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Nuclear Plant Shutdown Zapped by NWO Rat Masters causes Massive Blackout

Although the blackout hit as a cold front moved into the area and triggered massive storms in some areas, the events are not connected, FPL said. A water spout was spotted at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and spawned a tornado warning around 1:30 that was lifted soon after.

Nuclear Plant Shutdown causes Massive Blackout
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Nuclear Reactors Still Down After Florida Power Outage -AFP - 8 minutes ago
MIAMI (AFP)--Power officials said Wednesday two nuclear reactors in southern Florida remained shut down, one day after a massive blackout darkened millions ...

Lightning-induced Electron Precipitation Studies

Nuclear plant shutdown stops Florida, Australia - 20 hours ago
A NUCLEAR plant in Florida automatically shut down today, causing power outages throughout the state that affected up to three million people. ...
Video: Massive power outages in Florida reutersvideoFPL says Florida nuclear plant shut Reuters
Florida probes how small mishaps caused massive outages CNN International - Washington Post
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Nuclear Plants Are Designed to Respond Safely to Electrical Grid ...
FOXBusiness - 2 hours ago
The Nuclear Energy Institute's executive vice president, Marvin Fertel, made the following remarks about nuclear power plant operations and design relative ...
Companies in race to provide fuel for US 'nuclear renaissance' International Herald Tribune
Nuclear Future Bangor Daily News
State might end nuclear plant ban Louisville Courier-Journal
Chattanooga Times Free Press
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Nuclear chair discusses Palo Verde conditions
Arizona Republic, AZ - 14 hours ago
Dale Klein, chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, sat down Monday with The Arizona Republic to discuss conditions at the Palo Verde Nuclear ...
Palo Verde efforts please regulators Arizona Republic
Vermont Yankee clears key hurdle on license extension Boston Herald
NRC Boss Talks About Palo Verde Plant The Associated Press
Brattleboro Reformer - Rutland Herald
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Grid problems cause Fla. power outages, shut down nuclear plant
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL - 21 hours ago
MIAMI — A problem with Florida's electrical grid caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down Tuesday and intermittently cut power to up to 3 million ...
Video: Massive power outages in Florida<> reutersvideoPower Back on After Outages Hit Fla.
Washington Post

UPDATE 1-FPL prepares Fla. Turkey Pt reactors for restart

The Associated Press - Los Angeles Times
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AP Top News at 6:34 pm EST
The Associated Press - 20 hours ago
MIAMI (AP) — A problem with Florida's electrical grid caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down Tuesday and intermittently cut power to up to 3 ...
Station fire, failure cause Fla. power outage, close nuke plant WWSB ABC 7
Florida power blackout remains a puzzle KFVS
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Both FPL Fla. Turkey Pt reactors remain shut - NRC
Reuters - 7 hours ago
N: Quote, Profile, Research) Turkey Point power plant in Florida remained shut early Wednesday due to the loss of off-site power on Tuesday, the US Nuclear ...
Reactor Shutdown Darkens South Florida Slashdot
Two Florida Nuclear Reactors Shut Down
Nuke Plant Shutdown Causes Power Outage in Fla. Newsroom America
Reuters - TG Daily
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Grid problems cause Fla. power outages, shut down nuclear plant
WWSB ABC 7, FL - 22 hours ago
AP - February 26, 2008 5:14 PM ET MIAMI (AP) - A problem with Florida's electrical grid caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down -- cutting power ...
Reactor Shutdown Darkens South Florida
Slashdot - 20 hours ago
and elsewhere in Florida, with traffic signals out The report on the Turkey Point nuclear plant came as four million people had lost electricity in Miami...
Blackout affecting up to 2M Floridians United Press International
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UPI NewsTrack TopNews
United Press International - 16 hours ago
... a range of topics, including nuclear weapons programs in North Korea and Iran, and human rights issues in Darfur and Burma, the Post said. MIAMI, Feb. ...

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Millions of Floridians Lose Electricity After Failure (Update2)
Bloomberg - 23 hours ago
The failure occurred around 1 pm in South Florida, including Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, company spokesman Mayco Villafana said. ...
Progress Energy Explains Power Disruption - Update Trading Markets (press release)
Progress Energy Commits To Transparency Regarding Greenhouse Gas ... FOXBusiness
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Power failure cut off Florida nuclear reactors: authority
Raw Story, MA - 22 hours ago
"Our latest information is that two power lines went out at a substation somewhere between Miami and Daytona" in southern Florida, said Daniel McIntyre, ...
Miami-Dade Firefighters Juggled 50 Pleas For Help From People ...
FireFighting - 7 hours ago
Elsewhere, the blackout that began at a Florida Power & Light substation in Miami-Dade, flashed within seconds to the utility's Turkey Point nuclear plant ...
Nuke Plant Shutdown Causes Fla. Outages Houston Chronicle
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“Radiation Belt Remediation” Plan Could Affect HF Propagation, Study Suggests

NEWINGTON, CT, Aug 15, 2006 -- A New Zealand university research group believes a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “Radiation Belt Remediation” (RBR) plan could cause major worldwide disruptions to HF radio communication and GPS navigation. DARPA reportedly envisions the (RBR) system as a way to protect low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites from damage caused by severe solar storms or even from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The New Zealand-based research group suggests, however, that policymakers need to carefully consider the implications of the project. Headed by Otago Physics Department researcher Craig Rodger, the research group says RBR could significantly affect radio propagation from several days to a week or longer.

“We’ve calculated that Earth’s upper atmosphere would be dramatically affected by such a system, causing unusually intense HF blackouts around most of the world,” Rodger said in an Otego University news release. “Airplane pilots and ships would lose radio contact, and some Pacific Island nations could be isolated for as long as six to seven days, depending on the system’s design and how it was operated.” GPS would likely also be disrupted on a large scale, he added.

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Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas the electronic textbook of electromagnetic waves and microwave techniques
EMF primer general information on electromagnetic waves and fields and discusses how exposure from such fields affect the human body. The concept of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is discussed
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HF radio propagation
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Microwave engineering concepts and nomenclature
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