Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Highway Through 'Hallowed' Ground
Texas Highway Project Threatens a Cluster of Branch Davidians in Waco

Pace's latest cause may just attract some anti-government types to Mount Carmel. The state of Texas is considering building a north-south superhighway through the Waco area, part of a massive statewide project known as the Trans-Texas Corridor.

One county map, drawn up merely for "guesstimating costs," the county insists, shows the highway going straight through Mount Carmel.

"I'm getting very militant," said Pace. "Because I want to vindicate these people's names -- I don't want them to be forgotten and paved over. They want to put a road through here and just destroy this whole place, basically pave it over. I think that would be a sacrilege."

Will he fight the highway project?

"Yes, we're going to fight it," he said. "They'll have to carry my cold body off this place. Or bury me here with the rest of them."

Tough, provocative words from a man occupying the site of one more violent chapters in American history. But Pace said he's not talking about taking up arms.

The state of Texas says that while Mount Carmel lies within a large swath of land being studied for the project, no decisions have been made about the actual route. The building of the highway, if it ever happens, would be many years away.



AUSTIN - The economic benefits to Texas from the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) will be substantial and grow over time, injecting billions of dollars in private spending into the state’s economy and creating millions of jobs, according to a study released today by the Texas Department of Transportation.
In the report – titled “Moving Into Prosperity: The Potential Impact of the Trans-Texas Corridor on Business Activity in Texas” – Perryman says the TTC will fundamentally shift the Texas economy into a more competitive position for years to come.



Proposed route released
for Trans-Texas Corridor

North of Waco, the proposed route cuts away from I-35 and I-35 East to follow the most direct route toward the eastern side of Dallas, a path that runs right through productive Blackland farms. From Waco south, the western side of the 10-mile swath typically runs between two to five miles from the interstate. South of San Antonio to Laredo, the study corridor narrows from 10 miles to four miles and directly follows the I-35 tract.

According to the Texas Farm Bureau Research, Education and Policy Development Department, the typical corridor section will require 146 acres of right-of-way per mile. The study area of the proposed TTC-35 will include more than 2,400 square miles of prime farmland and nearly 1 million residents.

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By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© This afternoon I picked up the video Tape, “WACO, Rules of Engagement”
at my local video rental store. Anita and I watched it for the first time.
Being a former law enforcement officer (Retired Sergeant with a
California Bay Area Police Department), I was ashamed of what I saw.
What jumped out at me, however, was something that apparently very few
others in our country and onlooking world picked up on.
I observed a Government Mind Control Experiment which attempted to
gauge the boiling point of the American People when Tyranny and Murder is
brought to an American neighborhood by our Servant Government.
The result of the experiment — a great deal of simmering amongst the
populace, but no boil.
I observed an effective Government criminal cover up demonstrating
their proficiency in destroying evidence, thus preventing a true
accounting of the government personnel involved by the mere command of
their Public Relations language.
It was a mind control experiment, all right, designed to test the depth
of the trance state of the American People; an experiment to find their
action BUTTON.
From the Government’s point of view, the experiment was a glowing
success. When all the publics’ buttons were found and pushed, the American
People STILL lay INERT, IMPOTENT, unable to hold their official’s
accountable, while an insidious fear was growing within the collective
public psyche.



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