Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More NWO Gestapo Psyops 'Dynamic Entry' Tactics during another 'Police State' standoff.

Officers then contacted Adams and at that point she refused to work with police. She then refused to come outside and started barricading herself inside the home by using boards for the doors and mattresses for the windows. That is when the SWAT unit was called to the scene. At approximately 3:45 the SWAT team started firing tear gas into the home and shortly there after they blew off the front door and proceeded inside the to apprehend Ms. Adams. After a few moments the SWAT team exited the home with the distressed woman and she was loaded into an EMS and taken away. The home owner and boyfriend of Adams says he doesn't feel these steps were necessary due to a medical condition she has but the Fort Wayne Police say following the cutting of her sister, an investigation was taking place and they have certain points of protocol to follow.


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