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Confirmation & Update on Secret UFO Meeting at UN
OpEdNews, PA - Feb 21, 2008
Is this evidence that the Office of Naval Investigations is involved in the UFO disclosure initiative at the UN, or at least filtering information to be ...

National Ledger
National Ledger, AZ - Feb 23, 2008
Everyone in the Valley of the Sun recalls the biggest UFO sighting in history and now a report from a local news station in Phoenix has revealed that local ...
Valley firefighters get trained for UFO contact (KNXV-TV), AZ - Feb 21, 2008
Whatever your beliefs, it’s hard to dismiss how life-changing alien contact could be. It would literally change everything, and because of that, ...

UN flag destined for space
Independent Online, South Africa - Feb 21, 2008
New York - A United Nations flag is to be flown to the International Space Station in April before returning to Earth to be displayed at a space exhibition ...
Outer Space Scientific and Technical Subcommittee Concludes its ... Space Ref (press release)
UN flag to wave again in outer space UN News Centre
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United Nations Flag to Fly to International Space Station
Wired News - Feb 22, 2008
This is not the first time that a UN flag has been to space. UN Flags have traveled to orbit and even to the moon since the beginning of the space program. ...

UN scandals are secrets no longer
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - 21 hours ago
... of dozens of UN departments that deal with matters including peacekeeping, the UN pension fund, the environment and the Office for Outer Space Affairs. ...

Report of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
... of IAA on the IAA position paper entitled “A decision process for examining the
possibility of sending communications to extraterrestrial civilizations”
. ...



NASA Deputy Administrator and Ohio Governor Discuss Benefits of ...
FOXBusiness - Feb 21, 2008
Ted Strickland discussed Thursday during a Future Forum in Columbus how space exploration gives Ohioans a more competitive economy and better quality of ...

Medvedev calls for strengthening humanitarian space
ITAR-TASS, Russia - Feb 22, 2008
"The 2nd forum of CIS intelligentsia took place in Astana, it ran under the unifying motto – ‘Culture, Science and Education for Future Generations of the ...

Next Generation Exploration Conference Convenes at NASA's Ames
Space Ref (press release) - Feb 11, 2008
The conference is designed to give young space technology leaders a forum to interact with NASA's senior management. Participants will collaborate in ...

SGAC Co-Chair, Alex Karl, presents "NEOs – A Youth Perspective" at the UN COPUOS Scientific & Technical Subcommittee

On Feb. 18th, Space Generation Co-Chairman, Alex Karl made a presentation under the Near Earth Objects agenda item of the UN COPUOS Scientific & Technical Subcommittee More...

SGAC European Meeting, in Copenhagen, March 2008

| |
Jesper Jørgensen, SGAC European Regional Coordinator, takes an initiative to organize first SGAC European meeting. More...

SEDS Austria students present SEDSATII project at the UN COPUOS Scientific & Technical Subcommittee

On Feb. 13th Alexandra Ruths and Paul Schmitzberger of SEDS Austria took advantage of the SGAC's Permanent Observer Status with the UN COPUOS and made a technical presentation under the UNISPACE III agenda item at the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2008 Forty-fifth session. More...

Make your voice be heard at COPUOS

Several SGAC staff and friends will be in Vienna for the UN COPUOS S&T Meeting Feb 11-22 (that's next Monday). Over the course of this 2 weeks we'd like to get you involved. More...


This is the first time such an event has been held at a UNISPACE Conference. UNISPACE III is to host a Space Generation Forum (SGF) for university students and young space professionals from many different countries. They will have the opportunity to fully present their insights and creative visions for the future of space in an international, intercultural environment.

Gnostic insights suggest Global Economy is a Manipulative ...
Canadian National Newspaper, Canada - Feb 22, 2008
... in a similar way that Gnostic-described Archons as seeking to inspire the worship of Extraterrestrial gods in the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, ...

Planets, Resembling Earth, Raise Hopes of Extra-Terrestrial Life
eFluxMedia - Feb 18, 2008
Meyer added that more studies were needed to determine which of these stars possibly hold extraterrestrial life. “What we need is much more data, ...

New hopes for extraterrestrial life
PRESS TV, Iran - Feb 18, 2008
Rocky planets with possible conditions suitable for life may be more common than previously thought in our galaxy, a study suggests. ...

UFOs: Is seeing believing?
Laconia Citizen, NH - 10 hours ago
The British Ministry of Defense revealed this month that the number of reported UFO sightings there rose to 135 last year from 97 in 2006. ...

Abductees share their stories at UFO Congress
Mohave Valley News, NV - 11 hours ago
Three decades later, telling his story during the International UFO Congress Convention, Foltz still gets goosebumps on his arms when he talks about that ...
UFOs and Global Warming
OpEdNews, PA - 6 hours ago
by Ed Komarek Page 1 of 1 page(s) Environmental activists might wonder what in the world do UFOs have to do with massive global environmental degradation in ...
Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality OpEdNews
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UFO Occupants Questionnaire
UFODigest, Canada - 23 hours ago
by Jannice Fadely One constant with UFO occupants is their secrecy about themselves. If anyone does know any facts about them they are not sharing them. ...

NASA - Experiment List - Alphabetical

Meteor was no UFO
Fox 12 Boise, ID - Feb 20, 2008
While nobody confused the falling rock for an alien or UFO, Ada County Dispatch received descriptions of just about everything else but a meteor. ...

A bird? A plane? A UFO? No, that was a meteorite streaking the early Morning Sky.
The Oregonian -, OR - Feb 19, 2008
And no, it wasn't a UFO. Turns out it was a meteorite blazing across the sky about 5:30 am Calls started pouring into the Federal Aviation Administration ...

We're FEMA and we're here to help
MSNBC - Feb 20, 2008
Knocke could not offer any estimates tonight on how much money the agency is spending on the first-responder guide or the overall falling-satellite ...
First responders on satellite standby, MI - Feb 20, 2008
Earlier this week, FEMA sent out a first responder guide to agencies across the country -- including Mid-Michigan -- in case pieces of the satellite end up ...
Officials Review Weather to Plan Shooting Down of Satellite
New York Times, United States - Feb 20, 2008
FEMA on Wednesday issued an 18-page instructions document, “First Responder Guide for Space Object Re-entry,” to help local authorities deal with debris ...
FEMA Warns: The Spy Is Falling!
Hartford Courant, United States - Feb 16, 2008
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued to local police and fire departments nationwide a "First Responder Guide for Space Object Re-Entry. ...
State, Local Groups Were Ready — Just In Case
TheDay, CT - Feb 21, 2008
The falling satellite “could potentially impact almost anywhere on the planet,” the Federal Emergency Management Agency said in its “First Responder Guide ...

Wonkette (satire)
FEMA's Tips For Encountering a Poison, Crashing Satellite
Wonkette (satire), DC - Feb 21, 2008
Last week, America’s Most Effective Agency released its “First Responder Guide For Space Object Re-Entry,” ie “what to do if the poison satellite crashes ...


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