Thursday, March 6, 2008

As an alternate history of the New World Order, unstoppable Nazi forces win World War II, and take over Europe and the United States.

What if Winston Churchill had died on December 13, 1931 after he was struck by a cab while crossing 5th Ave. in New York, and wasn't alive to rally the Allied forces to confront the Nazis?

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty uses this 'what if' idea to create a fast-paced Action/FPS game set in an alternate history where Winston Churchill is killed in 1931, England surrenders to Hitler in 1940, Pearl Harbor is never attacked by the Japanese, and America is not drawn into the war until the German Wehrmacht (war machine) lands on the U.S. east coast in 1953.

Confront a Nazi invasion as a construction worker turned terrorist/insurgent/freedom fighter.

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Lucidtomr said...

Hi NeverKnow, yea, good video. If people don't wake up and resist, then that will happen.

But America has been invaded. Bush knows Hilter's play book all to well.