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ESS Voting Machines: Not just Diebold

Western Montana officials talk about faulty voting machines
KPAX-TV, MT - 25 minutes ago
Some 44 of the 56 counties in the state use one or more ES&S voting machines and the report says researchers found the M-100 Optical Scanners are ...
44 Montana counties have faulty voting machines
KPAX-TV, MT - 19 hours ago
The machines are made by Election Systems & Software. Researchers found that touch screen ballots and optical scanners used to count ballots at precincts ...
State Decertifies Electronic Voting Machines
Telluride Watch, CO - 21 hours ago
Technical shortcomings of the electronic voting machines were discovered in Boulder County, where scanners could not read thousands of ballots that ...
Op-Ed Contributor A Paper Trail for Voting Machines
New York Times, United States - Jan 6, 2008
Paper ballots would be tallied by optical scanners or even by hand. The results would be then posted on a Web site. Using a serial number assigned to each ...

ALL Diebold ALL the Time - It's the New Hampshire Primary
OpEdNews, PA - 9 hours ago
scan We may have 'paper records' with the paper forms counted by New Hampshire's opticalvoting machines, all made by Diebold. We surely don't have access ...

The People's Voice
The Establishment’s Voting Machines
The People's Voice, TN - Jan 7, 2008
The better machines? Optical electronic scanners will now replace the touch-screen technology. The manufacturer? You guessed it: Election Systems & Software ...
ACLU: Planned Ohio Voting System Switch Could Violate State Law
Kentucky Post, KY - 20 hours ago
Patrick Gallaway, a spokesman in Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office, said it's possible for precinct-based scanners to be used in Cuyahoga County ...
Ohio Might Test New Polling Concept at Primary Associated Content
google news commentComment by Carrie Davis Staff Attorney, ACLU of Ohio
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New York Times Magazine on E-voting
VoteTrustUSA, CA - Jan 6, 2008
For example, the Hart InterCivic eScan (a precinct-based optical scanner) has an Ethernet port on the back, and you can pretty much just jack in and send it ...
Ohio Report Faults Montana Voting Machines
VoteTrustUSA, CA - Jan 6, 2008
Researchers found the M100 optical scanners are “susceptible to attacks at the polling location that could affect election integrity,” and “an unauthorized ...
Commentary on NYTimes: Can You Count On These Machines?
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 6, 2008
(New Hampshire voters are not in this group; they will vote on paper ballots, some of which are counted in optical scanners.) The same ratio is expected to ...
Brunner: Vote system can be fixed by November
Youngstown Vindicator, OH - Jan 2, 2008
Before Mahoning County started using touch-screen machines in 2001, it used paper ballots with optical scanners for about 20 years, Munroe said. ...

Voting machine maker accuses Colorado of shifting standards
North County Times, CA - Jan 3, 2008
In Hart's case, Coffman said the company's optical scanners, used as ballot counters in some counties, had an error rate of one out of every 100 votes ...
Voting machines banned
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - Dec 20, 2007
Ohio, which did not ban the machines, found similar problems. A report from the secretary of state there said the optical scanners are “susceptible to ...
Voting machines facing changes
The People's Defender, OH - Dec 26, 2007
Eliminate direct read electronic and precinct-based optical scan voting machines that tabulate votes at polling locations. • Utilize the AutoMark for voters ...
County voting machines on track
Aspen Times, CO - Dec 21, 2007
The 46 counties with Hart brand voting machines will require a costly software upgrade to optical scanners — the machines that read hand-written ballots. ...

NYS Faces Court Order For New HAVA Voting Machines
Western Queens Gazette, NY - Dec 19, 2007
Paper votes counted by optical scanners will be used instead, costing the state $32.5 million. New York has been considering bids for both touch-screen ...

Colorado Voting Machines Tossed Out
The Associated Press - Dec 18, 2007
And both optical scanning devices and electronic voting machines made by Election Systems and Software did not pass muster, Coffman said. ...

Some Michigan voting machines same as Colorado's
DetNews.com, MI - Dec 18, 2007
All of Michigan's voting equipment is optical scan equipment, rather than the electronic voting machines that have been associated with many of the reported ...

Voting machines fail state tests
Pueblo Chieftain, CO - Dec 17, 2007
weren't because of security reasons, such not being password Sequoia's optical scanners that count ballots were acceptable, but their voting machines...

Key vulnerabilities of Diebold machine identified within ten minutes by programmer

"It's not who votes that counts. It's who counts the votes." Joseph Stalin.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris has warned that New Hampshire's electronic voting machines are wide open to fraud and that even modestly skilled computer programmers were able to identify key vulnerabilities within ten minutes of assessing them as key Democrat and Republican primaries unfold today.

The contract for programming all of New Hampshire's Diebold voting machines, which combined will count 81 per cent of the vote today, is owned by LHS Associates, which also holds the contracts for Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

LHS is owned by John Silvestro, who has been at the center of a long-running public dispute in trying to deflect accusations made by hacker Harri Hursti that the machines can easily be rigged.

"The exact same make, model and version hacked in the Black Box Voting project in Leon County is used throughout New Hampshire, where about 45 percent of elections administrators hand count paper ballots at the polling place, with the remaining locations all using the Diebold version 1.94w optical scan machine," writes Harris.
One area of disagreement between Hursti and Silvestro was the amount of expertise needed to exploit the Diebold 1.94w optical scan system. Silvestro claimed (in a strange contortion of reasoning) that he doesn't hire very skilled programmers, implying that this makes New Hampshire elections more secure.

Hursti pointed out that hiring programmers with a lack of knowledge is generally not considered a security feature, and also that an average high schooler can learn to exploit the system in two days to two weeks.
In this You Tube video, Silvestro constantly interrupts Hursti's testimony in front of the New Hampshire legislative.

After purchasing a Diebold 1.94w machine, a computer repair shop employee picked at random by Black Box Voting was able to zero in on the system's vulnerable memory card within just ten minutes.

Harris points out that LHS is a private company that will count over four fifths of the New Hampshire vote with no oversight whatsoever.

LHS is not subject to public records requirements, as the government is, at least, not in New Hampshire. The control over memory card contents is absolute; when cards malfunction or get lost, LHS brings the replacements.

Since LHS maintains the machines, repairs the machines, and replaces the machines -- often on Election Day -- when they malfunction, they have intimate access to the chips, sockets, ports, communications devices and other electronic components.

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