Monday, December 17, 2007

Paul Raises $6 Million in 24-Hour Effort
17 Dec 2007
Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul's supporters raised over $6 million Sunday to boost the 10-term Texas congressman's campaign for the White House. Called a "Money Bomb," the goal was to raise as much money as possible on the Internet in one day.

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Ron Paul's Tea Party Pulls in the Green - 1 hour ago
Ron Paul (R., Texas) supporters have set another fundraising record sparked by impressive online donations. This time they beat out John Kerry's one-day ...
Ron Paul Supporters Make History with $6 million Online Haul Wired News
Ron Paul raises $6M in 24-hour 'money bomb' USA Today
Ron Paul breaks Web money record, again Baltimore Sun
Boston Herald - Boston Globe
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How Should Ron Paul Spend All That Cash?
National Review Online, NY - 31 minutes ago
So what will Ron Paul do with that $6 million and change he raised yesterday? With the $18 million he raised this quarter? Television advertising? ...
Ron Paul Raises $6 Million Overnight Via the Web Switched
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Paul's $16M Haul... Impressive. No Buts.
Atlantic Online - 4 hours ago
There's no question that Ron Paul has tapped into a unique, hitherto hidden vein in the Republican body politic, and it's proved quite lucrative: he says ...
Breaking News Update: Rollins signs on with Huck Los Angeles Times
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Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Breaking News: Ron Paul campaign donors set new record
Los Angeles Times, CA - 10 hours ago
Well, it looks like Ron Paul, the 10-term Republican congressman from Texas with the libertarian ideas, and his brave band of fervent followers have broken ...
Bloomberg Really Aim at Ron Paul Free Market News Network
Ron Paul - Well Over $20 Mil for 4th Quarter? Free Market News Network
Dr. No On Ice American Spectator
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
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What's new: A mccain-Lieberman ticket in '08? Paul brings in $6M ...
USA Today - 5 hours ago
The Politico -- Ron Paul ends up with more than $6M in one day, eclipsing record: "Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, raised an astounding $6 million and change Sunday ...
The Political Mock 5 12.17.07
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Ron Paul, Jim Cramer, and the Fed
Atlantic Online - 15 hours ago
I guess my preference is this side of Ron Paul's: a Fed that cares solely about sound money. Which is not how it's been behaving. Tyler Cowen comments here.

Ron Paul's tea party for dollars
Boston Globe, United States - 23 hours ago
5th, supporters of Ron Paul raked in more than $4.2 million in donations in 24 hours, mostly collected over the Internet. Today, they're at it again. ...
Toss This - Ron Paul
Boston Tea Party Today Bostonist
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How Ron Paul Has Already Won
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - 10 hours ago
by Grizzle Griz Ron Paul celebrated the Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party by raising more than $6.0 million by 7:30 PM pacific time. ...
Ron Paul: "The One" Or "New Messiah for Marginalized, Frustrated ... OpEdNews
Reasons for Republicans to Vote Paul The Conservative Voice
Libertarians Rising American Daily
Bellingham Herald - Austin American-Statesman
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Ron Paul meets -- and exceeds -- 4Q fundraising goal two weeks early
USA Today - Dec 16, 2007
Ron Paul says it has already topped its fourth-quarter goal of raising $12 million. The campaign just sent out the word in an e-mail blast to reporters. ...
From a reader: National Review Online Blogs
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Ron Paul's Raving Republicans
Watching the - 2 hours ago
I don't think I've ever seen anything in American politics quite like the "Ron Paul Revolution," the fervent support for the grandfatherly old-school ...
How Ron Paul could Win the Presidency in 2008 The Progress Report
Ron Paul hauls in $6 million in one day via Internet TG Daily
What Have You Done for Me Lately Third Party Watch
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