Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Intelligence Report / Mark Koernke Mon., July 16, 2007/ Ed & Elaine Brown Concert/ Militia Analysis

Mark discusses the Knob Creek Resolution and the Militia's role preparing for an Armed Conflict should this situation escalate into full fledge civil warfare at the Ed & Elaine Brown's property.
Also a possible scoop on the coming up on August 12, 2007 another key date. Since these satanic SLIME like Bush and his ILK use Astrological dates, this is a POSSIBILITY for the next STAGED '9-11' type State Sponsored TERROR event.
A caller from N.Y.C mentions a Financial Terror Event on Wall St. similar to
last weeks
Mock Financial Terror Disaster Drill in Tampa
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When this happens, I and some others of like mind are going 'hunting.'

NEIN Field Reporter

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