Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Leno to Paul: 'You should be kicking someone's ass right now'
Raw Story, MA - 1 hour ago
Ron Paul (R-TX) called out Fox News, skewered GOP rival Rudy Giuliani and looked across the aisle to praise fellow presidential long shot Rep. ...
Live From NH Gather.com
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F--k Fox!
The People's Voice, TN - 5 hours ago
Fox News wants to pick your next President. Fox News is terrified by the thought of a Ron Paul Presidency. F**k Fox News! Some forgive. Some forget. ...

Jay Leno Expresses Frustration with Fox News Over Ron Paul Exclusion
Gambling911.com, FL - 10 hours ago
NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno felt Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul got a raw deal from Fox News after he was excluded from their Sunday night ...

ABC News
Ron Paul, muffled by Fox, wows Jay Leno
Los Angeles Times, CA - 11 hours ago
So tonight, the night before the big New Hampshire primary, Ron Paul tried to pull a Huckabee. He flew all the way across the country for his own second ...
Paul Has "No Intention" of Making Third-Party Bid Washington Post
Jay Leno Expresses Frustration with Fox News Over Ron Paul Exclusion Gambling911.com
FOX News anti-Ron Paul bias shows itself again News Hounds
Washington Post - Gambling911.com
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Michigan Ron Paul Yard Signs Pop Up
Free Market News Network, FL - 47 minutes ago
If yard signs are any indication, Republican Ron Paul is getting more popular in Michigan. They're popping up all over, and so are groups of supporters. ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Huckabee, Paul trade jokes and talk substance with Leno & Letterman
USA Today - 13 hours ago
Ron Paul -- has finished taping his appearance on this evening's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. NBC sent along a transcript that we've posted here. ...
Huckabee chats up Letterman as primary looms WCAX
Ron Paul to Appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno TransWorldNews (press release)
Huckabee makes appearance on 'Late Show' San Jose Mercury News
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Third Party Watch
Paul opposes Iraq war but is not anti-war
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, TN - 16 hours ago
Why would the US military support the "anti-war" Ron Paul? Perhaps because Ron Paul is not really anti-war. Ron Paul served in the Air Force during Vietnam ...
Ron Paul's Fascist Views at Jan 5 TV Forum; Obama Matches Him Bay Area Indymedia
New Spot: "Troops Support Ron Paul" Washington Post
Memo to Fred Thompson: America has an Empire Huffington Post
Food Consumer
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Supporters use nontraditional methods to promote candidates
Gainesville Sun, FL - 4 hours ago
A group of Ron Paul supporters from Alachua and Marion counties gather Monday for the liftoff of a Ron Paul campaign blimp at Gainesville Regional Airport. ...
The Geekiest Candidate Computerworld
Other Candidates Parrot Dr. Paul’s Message of Liberty & Limited ... Press Media Wire (Press Release)
Ron Paul Wins Nevada Republican Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung)
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Commercial highlights Paul's
Dallas Morning News, TX - 7 hours ago
Flush with cash, Texan Ron Paul is launching an eight-state advertising campaign this week. The ad, which details the candidate's longtime opposition to ...
First Real Returns Echo Polls: Obama, McCain are in Front Yahoo! News
Voting begins in key US primary CNN International
Obama, McCain get early nods in first votes from New Hampshire primary The Canadian Press
The Associated Press - The Associated Press
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CNET News.com
Googlers stump in NH for Paul
CNET News.com, CA - 15 hours ago
Inside the Googleplex, Ron Paul is wildly popular. Here's what happened when current and former Google engineers hit the Granite State to campaign for him. ...
US DECIDES VOTE 2008 Candidates court votes of Indian community Indian Express
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Bill to Paul supporters: 'You’re nuts'
MSNBC - 18 hours ago
KEENE, NH -- Several Ron Paul supporters shadowed a much larger Clinton entourage as Bill Clinton greeted supporters downtown. The former president later ...
Bill Clinton to Ron Paul supporters: "You're nuts" The Spoof (satire)
Campaign Chaos In Concord Atlantic Online
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GOP candidate Ron Paul: Israel can get by without US aid
Ha'aretz, Israel - 23 hours ago
By Shmuel Rosner The slight wound to Ron Paul's pride was visible as he recalled the decision by Fox News not to invite him to Sunday's Republican debate, ...
The Libertarian National Post
Paul Hopes To Spread Message Of Smaller Government WMUR
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Rep. Ron Paul does it his way
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC - 20 minutes ago
Then Ron Paul announced that he was running for president — as a Republican. If that sounds like a recipe for failure, or perhaps a political fantasy, ...

Ron Paul Talks About Fox on Leno
NewsMax.com, FL - 1 hour ago
Appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, presidential hopeful Ron Paul said he still doesn’t know why he was ...
Fox Watching the Chicken Coop: Voters Watching Ron Paul on Jay ... Gambling911.com
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Huckabee Sounding A Little Like Ron Paul
CBS News, NY - Jan 7, 2008
He then threw in a line about money printing that could have come out of Ron Paul’s mouth. “We sent them there to cut spending, and they didn’t do it. ...

ABC News
On Primary Eve, Paul Does Leno
ABC News - 39 minutes ago
Ron Paul skipped out of New Hampshire on Monday to appear on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. (ABCNEWS.com) By Z. BYRON WOLF Either Jay Leno is having trouble ...
Letter to the Editor: The choice is clear, Ron Paul for president
BurlingtonFreePress.com, VT - 3 hours ago
For any American who values peace and freedom, the choice for president couldn't be easier: Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's commitment to principle has ...
Police Officers Praise, Support Paul
Free Market News Network, FL - 12 minutes ago
Ron Paul (R-TX) is actually doing something to earn the respect and gratitude of America's cops, according to many police officers and organizations. ...

E Canada Now
Ron Paul Goes On Leno Before NH Primary
E Canada Now, Canada - 3 hours ago
The appearance went very long as Paul spent most of the evening on the show with Leno, talking about manythings including the amazing ability by Paul to ...
Student Volunteers For McCain, Paul Campaigns Voice Support For ...
Democracy Now, NY - 53 minutes ago
We speak two students from St. Olaf College who are campaigning for John McCain and Ron Paul. In New Hampshire, voters have begun casting their ballots in ...
Ron Paul is a man of the people, Constitution
Napa Valley Register, CA - 7 hours ago
By KEVIN EGGERS Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, a "champion of the Constitution," is seeking to become the president of the United States of America. ...
The Jefferson of Our Time Lew Rockwell
All the change in your pocket please Lew Rockwell
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Is Ron Paul is Speaking to White Supremacists in Code?
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - 4 hours ago
by Grizzle Griz On the Tucker Carlson Show, The New Republic’s Jamie Kirchick accused Ron Paul of engaging in a massive conspiracy to propagate a racist ...
Ron Paul: How Do I Say Thank You?
Press Media Wire (Press Release), VA - 1 hour ago
(PressMediaWire) Dr Ron Paul writes - In Iowa, many hundreds of volunteers worked day and night for our campaign. College kids took their Christmas ...
Will NH Independents Flock to Obama over Ron Paul? Nolan Chart LLC
Thoughts on New Hampshire Free Liberal
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San Diego Union Tribune
Gay Libertarians face off over Ron Paul
Gay.com, CA - 13 hours ago
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul aggressively opposes the Iraq war, the war on drugs, the Patriot Act and numerous actions of the Federal Reserve. ...
Scenes from the Ron Paul Revolution Reason Online
Renegade Paul's funding, results a surprise in race San Diego Union Tribune
Ron Paul Promises Nothing American Chronicle
Bay Area Indymedia
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Ron Paul: Covert Racist (?)
PoliGazette, Netherlands - 3 hours ago
The New Republic will publish an article today in which it is alleged that Ron Paul has a racist past. The author of the article, James Kirchick, ...

Fox News Makes Ron Paul Look Worse Than bin Laden
Gambling911.com, FL - 12 hours ago
2008 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul or enemy number one, Usama bin Laden? It's hard to tell. Fox excluded the long time Texas Congressman from ...

Sean Hannity flees Ron Paul supporters

Bay Area Indymedia, CA - 11 hours ago
by Crooks and Liars Ron Paul supporters were yelling ” FOX News Sucks” and chasing after Sean Hannity the other night. “Hey Hannity, how about an interview? ...

Third Party Watch - 13 hours ago
... and “shock jock” Howard Stern just had some pretty nice words (with a couple of f-bombs dropped in, just for good measure) to say about Ron Paul. ...

The New American
Ron Paul Snub Highlights Media Bias
The New American - 21 hours ago
But rarely is it as embarrassingly transparent as it was when Fox News refused to invite presidential candidate Ron Paul to participate in their forum of ...
Japanese Prime Minister: "FOX News has dishonored Ron Paul"
The Spoof (satire), UK - Jan 7, 2008
"FOX News has dishonored Ron Paul," Benron said by e-mail. "Rupert Murdoch has no honor. He should commit seppuku because he has disgraced himself. ...

Ron Paul Supporters Confront Frank Luntz
Lew Rockwell, CA - 23 hours ago
After excluding Ron Paul (who is, per some polls, in a statistical tie for third in the GOP New Hampshire primary) from the debate last night, ...

F**k Fox!

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