Thursday, October 11, 2007

I had somebody contact me last week who was interested in this Video on DVD, so I reformatted and re-recorded the original onto .avi, and then to DVD. Now that it's in DVD Format, I thought I would offer this to everyone else to study and research a whole new dilemma that I saw as a dangerous venture. I planned to do so much, but what can One Man do with my limited resources?

I may loose my car now and have to sell it and buy a something I don't want, because I need $6,500-$9,500.00 dollars to fix it.

Here is the deal the dealership just offered me..............They claim the car needs
a new air conditioning compressor, valve job, and a throwout bearing. So they will
do what repairs are needed to pass inspection and ship it to the auction and dispose of the car. Take the money from the sale, pay for the repairs, and what cash is left over might be able to purchase a cheap
$1000.00 piece of junk looser mobile off the back of the lot. The pic below is of my car at the Brickyard crossing the finish line and driving on the most famous Race Track in the World knwon as the Indy 500. It's a '91 3000gt sl with a new paint, tires, and tune up and the sharpest one of a kind looking collectible art masterpieces ever made by mitsubishi .

I have been awakening others on this emerging danger to the United States of America even if it meant sacrificing my own money to fund my adventure for others to see.

The money I spent to bring the world the 'neverknwo news network' is gone and
now I have no money to fix my favorite dream car.

Many years from now after my blogging disappears, someone will drive down the
same path I did, and will want to collect my info and want to pass it on. Only to realize that if more people would have been there supporting the mission, maybe they wouldn't have disappeared, broke down on the super information highway and ended up in a Junkyard like me.

Many years later the Freedom Network disappeared and I was still interested in finding the group again, because I was dependant on their unbelievable information. The movement attracted people like Jack McLamb, Ted Gunderson, the Freeman of Montana, Randy Weaver, David Koersh and the Branch Davidians, etc…....................

After many years of searching I finally found a rare video of the Freedom Network teaching about the history of the foundation of America’s founding fathers laws and how they have been usurped.

I made it a project to one day expose and pass on the flame of freedom to others by doing my part and becoming, a member of the press, a freelance journalist to help get people to realize this emerging nightmare. I have the three part Video Presentation that you can check out now online that I am hosting for those who want to protect America from the Foreign Invasion they depicted in the movie “Red Dawn”.

I now am hosting and making available an exclusive Suppressed Rare Militia VHS video presentation on the what you can do to Save the Republic, click on link and receive your own copy for your neighbors to enjoy.

The DVD was re-recorded and with better sound then the free online version.

I'm loosing interest in updating and maintaining the current event news reports I slueth everyday for everyone, because I no longer can afford to invest my money in this dead end operation.

Help support my website and Order the First DVD offered for sale from my Video Library Collection.


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