Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Lucifer Project, The Silver Surfer, and The Second Sun

Look towards the west.. to the second... Look towards the west.. to the second sun.. a furnace burns where once was none.

The organic hexagon temple has been summoned via the telepathy of the unified consciousness. We melt into the shifting holograms of oblivion as the first light of the new eon dawns upon us. The rays penetrate into translucent Cymatic frequency that guide the cogs and spirals of time. In an endless black ocean of the known vibration.. through the hallways of Always.. and the midnight of dreamscapes. I'd like to credit:

Massive Jupiter is undergoing dramatic atmospheric changes
that have never been seen before with the keen "eye" of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Jupiter's turbulent clouds are always changing as they encounter atmospheric disturbances while sweeping around the planet at hundreds of miles per hour. But these Hubble images reveal a rapid transformation in the shape and color of Jupiter's clouds near the equator, marking an entire face of the globe.

Mystery Spot Jupiter
Neutron Surge Spike
Countdown to Jupiter Impac
J.C. Goliathan Galileo Impact
Lucifer Project Cassini
The Cassini Orbiter: A mother ship for the ages
The end of the Cassini mission is June 30, 2008
NASA Facts
Eli Bowman:
Nustar The Arcane Chronicles of the Lucifer Project
for most of my information regarding Project Lucifer including some direct quotes. Until then ohh my brothers.. Viddy well.. Viddy Well.

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