Saturday, July 14, 2007

NWO wage anti-terror war against Killer Wasp Insurgency

(AP) WASHINGTON As if the insurgency in
Iraq and the fight against terrorism wasn't
enough, U.S. diplomats are now struggling
with a new threat: menacing "killer" wasps
that have infested areas around the State
Department's headquarters.
Large numbers
of the fearsome looking insects, which can
grow to about two inches, are congregating
in the vicinity of State's Harry S. Truman
building and causing distress to employees,
according to an internal memorandum
obtained by The Associated Press
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Oh, by the way everyone,I personally can confirm
spotting these Giant Wasps. Last week I was
visiting a friend who has caught one. The thing
was not from around here, I have never seen in my
entire life the monster looking killer looking
things are a first for me this year.

Plus yesterday my other friend I was visiting
mentioned the same flippin thing to me and posted
wiping out the Monster Wasps insurgency nest in his backyard, on another forum.


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