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What causes an earthquake?
Times Online, UK - 19 hours ago
An earthquake is a sudden tremor or movement of the earth's crust, which originates at or below the surface. There are two main causes of earthquakes. ...
Earthquake hits Britain, 4.7 magnitude Times Online
The definitive guide to what causes an earthquake. Northampton Chronicle & Echo
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Sumatra Is Rocked by Earthquake, Indonesia's 12th in Four Days Bloomberg - 23 hours ago 27 (Bloomberg) -- Indonesia was rocked again by an earthquake today, its 12th in the past four days, when a 5.8- magnitude temblor struck southwest Sumatra, ... Indonesian Homes Damaged as 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Bloomberg Strong aftershock to earthquake strikes waters off western Indonesia International Herald Tribune Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake Strikes Indonesia's Sumatra (Update2) Bloomberg - The Associated Press all 544 news articles »

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Islands South of Tokyo, USGS Says
Bloomberg - 13 hours ago
27 (Bloomberg) -- A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck a group of Japanese islands south of Tokyo at 4:54 pm local time, the US Geological Survey said on its ...
Venezuela Struck by 4.9-Magnitude Earthquake in Zulia State Bloomberg
Venezuela Struck by 5.3-Magnitude Earthquake in Zulia Region Bloomberg
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Monsters and
Britain Earthquake Causes Damage, Leaves 1 Injured
TransWorldNews (press release), GA - 5 hours ago
An earthquake rattle Britain early Wednesday morning an injured at least one person. The quake's epicenter was located 125 miles north of London . ...
Video: Strongest Earthquake in Decades in Britain AssociatedPressQuake hits UK, no casualties yet The Statesman
Earthquake rattles England London Free Press
Xinhua -
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Largest earthquake in two decades hits UK, United Kingdom - 14 hours ago
By Julian Kossoff and Tom Chivers The largest earthquake to hit Britain for almost quarter of a century was felt across large parts of England in the early ...
British earthquake to cost in excess of £10m
Earthquake shakes up Britain, no reports of injury Monsters and
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Britain shaken, but not too stirred, by
Times Online, UK - 9 hours ago
Property owners were out this morning assessing the damage to their homes and businesses after Britain suffered its biggest earthquake in over two decades. ...
Earthquake hits Britain This is London
Damage bill runs into millions as biggest earthquake in 25 years ... This is London
Earthquake shakes Hertfordshire East Herts Herald 24
ic CheshireOnline -
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Earthquake predictions closer: ANU researchers
ABC Online, Australia - Feb 24, 2008
Australian National University (ANU) scientists have discovered a new factor responsible for earthquakes that may help produce long-range forecasts. ...

New theory on earthquakes to help future predictions, Australia - Feb 24, 2008
Prof Lister believes the new theory will help scientists better understand how earthquakes occur worldwide, and could lead to better earthquake prediction ...
Fault line that spawned Indian Ocean tsunami ruptures repeatedly
International Herald Tribune, France - Feb 25, 2008
The 2004 earthquake off Aceh province in northwest Sumatra had a magnitude of 9.2, making it the most powerful temblor in four decades. ...
Earthquake predictions prove accurate for researchers, VA - 1 hour ago
“The successful predictions so far have demonstrated the capability of our software, which has already drawn the attention of earthquake scientists from ...
What is the earthquake issue?
Bass Pro in The Pyramid?
Memphis Flyer, TN - Feb 20, 2008
What is the earthquake issue? Marshall, aided by seismic experts hired by Bass Pro, told the council and commission that earthquake threat was nearly a ...

ABC 4 Investigation: Is Utah ready for a big
ABC 4, Salt Lake City - Feb 21, 2008
They say that's not a prediction, it's a promise. It's not IF it's going to happen, it’s WHEN it is going to happen. Is Utah ready? The major earthquake ...
CM calls for new industrial units in State
Assam Tribune, India - Feb 1, 2008
The NEIST scientists briefed him on the earthquake prediction mechanism installed at NEIST. The Chief Minister made a case for interlinking the State’s ...
What if . . .
Vancouver Province, Canada - Feb 21, 2008
... BC's most densely populated regions to make an accurate prediction. Although everyone fears "The Big One" -- a major and expected subductive earthquake ...
UNLV Researchers Track Local Earthquakes
KLAS-TV, NV - Feb 21, 2008
While this earthquake was in northeastern Nevada, most of the quakes in this state happen along the California/Nevada state line. ...

Antarctic Research

Experimental studies of sprites and elves
Radio Atmospherics and Sprites Optical Measurements Fly's Eye Optical Measurements High-resolution (telescopic) imaging of sprites
Conjugate Sprites Project

Theoretical Studies of Lightning-Associated Phenomena
Lightning-Induced Electron Precipitation Studies Red Sprite Mechanisms Runaway Electrons and Terrestrial Gamma Rays

Satellite Projects
The Plasma Wave Advanced Receiver (PARX)

Ultra Low Power ELF/VLF Receiver Project

Plasma Display Panels

Radio electro magnetic wave propagation

Research update on sonar effects
Kitsap Sun (Subscription), United States - Feb 25, 2008
A fairly comprehensive update regarding sonar and its effects on beaked whales can be found in an article published in the magazine Oceanus, which reports ...

Los Angeles Times
Dolphin dies near sonar site
Los Angeles Times, CA - Feb 22, 2008
The same symptoms were found in deep-diving whales that washed ashore in the Canary Islands and the Bahamas after military sonar exercises. ...
Have sonar tests claimed another cetacean victim (subscription), UK - Feb 22, 2008
A dead dolphin is drawing attention once again to controversial sonar trials off the California coast. The Navy and environmentalists have been battling ...
Dolphin dies during Navy SoCal sonar exercises
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Feb 22, 2008
AP LOS ANGELES—A dolphin died on a beach during Navy sonar training exercises but it was not immediately clear what caused its death, authorities said. ...
Sonar implicated in whale stranding, New Zealand - Feb 20, 2008
By KERI MOLLOY - The Bay Chronicle | Thursday, 21 February 2008 SONAR STRANDING: A tour operator has expressed concerns about the increased use of sonar ...

Ground Wave Propagation Ground Wave Propagation
HF radio propagation primer Flash movie to learn how HF or "Short-wave" radio works. Learn about the Ionosphere, Solar Flares, and why radio waves skip or refract off of the different layers of the Ionosphere. Learn how space weather affects radio conditions
Ionospheric propagation explained
Propagation of waves propagation, radio is all about the transmission of radio waves from place-to-place without wires. Signals travel from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna in different ways depending on the frequency used. Some frequencies use the ionosphere to bounce signals around the world while other frequencies can only be used for line-of-sight operations
Propagation primer
Radio propagation pdf file
Radio propagation principles of radio propagation
Radio propagation principles of radio propagation, Radio propagation is a term used to explain how radio waves behave when they are transmitted, or are propagated from one point on the Earth to another, ...
Radio propagation pdf file
Radio propagation models Path Loss: Models of "large-scale effects", Free Space Propagation, Propagation over a Plane Earth, UHF Mobile Communication, Diffraction loss, Total Path loss, Statistical Path Loss Law, Depth of Shadowing, Multiple log-normal signals, Multipath Reception, Rician fading, PDF of signal amplitude, Rayleigh fading, Analog Transmission over Fading Channels, ...
Radiowave propagation Review of Plane Waves, Transmission Lines and Waveguides, Review of Antennas, Systems and Noise, Microwave Optics, Propagation Near the Earth's Surface, Ionospheric Radiowave Propagation, Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards, Atmospheric Nuclear Effects
Radiowave propagation Radiowave propagation, pdf file
Radio-wave propagation basics pdf file
Rayleigh Fading Rayleigh fading is caused by multipath reception, ...
Rayleigh Fading Rayleigh fading, Multipath Reception
RF propagation RF propagation, Free-space Loss, Total Path Loss, Fading, Fade margin, Fresnel Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction
RF propagation RF propagation, ppt file
Signal propagation Signal propagation, Free-space Loss, Total Path Loss, Fading, Fade margin, Fresnel Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction, ppt file
Sky Wave Propagation Sky Wave Propagation, Propagation beyond the line of sight is possible through sky waves. Sky waves are radio waves that propagate into the atmosphere and then are returned to earth at some distance from the transmitter, ionospheric refraction, tropospheric scatter
Space Wave Propagation Space Wave Propagation
VHF Propagation Maps VHF Propagation Maps


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