Thursday, March 6, 2008

Homeland Security's 'Occult Symbolism' and 'Weather Swastika' Logo
I enjoy an analysis of events and a perspective on occult numerology. I do believe that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. I find much to think about when current events and numerology occur in the news. There can be no doubt about the Nazi and occult symbology being embedded into our government.

Remove the Ten Commandments, then create new symbols of INTERNAL SECURITY THAT INCORPORATE THE SWASTIKA!

Run candidates for California governor with Nazi connections.

Model our gun laws after those of Nazi Germany.

So if you think this is all a bit strange, I agree to a degree. I'm always on guard with our government, but our government, at the moment, is looking very weird and frightening.

" There is another strange twist regarding the mysterious Department of Homeland Security. One of the divisions in that new age Gestapo is "The Homeland Security Weathernet Network." This division works with weather and its effects on homeland security. The strange twist is that the logo for this division consists of two Nazi swastikas turned so as to form bent spokes of a wheel with a pentagram in the middle. (14) Completely encircling the swastikas are the words forming the name of the department. This logo can be seen by accessing their department on the internet. The points of the pentagram indicate earth, wind, fire, water and spirit. This is pure witchcraft working within a department whose purpose and chief objective is ultimate totalitarian control. "

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Spiegel Online
Spiegel Online, Germany - 6 hours ago
A leader of German military reservists has called for the reintroduction of the Iron Cross, a centuries-old soldier's honor marred by the Nazis. ...

BBC News
New medal plan for German heroes
BBC News, UK - 3 hours ago
The German president has backed a proposal to introduce a top bravery medal for German soldiers - but no return of the Iron Cross is planned. ...
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Daily Mail, UK - 14 minutes ago
The Iron Cross for gallantry will be reintroduced under a different name but NATO allies fighting in the Middle East are bemused by the move as Germany has ...
Liechtenstein: where the missing billions go
Independent, UK - Feb 25, 2008
... captain of industry and manager decorated with Germany's Great Federal Cross of Merit, a sort of latter-day Iron Cross first class for business leaders. ...

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Anonymous said...

very perceptive but the shape of the seal looks coincidental to me