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Gnostic Media is proud to present the official online edition of The Pharmacratic Inquisition 2007. If you enjoyed “Zeitgeist - The Movie”, you will love this video; the creators of this video are listed as one of the sources for the Zeitgeist Movie. The Pharmacratic Inquisition 2007 is a video version of the book, “Astrotheology & Shamanism” by Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit. The painstakingly detailed and heavily footnoted research in the book comes to life in this video and is now available to you for FREE! For further research of the claims made in this video, please read AstroTheology & Shamanism - this book is available to order as a combo with the DVD. Thousands of years ago, in the pre monarchic era, sacred plants and other entheogenic substances where politically correct and highly respected for their ability to bring forth the divine, Yahweh, God, The Great Spirit, etc., by the many cultures who used them.


Holy Grail hiding in plain sight, claims author

Remember the Jesus Foreskin Thread?

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The search for the legendary Holy Grail is over, according to British author EC Coleman. The supposed chalice which Jesus drank from at the Last Supper and was later used to catch some of his blood at the crucifixion has been hiding in plain sight in a church in England since 1889.

That was the year workman at the Lincoln Cathedral uncovered the tomb of Bishop Oliver Sutton, who died in 1299. Inside the tomb was a simple silver chalice that was removed and placed in the cathedral's treasury where it has been available for viewing ever since. Mr. Coleman claims that this cup is the Holy Grail.

For centuries, scholars and grail hunters have argued as to the location of the Grail and even the nature of the object itself, if it is indeed an object. Many modern scholars believe the Grail to be the bloodline of Jesus and not an actual cup.

Mr. Coleman rejects such thinking and is confident that he has discovered the True Grail.

"The Knights Templar, Illuminati and Masons

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He is "'the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone.'
Acts 4:11 >>

This is certainly not the first time the discovery of the Grail has been claimed. Several cups have been purported to be the Grail throughout history.

The Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral, in Spain, boasts a cup known as the Holy Chalice that was supposedly taken by Saint Peter to Rome in the first century, and then on to Spain by Saint Lawrence in the 3rd century. It has been used as an official papal chalice by many popes, including Pope Benedict XVI. Many believe it is the Grail.

The so-called "Marian Cup" of Whittington Castle in Shropshire, England has also been named as the Grail by claimants.

The Grail has also been rumored to be hidden in the castle of Munsalvaesche (true location unknown) or at the sanctuary of Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain. Grail legends have also sprung up around Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and Glastonbury Tor in England. Treasure hunters have also speculated that the Grail may be hidden below the famous Oak Island "Money Pit" in Nova Scotia - secreted there by Templars fleeing persecution by the Church.

Mr. Coleman claims that he has proven the Lincoln Cathedral cup's provenance in his new book, The Grail Chronicles.

Ex-Royal Navy Officer Claims Holy Grail Located At Lincoln Cathedral

24masti - A retired Royal Navy officer who has spent years studying ancient texts, believes he has at last solved the mystery of the disappearance of the Holy Grail.

For millions of believers, the Holy Grail is the most precious object on earth.

The chalice, which Christ drank from at the Last Supper and was later used to collect some of his blood at the Crucifixion, is a priceless Christian relic.

Faithful have searched in vain to find it. Finally it has been discovered, overlooked and unrecognized, in the corner of a cathedral in the heart of England.

“I never intended to start out on a search to find the Holy Grail. I was interested initially in researching the links between the Crusaders, England and the medieval saints,” the Sunday Express quotes E.C. Coleman, as saying. Coleman believes that the artifact is the Holy Grail

“However the more I read the more I was led along a trail that explained the extraordinary journey this lost relic has taken.

Historians and academics will be astonished by the revelation that Christendom’s most prized historical object has been under their noses for decades.

In 1889 Lincoln Cathedral was undergoing repair. A group of workmen lifted a large Portland marble slab and revealed the tomb of Bishop Oliver Sutton, who died in 1299.

Inside the grave, archaeologists found a chalice next to the skeleton; it was still standing where it had been placed almost 600 years earlier. It was made of silver, four-and-half inches high and completely without decoration.

“This was the Holy Grail but no one acknowledged it. Subsequently it went on show on a shelf in the Cathedral’s treasury where you can see it today but there is nothing there to say what it really is,” says Coleman, who has just published The Grail Chronicles describing his quest.

“Finding such artifacts in the tomb of a bishop was not at all unusual and putting them there may well have been normal practice in the Middle Ages but this chalice was different,” says Coleman.

Coleman further says: “Previously discovered examples were richly engraved but this one had a simple elegance rendered slightly homely by the use of plainly visible rivets to join the different parts of the stem. I have never touched it but it has been very nice just to be near it. In my own mind and in all good faith I am confident that the chalice recovered from Bishop Sutton’s tomb is the Holy Grail.”

NOTE: According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus of Nazareth at the Last Supper and said to possess miraculous powers. In truth we do not know what the Holy Grail is, or if it even exists at all.

The legend of the Grail is believed to be a mixture of Christian lore and Celtic myth, perhaps originating around the 12th and 13th centuries. Several churches claim to have the grail, but this has not deterred people's interest and the search continues. That interest was recently encouraged by Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code which asserted that Jesus may have wed Mary Magdalene and fathered children whose Merovingian lineage continues today and that the Holy Grail was merely a reference to Mary Magdalene as the receptacle of Jesus' bloodline.

Though I am not religious, I have always been fascinated with religious history, mythology and lore...Lon

Ex-Royal Navy officer says he has solved Holy Grail mystery

Sify - ‎Jun 20, 2010‎
A retired Royal Navy officer who has spent years studying ancient texts, believes he has at last solved the mystery of the disappearance of the Holy Grail. ...

Holy Grail hiding in plain sight, claims author - ‎Jun 21, 2010‎
The Holy Grail. The Damsel of the Sanct Grael or Holy Grail by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874 The search for the legendary Holy Grail is over, according to ...

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HOLY GRAIL: IS THIS SIMPLE CHALICE, FOUND IN LINCON, REALLY THE ONE USED BY CHRIST? By Graham Ball, Exclusive For 2000 years the Holy Grail has been the ...

Holy Grail Located At Lincoln Cathedral!

NewsBlaze (press release) - Ian Brockwell - ‎Jun 20, 2010‎
Mr. EC Coleman, author of the book "The Grail Chronicles", claims that the Holy Grail, the chalice which Christ allegedly drank from at the ...

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Constitution of Free Masons
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Temple Institute & The Red Heifer, is this Gods will?

Why is is that the golden calf, of which we read in this weeks parasha, is symbolic of the impurity of death, while the red heifer, of which we also read in this weeks special Torah reading, is symbolic of of the pure nature of life eternal?

Audio: The Limits of Wisdom: Where does it Begin? Where does it End?

6/15/2010 10:23:00 PM
A7 Radio's "Temple Talk" with Temple Talk

The enigmatic process of the Red Heifer, which renders the impure pure, leads us on a spiritual odyssey that begins with wonderment, and proceeds to acceptance of G-d's will, wisdom and faith. No wonder its waters are required before entering the Holy Temple. Yitzchak Reuven gets a surprise call from his very best friend, Rabbi Chaim Richman, who is raising a lot of dust and spirits as he makes his way across the great state of Texas, meeting along the way true men and women of faith, who stand with Israel in these turbulent times. With a touch of a Texan accent, the rabbi delivers a clear vision of where the current international anti-Israel frenzy is leading and why we must remain steadfast.

This week from the TEMPLE INSTITUTE:
WEEKLY TORAH PORTION: CHUKAT: In this age of instant access to endless information, we are tempted to try to know everything! Is curiosity necessary a good thing, or is it sometimes, as our sages suggest, an offshoot of arrogance? True wisdom is in the acknowledgment that there are things that lie beyond our intellectual grasp. This wisdom is the portal to purity. v=yN1QpQrMFQ4


with Rabbi Chaim Richman: COMPLETING THE CHOSHEN: FAITH INTO ACTION: Holding the Choshen - Breastplate - of the High Priest in is hands, Rabbi Richman describes its details and the exhilarating feeling of faith being transformed into action through researching and recreating the Choshen which will soon be worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple . (Available June 17.) programming/category/temple- institute-light-to-the-nations

The Rabbi's USA Speaking Tour has Begun!
"The prophecy of the word of the L-rd concerning Israel... Behold, I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison for all the peoples all around... it shall be on that day that I make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone... and all the nations of the world will gather against it... " (Zech. Ch. 12)
Rabbi Richman brings an urgent message from Israel: These prophecies are coming to pass now, they are the secret of every headline, every negotiation... come to learn how the future of Jerusalem will effect the entire world!
Rabbi Richman is also carrying with him the completed Breastplate for the High Priest, featuring the 12 stones of the tribes of Israel, ready to be worn by the Kohen Gadol in the rebuilt Holy Temple. The Breastplate is the instrument of prophetic enlightenment in the Holy Temple.

For more information on when and where, please click here: http://www.templeinstitute. org/events.htm#2010-tour.

Check out the Illuminated Giant Obelisk/ Phallus I found touring through circle city. I have always had an interest in architecture, and have recently noticed many theories being put forward that Washington DC was built to a Masonic design. Now I do not mean to disparage those that are into these theories, but I am more interested in how Masonic ideals and philosophy has influenced the actual architecture of buildings, rather than the sometimes spurious alignments of buildings. I found this to be a very interesting piece of academic research and I particularly liked the Palladian architecture.

One Luciferian author writes that "... the lingam [male phallus] was an upright pillar" [W. Wynn Wescott, Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues, Theosophical Publishing Society, 1902, p. 33]

The Egyptians created the obelisk, believing that the spirit of the Sun god, Ra, dwelt in there. [H.L. Hayward, Symbolic Masonry: An Interpretation of the Three Degrees, Washington, D.C., Masonic Service Association of the United States, 1923, p. 207; 'Two Pillars' Short Talk Bulletin, Sept., 1935, Vol. 13, No 9; Charles Clyde Hunt, Some Thoughts On Masonic Symbolism, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1930, p. 101]

A Masonic author both admit that these pillars of the obelisk were used to represent sex [Hayward,Symbolic Masonry: An Interpretation of the Three Degrees, Washington, D.C., Masonic Service Association of the United States, 1923, p. 206-7 and Rollin C. Blackmer, The Lodge and the Craft: A Practical Explanation of the Work of Freemasonry, St. Louis, The Standard Masonic Publishing Co., 1923, p. 94]

phallic worship
Pronounced As: falik , worship of the reproductive powers of nature as symbolized by the male generative organ. Phallic symbols have been found by steeple6.jpg archaeological expeditions all over the world, and they are usually interpreted as an expression of the human desire for regeneration. Phallic worship in ancient Greece centered around Priapus (the son of Aphrodite) and the Orphic and Dionysiac cults. In Rome, the most important form of phallic worship was that of the cult of Cybele and Attis; prominent during the empire, this cult was notorious for its festive excesses and its yearly "Day of Blood, during which the frenzied participants wounded themselves with knives; self-inflicted castration, a prerequisite for admittance into the priest caste of this phallic cult, took place during the festival. In India, the deity Shiva was often represented by and worshipped as a phallic symbol called the lingam. Phallic worship has also been practiced among the Egyptians in the worship of Osiris; among the Japanese, who incorporated it into Shinto; and among the Native Americans, such as the Mandan, who had a phallic buffalo dance. -See C. G. Berger, Our Phallic Heritage (1966); T. Vanggaard, Phallos (1972). [source]
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