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NWO 'BROKEN ARROW' WARGAME UPDATE: West Coast False Flag B-52 Blunder Operations
After concluding the data I have sifted through, the missing Nuke Target was somewhere in the Pacific and with the Chatter of an incident I
reported on back on 8/23 happening on the west coast has confirmed all worst suspected fears.

Rumors are that Homeland Security is all over the west coast having detected radiation levels at an all time high, and now Homeland Security is conducting Radiation Detection Drills, plus NORAD searching for Steve Fossett, something is strange. So I looked up the News of any prior knowledge of the B-52's schedule at Barksdale AFB and this is the documentation I discovered. =======================================================
Exercise Valiant Shield wraps up with help from Barksdale
8/24/2007 - BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. -- Exercise Valiant Shield 2007, the largest exercise of its kind in the Pacific, wrapped up eight days of flying operations Aug.13. Valiant Shield demonstrated the B-52's ability to integrate into a large-scale joint environment., explained Lt. Col. Tom Hesterman, 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron commander.
==================================================================== BAFB Airmen repeat history, enhance national security
On Aug. 21, almost 70 years later, three B-52s from Barksdale repeated history and advanced air power's global lethality when they intercepted the United States Navy Ship, the 2nd Lt John P. Bobo, 1,000 miles off the eastern seaboard. Both missions showcased the military's ability to deter, dissuade or destroy maritime threats before they can harm U.S. citizens in the public's eye. Friday's mission was also a precursor of things to come as air power is further developed for use in the 21st Century and beyond.
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The "TOPOFF 4" Full-Scale Exercise A Rigorous Full-Scale Response to a Coordinated Attack Taking place October 15-24, 2007, the TOPOFF 4 Full-Scale Exercise (T4 FSE) will feature thousands of Federal, State, territorial, and local officials. These officials will engage in various activities as part of a robust, full-scale simulated response to a multi-faceted threat. . Real weapons will not be used in the scenario, but the response will be mounted as if they had been. VS-08 will be conducted concurrent with Top Officials 4 (TOPOFF 4), the nation’s premier exercise of terrorism preparedness sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, and several other linked exercises as part of the National Level Exercise 1-08. These linked exercises will take place October 15-20 and are being conducted throughout the United States and in conjunction with several partner nations including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as the Territory of Guam. VS-08 and National Level Exercise 1-08 will provide local, state, tribal, interagency, Department of Defense, and non-governmental organizations and agencies involved in homeland security and homeland defense the opportunity to participate in a full range of exercise scenarios that will better prepare participants to prevent and respond to national crises. The participating organizations will conduct a multi-layered, civilian-led response to a national crisis.
====================================================== "Operation Millennium Dragon" Phase 4 / WMD Private Sector Participation Reported
This may explain the Radiation scare in the last week that turned out to be a simple leaked from a Fedex Package also the Flour Bio-scare, and the Ferry Toilet Paper roll event or even maybe how they conducted the Inside Job on 9/11? Top Officials Exercises are congressionally mandated exercises designed to strengthen the nation’s capacity to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from large-scale terrorist attacks involving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The Top Officials national counterterrorism exercises offer the private sector an opportunity to collaborate with the government and test plans for disaster response and recovery. Exercising together—private sector and government—can improve our preparedness posture in any crisis. ======================================================
DHS Announces West Coast Maritime Radiation Detection Project
Release Date: September 5, 2007
For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary Contact: 202-282-8010 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) announced today the West Coast Maritime pilot program that will provide maritime radiation detection capabilities for State and local authorities in Washington’s Puget Sound and California’s San Diego areas. The three-year pilot program involves the development of a radiation detection architecture that reduces the risk of radiological and nuclear threats that could be illegally transported on recreational or small commercial vessels. The pilot will be conducted in close coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection. ================================================================== Homeland Security: Small Vessels To Be Tested For Radiological Threats POSTED: 1:00 pm PDT September 5, 2007 UPDATED: 1:12 pm PDT September 5, 2007 SAN DIEGO -- Small vessels using San Diego's waterways will soon be tested for radiological threats under a three-year pilot program announced Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The West Coast Maritime pilot program, which is already under way in the Puget Sound region of Washington state, was initiated by the DHS' Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. According to the DHS, about $10 million will be spent on the pilot program to purchase radiation detection equipment, including portable sensors and fixed-position detectors. It is intended to counter the risk of radiological and nuclear threats that could be illegally transported into the country on recreation or small commercial vessels, according to the DHS. "The West Coast Maritime pilot program addresses a potential threat pathway in the maritime domain," said Vayl S. Oxford, director of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. "This project reflects the priority that the department has placed on balancing risk against all potential threats." Existing federal grant funding will be leveraged to provide local and state authorities with radiation detection equipment, according to the DHS. The program will be coordinated by the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection, officials said. According to the DHS, small vessels include any watercraft that is less than 300 tons, including commercial fishing and recreational boats, yachts, tow boats and uninspected passenger ships. Large commercial ships and yachts are already subject to checks under the 2002 Maritime Transportation Security Act. Local officials applauded the DHS' decision to select San Diego to take part in the radiation detection program. "A secure port is an important part of keeping the entire San Diego area secure," county Supervisor Ron Roberts said. "With our proximity to the international border and large military presence, it makes sense to invest technology and resources here." Mayor Jerry Sanders said it was "another example of the San Diego region being viewed as a leader in the nation in homeland security efforts and collaboration." "Being selected by DHS to participate in this innovative program adds yet another great tool for the Port of San Diego to protect our ports from those who would seek to do Americans harm," Sanders said. The DHS did not disclose exactly when the program would begin in San Diego, stating only that it would start "soon."
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