Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This media item was rejected by L.L. for public listing.....................

just to fill everyone in who uses Liveleak.com. They do a lot of censorshiping of contributions. This is
just another media item, as a list of many others that was not allowed to be published on L.L. for the public. Please ask Hayden why this story was rejected who runs L.L. and why my Freedom of the press was violated?


US Jet Fighters Breach Turkey Airspace As Turkish Troops Mass On Iraqi Border Marked as: Rejected May 28 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. jet fighters from Iraq crossed into Turkey in an area where the Turkish military is building up forces in preparation for a possible attack on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

Two U.S. F-16 combat aircraft flew over the southeastern province of Hakkari for four minutes on May 24 in a violation of Turkish airspace, Turkey's army said in a statement on its Web site late yesterday.


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