Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CIA, 9/11, Mohamed Atta, Porter Goss, Cunningham, Hookergate, Cocaine Express and the DC Madam?

House Committee Members Entangled In Cunningham Scandal - Refuse To Release Full Details

Via LATimes:

An internal investigation that the House Intelligence Committee has refused to make public portrays the panel as embarrassingly entangled in the Randy “Duke” Cunningham bribery scandal.

The report, a declassified version of which was obtained by the Los Angeles Times, describes the committee as a dysfunctional entity that served as a crossroads for almost every major figure in the ongoing criminal probe by the Justice Department.

The document describes breakdowns in leadership and controls that it says allowed Cunningham — the former congressman (R-Rancho Santa Fe) who began an eight-year prison term last year for taking bribes and evading taxes — to use his House position to steer millions of dollars to corrupt contractors.

When the committee’s investigation was completed last year, the Republican-controlled panel would not release the results; now that the committee is controlled by Democrats, it still will not release the findings. Read more…

Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane arriving from Venezuela?


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