Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yesterday I sent out a Headline update that I posted on liveleak.com that was rejected by the staff. I asked a question as to why a couple of headlines would be posted and wanted
an answer from Hayden as to why my media contribution was rejected.
Later Hayden responded with disappointment with my approach on how I dealt with this problem. Since joining L.L. in February, I have noticed disturbing little things that just keep annoying me. The rules are very vague on what is acceptable and what isn't but yesterday all of a sudden I experienced what was acceptable in the past became rejectable today.
I find over the course of things at L.L. many inconsistencies keep occurring over and
over again. Like why is it the mods approve media contributions one day and reject
or deny it for public view the next? Plus I have been noticing that at certain times during the day some of the Mods at
L.L. wouldn't publish anything I added recently. From 2 pm est to almost midnight, is the most difficult time to get media content to be approved rapidly. Last week the approval of media content was taking 6 plus hours for it to go public, many hours after a hot scoop
broke it could have been on L.L. first. Ruining an opportunity for L.L. to redefine the media.
But what I do notice those items at L.L. being approved for the front page, the process
isn't explained very well on how to get a item featured. How many of you that have visited L..L. noticed the Featured items always seem to be a refection of what the Psyops
Media wants you to see or is it a reflection of the community rating items to approved on the front page?
I'm not one who posts content of war and gore but content on the New World Order and I get
the impression some of the staff at L.L. want to censure the latest info because it doesn't
fit in with the Psyops message being delved from the L.L. staff.
So from now on after Hayden's response yesterday I received, will all "Screen-shots" be rejected by all the L.L. staff in the future?
L.L. began rejecting my screen-shot images yesterday and all I wanted was an explanation
from Hayden as to why?
I got in return a message that I had done something wrong for posting screen-shots and should have contacted Hayden instead of sending out his Email address for others to respond to by what he called spamming.
It's the oldest trick in the book since the staff at L.L. don't want to accept me, instead
they want a controlled media website and now I am in the middle of this infowar conflict.
It's a very simple concept............I'm the Big Game in the Jungle on L.L. and they are utilizing their
Native Tactics to suppress me.
My point is L.L. is redefining the media by manipulating everything from the very top down not the other way around.


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