlying particle what we now call physics is
rather over.

"What is at the basis of Everything?"
Greatest experiment ever in particle physics nears countdown GENEVA (AFP) — In a vast circular underground tunnel below the French-Swiss border, the final pieces of a gigantic machine are being set in place for an extraordinary investigation into the infinitely small at CERN: Europe's atom-smashing laboratory.

LHC - Large Hadron Collider - Messing with the unknown

Lawsuit: Huge Atom Smasher Could Destroy World Particle accelerator project sued on fears it will destroy the planet The Potential for Danger in Particle Collider Experiments Comments

Spawned at Cern: Superfast internet may replace world wide web 2 The power of the grid will be unlocked this summer with the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a new particle accelerator designed to investigate how the universe began. The grid will be turned on at the same time to store the information it generates, after scientists at Cern, based near Geneva, realised the internet would not have the capacity to capture such huge volumes of data. The DataGrid Project 2 Comment: Combine this with quantum chips with no wiring for computers that "boot up almost instantly" and that part of our future doesn't look half bad 'eh? The OpenSimulator Project

3/30/2008 3:56:40 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Comment: Maybe it would be better to just let it implode. Wasting all this $, on a collider, when we should have anti-gravity, instead of phantom physics. Everything built upon the false concept of neutrinos, a desperate solution to save relativity, since the 30's is mathematical science fiction.

Inside the Largest Laser and Fusion Chamber in the World

It's a whiz-bang experiment, with a downside that could really suck
The Age, Australia - Apr 12, 2008
... two people are so concerned by this whoops-apocalypse scenario they've taken legal action against CERN, the European agency doing the experiment. ...

New York Times
Gauging a Collider’s Odds of Creating a Black Hole
New York Times, United States - Apr 14, 2008
It starts smashing protons together this summer at the European Center for Nuclear Research, or Cern, outside Geneva, in hopes of grabbing a piece of the ...

Physicist hopes to find 'God Particle'
PRESS TV, Iran - Apr 8, 2008
The CERN experiment will use the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's biggest atom-smasher to recreate the 'Big Bang'. Higgs presented his theory in the ...
Xilinx Honored for Enabling Technology in the ALICE Experiment at ...
Earthtimes, UK - Apr 4, 2008
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world's largest and most respected centers for scientific research. ...XLNX


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