Thursday, March 20, 2008

Demolition for NAFTA's I-69 Superhighway begins

Members of Valley Watch were able to go out on Wednesday, March 12 and tape some of the damage that was done to trees in the yards of homes taken by the State. You can view their footage here or on their website.

Trees on homes lining State Highway 68 (approx. 1.77 miles north of Interstate 64) were mostly all cleared today, and demolitions could possibly start within the next week. INDOT claims that homes won’t be “torn down” until at least April, but based on their past lies and obfuscations, who knows if that’s true or not. Below is a quote from the Evansville FOX 7 media report that may be interesting to folks:

After decades of waiting, crews are finally breaking ground on the Interstate 69 extension. Some of the first bulldozers began knocking down trees Tuesday afternoon, making room for the interstate. According to an INDOT spokesperson, homes won’t be torn down until at least April. The project will demolish more than 400 Hoosier homes. Although work has begun, some of those residents losing their homes are still fighting back. INDOT’s spokesperson says environmental studies have been conducted for more than a decade, making this the most studied corridor in state history.

The following link is to the complete video of the story:

The clearing is being completed by Gohmann A&C of Clarksville, IN. More info on this company is available in the Those Responsible section.

Information on the bids are available here (third contract down):

STAY TUNED: More information will be posted as it becomes available!

I-69 moving ahead
Reporter-Times, IN - Mar 17, 2008
By Ronald Hawkins | The demolition work that will lead to the construction of Interstate 69 in southwestern Indiana began last week ...
Preliminary work for Interstate 69 is under way
Evansville Courier & Press (subscription), IN - Mar 14, 2008
Cheers to the unofficial start of I-69 construction work. Cheers for former congressman Lee Hamilton, who paid a visit to Evansville this week to speak at ...
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Infoshop News - Mar 14, 2008
This was billed as an open call-out for affinity groups and individuals interested in organizing on-the-ground resistance to the extension of Interstate 69 ...
Clearing way for interstate leg
Evansville Courier & Press (subscription), IN - Mar 12, 2008
... 64 northeast of Evansville is under way for what will become the fist leg of the long-awaited construction of Interstate 69 through Southern Indiana. ...
Arena decision tops list as Weinzapfel delivers State of the City
Evansville Courier & Press (subscription), IN - Mar 18, 2008
Looking to the future, Weinzapfel commended the progress of Interstate 69 and said it would have a major impact on the city's economy. ...


Anonymous said...

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