Saturday, July 14, 2007

9/11 Ripple Effect - Full Length Film - Treason Documented

Brief note of the 5 war games going on concurrently with the 911 WTC

The Pods - Flight 175 and 11 - Best factual information presentation
for non commercial flights hitting WTC. References to Northwoods.
William Rodriguez presentations where he explains about an explosion prior
to the plane hitting. Multiple references to explosions in the WTC with
audio of explosions. Video of the firemen talking of the explosions.
Previous fire in the WTC. Comparison of 757/767 and 707 in
characteristics. Steel certified to 2000 degree fires for 3 hours. The
Silverstein 'pull it'. The BBC's report on WTC 7 prior to its collapse. Notes
the suppression of Rodriguez testimony by multiple government agencies.
Covers the subject of how long the planes were in the air without
being taken out by NORAD. Next is a weak presentation of the size of the
hole in the pentagon. Missiles are indicated for the WTC, it is
likely the pentagon plane also had a Pod/missile. There is a good review of
the government pentagon report. There is an excellent comparison of
the fire damage of pentagon vs WTC - which should be the same if all of
the planes were the same. Examination of the flight path on the black
box vs the official version of the flight path. Excellent Rumsfield
interview footage where he talks of a missile being used on 911.
Excellent discussion of the 'ground effect' on flying planes. Pilot
information on the extreme difficulty of flying these planes as they were flown
on 911. Brief noting of the massive surveillance system at the
pentagon and the 5 frames of footage from the pentagon. Brief noting of the
lack of flight 93 debris. Investigation of the McIntyer testimony and
the media response of attacks against the messenger vs the facts of the
message. This tactic is used by several of the supposed 911 truth
movements. Overview of the Popular Mechanics sham article and the quoting
of a 75 ft hole at the pentagon. Overview of the media's complicity
with thug journalism. Still waiting for evidence of Rice's statement that
they have proof of who did 911. Compares the real Osama with the fake
Osama of the governments videos. Overview of business as usual with
the US government.

ABC news report on Rodriguez - Treason
Beck - Treason
O'Reilly - Treason
Chertoff - Treason
McIntyre - Treason
Malkin - Treason
Greeley - Treason
Only a few of a very long list.

Supposedly molten metal in the basements is from Thermate, even though
this is not possible. The amount of metal that is cut my thermate is
extremely small in comparison to the mass of the beam itself. In the
videos that clearly show thermate cutting steel. This molten metal
falls no more than 2 stories and it is not liquid any more. It does not
even glow red let alone show any signs of liquidity.

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