Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black hole death ray
Experts say a death star galaxy is emitting a powerful jet of particles and radiation the could obliterate anything in its path.

MOREINFO: Astronomers believe the most likely victim of the death ray is another galaxy but they say the action is happening ten trillion kilometres from Earth so our own planet is almost certainly safe.


Scientists say a massive black hole is sending out a death ray deep in space that wipes out anything in its path.

They say the black hole was probably dormant and awakened by magnetic disturbances created by two galaxies in the process of a billion-year-long merger.

Such death rays have been observed before but experts say it's the first time they've caught one in the act of battering another galaxy.

SOUNDBITE: Doctor Daniel Evans, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, saying (English):

"For the galaxy to be looking right down the line of sight, right down the barrel of the gun of that jet is extremely rare, so this makes it a really exciting discovery."

Such jets from black holes produce high amounts of radiation, particularly high energy x-rays and gamma rays.

Nothing resembling life on any planet could survive such a blast.

But the experts say Earth has nothing to fear.

The action is happening ten trillion kilometres out in space, 1.4 billion light years away.

Gamma Ray Burst Explosion Stuns Astronomers

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

A team of astronomers has discovered a cosmic explosion that seems to have come from the middle of nowhere. This very long in duration burst of charged particles is surprising because they are thought to be powered by the death of a massive star---but no star was known to be in the area.

The blast was detected on January 25, 2007, by several spacecraft of the Inter-Planetary Network. Observations by NASA's Swift satellite pinpointed the explosion, named GRB 070125 for its detection date, to a region of sky in the constellation Gemini. It was one of the brightest bursts of the year, and the Caltech/Penn State team moved quickly to observe the burst's location with ground-based telescopes.

What came next was a total surprise. Contrary to experience with more than a hundred previous GRBs, Gemini spectra revealed no signs of dense gas and dust absorbing the light of the afterglow. A trace of magnesium revealed that the burst took place more than 9.4 billion years ago, as deduced by the shift in wavelength of the afterglow's light, and that the surrounding gas and dust was more tenuous than the environment around any previous burst.

Hmm, this sure sparks interest in some form of energy wave which some believe could enter our solar system and have some effect on Earth. To go further with this analogy, some ancient text historians believe it would be something such as above which has been described in Mayan, Hopi, Anasazi, Egyptian, Dogon and many other ancient tribes.

Scientifically speaking---we will have to wait for several other indications before making any such leap suggesting an energy wave could usher in some sort of biological effect on planet Earth, and to us humans as well. There are more satellites and spacecraft than ever before specifically delivered to study CME's, GRB's, Solar Flares, Coronal Holes--- in other words---"Charged Particles". It will no doubt be this field of science which will give us some answers. (See Article)

Metaphysically speaking---this breaking news as outlined today sure does conjure-up a visual of what many believe it would look like. A wave of energy that would usher in a biological-- spiritual evolution. As for this writer, it does fit a vision I have held when studying ancient text (Mayan in-particular) speaking a coming "transition" which some believe is related to a galactic alignment reaching its apex in December 2012. (See Article)

Read "Human & Animal Behavior and the Sun" as it explains how 'charged particles' has a chain reaction to the Earth's magnetic field affecting our weather. In like, these same 'charged particles' will have a direct affect on our human magnetic field.

Article Link: http://earthchanges media.com/ secure/3247. 326/article- 9162513161. php

As I state in every single newsletter I send out: "Remember: we too have magnetic fields which surround each of us. I think it is not unrealistic to conjecture what is happening "externally" is also happening "internally" . I believe current science will acknowledge this notion, showing the Sun's "charged particles" and its influence on Earth's magnetic field is the impetus of change. In-like, this same causal effect occurs with human magnetic fields ushering in a change or "transition". Perhaps this is what our Mayan elders are trying to tell us---- (Mitch Battros)

Mayan Sacred Books of 'Chilam Balam': You must read my article based on my exclusive interview with Mayan Elder Don Diego, one of the only translators of the Mayan Sacred Books of 'Chilam Balam'. Article Link: http://earthchanges media.com/ secure/3247. 326/article- 9162517010. php


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