Monday, September 10, 2007

NWO 'BENT SPEAR' UPDATE: NSA Closes Gates on more Info...
About the Nuke Update. . . . .
Yesterday, I promised a major update "after 12:00 Noon today" (Sunday) about the "accidental" nuclear weapons transport between Minot AFB and Barksdale AFB in which Presidential Authorization codes were used to release the weapons. . . . .
As part of this story, I have come into possession of CLASSIFIED information about security procedures surrounding U.S. Nuclear Weapons

Before releasing additional information to the public, I have to get some legal opinions regarding the release of Classified data. I expect to get those opinions on Monday.

Here's the crux of my CLASSIFIED Information dilemma: The military is very quick to label something as "CLASSIFIED" even though it wouldn't make one bit of difference if everyone knew about it. In this specific case with regard to the shipment of live nukes by B-52, information about a "two person concept" in the handling of any nuclear ordnance and the existence of a "Close-In Sentry" for security of such weapons, is CLASSIFIED.

Of course, everyone knows that the handling of nukes is very secure, but talking about these particular topics and disclosing what the "Close-In Sentry" does is CLASSIFIED. As such, a legal concern to me.

In addition, there is also information about Restricted areas around nuclear weapons and nuclear armed aircraft, information about "Alarm response teams" inside restricted areas, information about, Mobile response teams outside restricted area, including how many men are on such fire teams and their maximum response time.

I am also in possession of information about the B-52 Crew chief on the particular aircraft involved, information about the Loadmaster who is responsible for everything going on that plane; information about the weapons officers who mounted the live nukes on the B-52 as well as very detailed information about "PNAV, ENAV" and other such airlift forces which provide security for nuclear weapons. All of this information is CLASSIFIED.

I have to sift through what might be a danger to our nation if released and to do that I need outside help. Of course, the military will argue that releeasing any of it will endanger national security but in this instance, I will make those decisions in so far as what I feel necessary to publish., not the military and not the courts. I decide what appears on this site, no one else.

This is important stuff and I want to make certain I get it right before putting out for public consumption. I do not want something that I publish to (really) endanger our national security, so I have to slow down with the realese of info.

Rest assured there is much more coming on this issue and it is frightening stuff. It confirms that there are treacherous people in the highest levels of our federal government who are planning terrible TERRORIST acts against our own citizens and the launchng of yet another full scale war with Iran, to further several "New World Order" agendas, to enrich themselves and shred much of the Liiberty remaining in America.

This could be the single, most important expose ever done by me and I must do it right. Please be patient.

-- Hal Turner
Defense Secretary Wanted Release of More Information on Nuclear Mistake

When a B-52 bomber from Minot Air Force Base flew across the country with mistakenly-loaded nuclear weapons under its wing, Air Force officers quickly notified their superiors of the "bent spear" situation.

That notification went all the way up to US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and President Bush.

As Jim Olson reports, once word got to the Defense Secretary, there was a bit of a disagreement over what to say about what had happened...

(Jim Olson, KX News) When Secretary Robert Gates got the news of the bomb blunder Friday morning of last week, he wanted to release much more information to you than Air Force officials were willing to tell.

A report in today's edition of quotes a source close to the Air Force's investigation as saying Getes wanted as much information as possible made public, to assure Americans that the situation was under control.

But Air Force brass argued that releasing information about the incident would violate long-standing policy of not discussing the movement of nuclear arms, and might give terrorists insights into how the US guards and moves weapons.

The Air Force source told the Examiner that Gates gave in and allowed the Air Force to be tight-lipped about the incident and not confirm any information that might help an enemy. Jim Olson, KX News.

The commander of the 5th Munitions Squadron at Minot, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Wheeless, has been fired over the breach in nuclear security and Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Mosely has told North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy that more personnel changes at the base are likely as a result of what the general termed a "puzzling" error by weapons handlers.

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