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Time Machine gets flipped on, Fire and Brimeston Rain

CERN affirms LHC has 70% chances to produce strangelets on 11/9

Ten billion dollars went into CERN's Large Hadron Collider in 2008 at the border of France and Switzerland. They began smashing protons, then increased the intensity of the experiments in late Fall 2009. Now, they are smashing lead ions which require more energy.

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It would be interesting to cite the dates of the CERN blasts and the dates of large and larger earthquakes that appear to have occurred at the same time around the world since LHC began blasting protons deep under the Earth. Remember there is a "P-Travel Time" factor with all earthquakes, i.e., how they trigger other fault lines around the world within a few minutes as they circle the globe. USGS posts those charts on its website along with Tsunami Alerts. I have been monitoring earthquakes almost daily for the past few years and I saw a dramatic increase in very large quakes when CERN fired up its equipment and various mines have collapsed with some reports of earthquakes happening in certain locations before catastrophes. Other causes? Sure, you have volcanoes erupting and geologic plates strained and overdue for a major event and safety violations at mines but think it through carefully; why would you want to aggravate those situations with such powerful underground blasts that are ricocheting around the world? This is more than the desire of half of the world's scientists to "recreate conditions of or after the 'Big Bang' theory of creation." Look deeper for what is happening to infrastructures and governments in all of these seismic event areas; consider what is "needed" in order to convince all governments to give up their sovereignty and currency to one world leader in the New World Order plans that have been on the table for decades and that are now openly making world headlines in newspapers. Follow the World Prophecy Headlines at each week if you want to know what is being said and by whom in the list of world leaders as their statements hit the press.

CERN Starts Smashing Lead Ions on Sunday & World Earthquakes' List

Below are the World Earthquakes that occurred on Sunday, November 7, 2010 when the below article stated that CERN "succeeded" in their latest experiment that day. You will some included for Saturday night, also. Notice over time how earthquakes are increasing in both magnitudes and frequency in so many locations. Isn't it mysterious that with so many large quakes happening on a daily basis now, none of the main news media is allowed to report it until so many people are in distress that the news leaks out despite their best efforts to ignore it. Meanwhile, people suffer.

Why isn't anyone stopping these blasts when so much seismic devastation is happening around the world? Fault lines are unstable enough without something provoking them into major seismic activity. At the very least, that ten billion dollars should have gone towards rescue, recovery and reconstruction efforts in all of those nations. Then again, whoever pays is the one who begins ruling those nations.

" I am become Death [Shiva], the destroyer of worlds..."

When enter the front doors at CERN and notice the Bronze Shiva Statue at it's entrance and the message is very clear from the world's leading Nuclear Physicist

Physicist Robert Oppenheimer
Supervising Scientist Manhattan Project

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Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards

CALIFORNIA, NEVADA and Mexico Quakes:

Fireball outbreak ovar Greece: UFO, Meteorite, Mystery Missile or a Sushi Popper

Mysterious Fireball in Greek Sky

You Decide.

Flaming object in the sky shook northern Greece!

A fireball tore the sky last night over the area of Larissa in Northern Greece causing excitement and confusion among those on earth who were luck to watch the phenomenon. Greek media report that the high speed fireball was looking as if it was growing while approaching the earth. it seemed as if it were coming from the sea off Kissavos,Melivoia and Karitsa. on the shores of Larissa. Even though some claimed it might have been an SOS-flare, nobody could say for sure WHAT IT WAS! According to exclusive information that have reached our KeTaGRRRRR blog ... - One said it was a burning UFO. - Another claimed a meteorite. - A teenager recognized the mystery missile off US-shore. - A pensioner insisted it was an IMF attack. —- And a woman got on her knees seeing a divine sign: the Apocalypse in the Greek Economy

Serbia and Macedonia Major Bolide Meteor Fireball 12NOV2010 13NOV2010

Large Bolide Meteor Fireball over Southern Serbia and Macedonia
RTS.RS News Friday, November 12, 2010, 21:08 -> 00:11 Shortly before 20 pm in the area Grdelica heard the strong crack for which is assumed to be caused by falling meteors or overflight of the region. Part of a meteorite fell near the village Susevlje Predajana! In the area of Grdelica, shortly before 20 pm heard the strong crack, which is assumed to be caused by the fall of meteorites or overflight of the region. ...(more with video in Serb)

Information is needed on the direction of travel, start and end point of observation, observers location and elevation above horizon for the start and end point. Email me:

Rade sends other reports online:

Tina in Belgrade sends this link:

Aleksa Radisavljevic said...
I am from Serebia and saw it at 19:30 local time. I didn't hear the BOOM because I live 200km from fall site. If I find some new informations and photos, I'll post them here.

Djordje Savic writes, "About 19:30, CET I heard thunder just like a metro entering the substation for about 4 or 5 secunds. There was also a bright light on southern sky. I live in Vladicin Han 30km north of city of Vranje and 100km south of Nis. My grilfriend told me that, In her nearby town, Surdulica, 10 km east of Vladicin Han, most of citizens left their homes in panic of earthquake, what they thought in that moment. The National Television Station said in midnight news that a small of earthquake 1.4 of Righter scale was detected in Leskovac, about 45 km northern of Vladicin Han. I have not seen any videos of this event, only some witnesses states of thunder and bright light. Some peoples from northern cities like Nis, Belgrade, Pirot etc. have mentioned in their comments on several web portals they saw bright sphere on souther sky falling down and change colour." Some URLs:
Djole (guest): 12.10.2010, 19:30 CET,South Serbia, Vranje,loud overflight of bolid.

Fireball Explodes Ovar Netherlands

Meteor Fireball Explodes Over Netherlands - Meteorite explodes over north Groningen

A fireball meteor zipped across the Netherlands sky Tuesday evening before exploding in to the North Sea, an expert says.

The Netherlands just escaped a natural disaster from a meteor. Many Dutch people in the Netherlands witnessed a large "fireball" meteor in the sky. In the north people heard a bang and saw flashes. Also on Twitter people reported on the phenomenon.

The Groningen astronomical Theo Jurriens confirmed that this was a very bright meteor and at one point burst into three pieces.

About one hundred reports have been received from people who have seen the fireball. From the north of the Netherlands there are reports of people who heard rumblings when the meteor passed by and buildings were shaking.

Several pictures of the fireball meteor have been posted on the internet.

The meteor exploded over northern Netherlands and the North Sea and caused an explosion that made shock waves.

The blast may have been caused by the meteor or the explosion because it was faster than sound with a speed of over 1200 kilometer per hour. KNMI does not know which of the two is the cause, but measurements seem to indicate that it is an explosion, because signals are recorded earlier in northern than in De Bilt Netherlands.

Observations indicate that the orbit of the meteor came from south to north. Further research is being made about the precise path of the meteor.

The seismometers of the KNMI, recorded the shock waves around 19.00. The institute was mainly received reports from Rotterdam and Groningen. In Groningen, the shock wave generated vibrations on the ground.

Please leave a comment below if you have witnessed the meteor above the Netherlands.

Breaking News- Fireball in Baltimore MD & York PA - Nov 12, 2010 Meteor/Meteorite News 13NOV2010

Breaking News- Fireball in Baltimore MD & York PA - Nov 12, 2010 8:30 PM
posted by Mike Hankey See: Astro Mike for more.
I just got a report from a neighbor in Freeland, Maryland who witnessed what he called a massive fireball. It started in the south from his position, went over head and ended in the north. He said it left behind a brilliant white streak of light in the sky that remained for a few seconds after the fireball had past. See: Astro Mike for more. If you saw this event please fill out the AMS Meteor Sighting Report Form (here).

Other Sightings:

Fennville Michigan USA ~11:15 and 11:30. EST 12NOV2010
Dustin Rea writes, (Guest954):In Fennville Michigan USA Just saw orange/red fireball shooting southwest going down like it was setting. very cool... Looking Southwest ... So were in Fennville Michigan, my wife just went out for a smoke and she said "looking southwest She see's just above the horizon a bright pinkish/orange light with a reflection off the end of it that sat in space and fizzeled away from her sight like it was moving down. She asked me if the moon sets like the sun because thats what it look like. lol ...
Cool site by the way we've seen some interesting, things?, in the sky and wondered if anyone else had seen it? (contact info)

Other News:
Robert Szep of Guelph, Ontario, Canada has passed away; he was a meteorite and impact breccia hunter and researcher. He will be missed. RIP Robert!

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