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Lucifer Rising

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SpaceX is working closely with Ensign Bickford to complete testing of the explosive elements of the FTS system, but there are other components, such as the FTS radios, antennas and the transponder that come from other suppliers as well. All of these components must be qualified specifically for our flight environments, so unfortunately, it is not simply a case of buying “off the shelf”.

FTS testing is an iterative process where the number of remaining tests depends on the results of previous tests, making it very difficult to predict a completion date. Once testing is complete, final data is submitted to SpaceX and Air Force Range safety officials for review and acceptance. Much of the range calendar for May is already reserved for other activities, so range availability will be a key factor in identifying a launch date. Fortunately the FTS is the last remaining significant milestone–the vehicle is otherwise ready for flight, so once we complete certification, we will be “all systems go” for launch.

Lucifer Rising Wet Dress Rehearsal

During our successful wet dress rehearsal (WDR) conducted on April 16th, we experienced some problems with the thermal protective cork layer that covers the first stage. In some areas subjected to the extreme cold of liquid oxygen (LOX), the cork’s bonding adhesive failed and several panels separated from the vehicle. It is important to emphasize that the cork is not needed for ascent and there is no risk to flight even if it all came off. This is for thermal protection on reentry to allow for the possibility of recovery and reuse. While stage recovery is not a primary mission objective on this inaugural launch, it is part of our long-term plans, and we will attempt to recover the first stage on this initial Falcon 9 flight.

After applying a new layer of cork thermal protection using a new adhesive system, we opted to perform a second wet dress rehearsal, as well as an electromagnetic interference (EMI) test. Everything performed well and the new adhesive remained properly bonded. A word of thanks to NASA and our resin supplier for helping our structures team find these effective solutions.

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As we ramp up our flight rate, Florida will continue to be SpaceX’s fastest growing region. We are entering continuous launch operations mode, meaning we will have over 100 people in Florida on average. That count may go as high as 200 later this year when we start preparing and launching Dragon. We expect our direct employment at the Cape to eventually reach thousands of people; using standard multipliers for indirect regional employment, this could mean in excess of several thousand jobs long term.

Presidential Visit

President Obama honored us with a visit to the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch site at Cape Canaveral on April 15, 2010, just prior to his national speech at Kennedy Space Center describing the administration’s new space initiatives.

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Dragons in the Bible, Various References

Various [in book order] | Revelation | Leviathan

Dragons are usually regarded as mythical beasts that did not actually exist.
But all myths are likely to have had some factual basis at some point...
see what you think.

[The New Revised Standard Version has replaced the word dragon with
serpent/crocodile in most cases, but I'm sure we'd like to see the originals :D]

Deuteronomy 32:33 Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.

Nehemiah 2:13 And I went out by night by the gate of the valley, even before the dragon well, and to the dung port, and viewed the walls of Jerusalem, which were broken down, and the gates thereof were consumed with fire.

Job 30:29 I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls.

Job 40:15 God says to Job, "Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee."

Behemoth, William Blake
"Behold now Behemoth which I made with thee" | William Blake

Psalm 44:19 Though thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons, and covered us with the shadow of death.

Psalm 74:13 Thou didst divide the sea by thy strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters.

Psalm 91:13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

Psalm 148:7 Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:

Isaiah 13:22 And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

Isaiah 27:1 In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

Isaiah 34:13 And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof: and it shall be an habitation of dragons, and a court for owls.

dragon bible
Ottheinrich's Bible - (dragon detail) | BibliOdyssey
* the first illuminated manuscript of the New Testament in Germany

Isaiah 35:7 And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.

Isaiah 43:20 The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, [and] rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.

Isaiah 51:9 Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon?

Jeremiah 9:11 And I will make Jerusalem heaps, and a den of dragons; and I will make the cities of Judah desolate, without an inhabitant.

Jeremiah 10:22 Behold, the noise of the bruit is come, and a great commotion out of the north country, to make the cities of Judah desolate, and a den of dragons.

Jeremiah 14:6 And the wild asses did stand in the high places, they snuffed up the wind like dragons; their eyes did fail, because there was no grass.

Jeremiah 49:33 And Hazor shall be a dwelling for dragons, and a desolation for ever: there shall no man abide there, nor any son of man dwell in it.

Jeremiah 51:34 Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon hath devoured me, he hath crushed me, he hath made me an empty vessel, he has swallowed me up like a dragon, he hath filled his belly with my delicates, he hath cast me out.

Jeremiah 51:37 And Babylon shall become heaps, a dwelling place for dragons, an astonishment, and an hissing, without an inhabitant.

dragon church
Church painting of the Dragon, which is consuming the
life of man | Vatican Zodiac

Ezekiel 29:3 Speak, and say, thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against thee, Pharaoh king of Egypt, the great dragon that lieth in the midst of his rivers, which hath said, "My river is mine own, and I have made it for myself."

Micah 1:8 Therefore I will wail and howl, I will go stripped and naked: I will make a wailing like the dragons, and mourning as the owls.

Malachi 1:3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.

Bel and the Dragon 23: There was also a huge dragon which the Babylonians worshipped.

Bel and the Dragon 27: So Daniel took some tar, some fat, and some hair and boiled them all together. He made cakes out of the mixture and fed them to the dragon. When the dragon ate them, it swelled up and burst open. "That's the kind of thing you Babylonians worship," said Daniel.

References: KJB-Asia


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This Could Be It - Mayan Prophecy Described in Newest Discovery

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Mayan elders have spoken through ancient text passed down for millennium telling us of the coming "transformation" brought on by an occurrence in the galactic center. Released just two days ago is the newest scientific finding which could be the lynch-pin which firmly links ancient prophecy (old) with science (new).

Click Here to Enlarge

Many of you will remember my last interview with Mayan elder Carlos Barrios. He spoke of what he describes as a "new element". He told us the new element is "ether"; and that ether would be the instrument which ushers in the "transition" to the 5th World.

I believe the following NASA news release describes in modern scientific language what the Mayans and other ancient tribes have been trying to tell us for decades. Remember: the date of December 21st 2012 "is not" a dot on the calendar as if a switch will be hit and everything will change in a moment. No -- it only describes the "apex" of a gradual cycle that has already begun.

Scientists have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton to detect a vast reservoir of ether lying along a wall-shaped structure of galaxies about 400 million light years from Earth.

Spiral and elliptical galaxies shown below in what is described as a wall along with the newly detected intergalactic ether, is part of the so-called Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium (WHIM). This discovery is the strongest evidence yet that "missing matter" in the nearby Universe is located in an enormous web of diffuse ether.

Click Here to Enlarge

The charged particle emission from this wall is too faint to be detected, so instead a search was made for absorption of light from a bright background source using deep observations with Chandra and XMM. This background source is a rapidly growing super-massive black hole located far beyond the wall at a distance of about two billion light years. This is shown below as a star-like source, with light traveling through the Sculptor Wall towards the Earth.


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Keith Richards: 'I'm probably more aligned to Lucifer and the dark side'

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Throwing The Devil Horns For Dio One More Time

It's a ubiquitous sign for the ages. Whether thrown in rapture or irony, the pinky-and-index-finger extended "devil horns" might mean something different to UT sports fans or Shakespearean scholars, but to fans of classic hard rock and heavy metal it means, quite simply, Ronnie James Dio, who succumbed to cancer Sunday at age 67. Nobody has thrown the horns more unabashedly and consistently in his career than Dio, metal's biggest voice in its smallest (5'3") body. And now the truth can be told: The horns did not spring forth from the fiery pits of hell or a dark dragon's cave. They came from Dio's Italian grandmother. "She used to flash that sign all the time. It was protection against the 'evil eye' as well as a way to give it," Dio says. "It was natural for me to do, and it's become a symbol of the bond between me and the audience. But I didn't invent it. Some caveman probably laid it on his buddy, Og!" Dio also knows the power of the sign in concert. "Sometimes I tease the audience with it, but then when I do it, the place goes nuts," he laughs. "It's like 'Yes! The horns! That's what we came for! And here I thought it was the music..."

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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
May 17, 2010
Recently I received calls from two people preparing TV documentaries. One of them represented a company that had produced programs for the major national television networks, and currently is preparing one for the History Channel. The spokeswoman said their focus would be the hidden meaning of the Statue of Liberty (SL), but she was also interested in any connections there might be with the Rockefellers, Nazis, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The SL was presented to the U.S. in 1884 and dedicated October 28, 1886. It was built by French engineer Gustave Eiffel. Eiffel was a Freemason as was its designer Auguste Bartholdi, and the SL was a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons to the Masons of America.

The SL’s official title is “Liberty Enlightening the World,” with “Liberte” being one of the watchwords of the French Revolution of 1789. At the Masonic congress meeting in Paris on July 16, 1989, Louis Amiable affirmed that “the French Freemasons of the 18th Century made the Revolution,” and Colfavru asserted that “amongst its adepts” was Voltaire “under the respectful and fraternal patronage of Ben Franklin.” Franklin helped initiate Voltaire into Freemasonry.

These “adepts” to whom Colfavru referred were from the Enlightenment period. And “Enlightened Ones” is also the translation of the word “Illuminati” who, according to the Freemason Marquis de Luchet (who obtained the position of Bibliothec for Voltaire) in Essai Sur La Secte Des Illumines (1789), infiltrated the French Masonic lodges. To the Illuminati, Liberte meant moral license, and during the French Revolution, a prostitute was placed on the altar at the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

The SL looks like Semiramis, including the 7 rays coming from her head. (for pictures see next to last page of my April 26/May 1, 2003 NewsWithViews article). Semiramis is the legendary Assyrian queen who reputedly founded Babylon in the early 9th Century B.C. and was known for her sexual license. Voltaire even wrote a play called Semiramis.

The Babylonians in The Holy Bible were known for their rebellion against God, and even before Babylonia existed, the Babylonians’ ancestors built the Tower of Babel as a rebellion against God. Recently, there was a European Community poster showing their rebuilding of the Tower of Babel today (see two pictures from the middle of dennis 75), and it is modeled after 16th century artist Pieter Bruegel’s painting of the Tower of Babel, with the added slogan “Europe: Many Tongues, One Voice.” The building in which the Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union (Javier Solana) is located also looks like the Tower of Babel.

Is Babylon relevant to the SL and New York City (NYC) today? In 1997, there was an engraving placed on St. John the Divine Cathedral in NYC that showed the city being destroyed. This, no doubt, refers to the Rev. 14:8 saying that a “great city” will be attacked, as it reads: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city.” We know that this modern Babylon will fall in large part due to sexual license (fornication) for which Semiramis (which looks like the SL) was known. We know that “the great whore… sitteth on many waters,” and NYC is at the juncture of the Hudson River, East River, New York Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. We know the destroyed city is on the coast because Rev. 18:17-18 states that “every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors… cried when they saw the smoke of her burning.” We know that her burning occurs in modern times because Rev. 18:9 states “the kings of the earth… shall see the smoke of her burning.” And that would only be possible within instantaneous televised pictures. We also know the destruction will probably be caused by some type of nuclear device because Rev. 18:19 indicates that “in one hour is she made desolate.”

Interesting also is the fact that in a 4th Century A.D. translation of The Holy Bible, Rev. 18:23 reads: “And the light of the lamp shall shine no more at all in thee.” Emma Lazarus’ Sonnet, “The New Colossus,” on the SL ends with “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Since rebellion against God will be the primary reason for the destruction of the modern Babylon, it is appropriate to note that rebellion against God was the main characteristic of Lucifer. At the front of Rules for Radicals (1971) by community organizer leader Saul Alinsky (admired by President Barack Obama), he offers an “acknowledgement” to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.”

At the time French Freemasons gave the SL to the U.S., former Confederate Brig. Gen. Albert Pike was Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasons, Southern Jurisdiction. And exactly 100 years before Alinsky’s acknowledgement to Lucifer, Ku Klux Klan chief justice Pike praised Lucifer in his Morals and Dogma (1871). The next year (1872), Pike again praised Lucifer in his Indo=Aryan Deities and Worship (As Contained in the) Rig Veda. Pike reorganized the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and in their levels of initiation, Freemasons say they want “more light.” The word Lucifer means “Light Bearer.”

It should be noted at this point that most Freemasons don’t really understand the symbols of the Craft, as Pike said in Morals and Dogma that they are “intentionally misled by false interpretations” regarding these. Pike wrote that “it is not intended” that Masons in the lower or Blue Degrees “shall understand them: but it is intended that [they] shall imagine” they do. He said the true meanings of Masonic symbols are “reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.”

Pike also authored Irano=Aryan Faith and Doctrine (As Contained in the) Zend=Vesta (1874), and he often emphasized Aryan (elite) man, expressing his belief in the concept of the “Aryan master race” in his Lectures of the Arya (1873). Pike used the Aryan symbol of the swastika as the Masonic symbol because he believed Freemasonry was the original religion of the Aryans as written in the Vedas (from a July 6, 1875 letter by Pike). In case you think modern Masons disavowed Pike’s Morals and Dogma, in the January 1989 edition of the Mason’s New Age journal, Sovereign Grand Commander C. Fred Kleinknecht wrote: “The apex of our teachings has been the rituals of our degrees and Morals and Dogma, written by Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike over a century ago.”

From where did this concept of an Aryan elite come? Plato in his 4th Century B.C. work The Republic emphasized rule by an elite Republic of Philosophers. He said that 200 years before his time, the Greek philosopher Solon visited the priests of the Temple of Isis in Sais, Egypt (former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole has been for decades a Shriner/Freemason of Isis Temple in Salina, Kansas).

SL sculptor Bartholdi originally planned it as a statue of the goddess Isis, “a robed woman holding aloft a torch,” overlooking the area of the Suez Canal. Isis is also known as the Roman goddess Juno (there is a 725 B.C. statue of Juno holding a torch), as the Greek goddess Athena (in New Ager Jean Houston’s co-authored Riding Into Your Mythic Life she refers to the SL perhaps standing “as one of the manifestations for the dynamic of Athena’s evolving form”), as the Sabine goddess Feronia (goddess of liberty), and as the Babylonian goddess Ishtar or Semiramis mentioned earlier.

The priests at the temple of Isis told Solon about the Aryans being the only one of seven civilizations to survive the destruction of Atlantis (Sir Francis Bacon in 1624 authored The New Atlantis referring to America), and that the Aryans relocated in Shamballa near Tibet. Their symbol was the swastika representing an elite race of people. When Allied forces entered Berlin in 1945, they found 1000 Tibetan lamas’ corpses in Nazi uniforms, and the Nazis’ symbol was the swastika.

Swastikas have also been in the building at Yale University for the secret society of Skull & Bones to which both Bush presidents have belonged. Skull & Bones was begun in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and modeled after a German university corps. Russell matriculated in Germany at Tugenbund and Berschenschaften, where the Illuminati had formed student societies at universities. The Illuminati tutored Alexander I, Emperor of Russia 1801-1825.

Six years after Alexander’s death, Helena von Hahn was born in Russia in 1831. She was the daughter of Col. Peter von Hahn of the ancient von Hahn family in Germany. Her married name would be Blavatsky, and she would become a close friend (and Co-Mason) with Albert Pike. On October 10, 1875, she founded the Theosophical Society in the U.S., and in 1877 authored Isis Unveiled. In the 1880s, she co-edited Lucifer with Annie Besant who wore a swastika pendant.

Besant was asked by William Stead to write for his Pall Mall Gazette a review of Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine (1888), which Adolph Hitler would keep beside his bed and learn of “the power of” the swastika. Stead was a confidant of Freemason Cecil Rhodes who formed the secret Society of the Elect “to take the government of the whole world.” Rhodes’ mentor at Oxford University was John Ruskin, who has a swastika at the top of his gravestone. Rhodes Trust member Rudyard Kipling has swastikas on many of his early books.

Annie Besant was succeeded by occultist Alice Bailey whose first works were published by Lucifer Publishing, which became Lucis Trust and managed the UN Meditation Room for many years. Bailey often wrote of the need for a “new world order” and “points of light” connected to “service.” President George H.W. Bush (Skull & Bones member) would years later speak of the need for these same things. Relevant to “points of light” and the 7 rays of the SL, Alice Bailey authored The Seventh Ray: Revealer of the New Age indicating that there would be a “future scientific religion of Light.” She explained “that seven great rays exist in the cosmos…. They might be regarded as seven intelligent Entities through Whom the plan is working out.”

“The plan” includes a “Federation of Nations” that would be taking rapid shape by 2025 A.D., and there would be a “synthesis in business, in religion, and in politics.” According to Bailey, this would come about in the Aquarian Age, as we are moving from the “Piscean Age, governed by the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism,” to the “Aquarian Age, ruled by the seventh Ray of Order and Organization.” She said the time of the sixth Ray Piscean Age was dominated by “Many Christian people. Fanatics. Numbers of earnest Churchmen of all the world’s religions.” But the seventh Ray Aquarian Age would be dominated by “Masons. Financiers. Great Businessmen and organizers of all kinds.” (Perhaps community organizers?) Bailey explained that Masonry emanated from Shamballa, and that on the seventh Ray there would be “Your Masonic opportunity and your ability to organize and rule.”

Connecting Masons, Lucifer, and the Aryans of Shamballa, leading Masonic philosopher Manly P. Hall in The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1923) revealed that “the seething energies of Lucifer are in his [the Mason’s] hands.” Hall wrote in The Secret Destiny of America (1944) that The Order of the Quest symbol is on the cover of Sir Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis and that Masonic Grand Master Ben Franklin was a member of that secret Order. Hall explained that Bacon’s secret society was set up in America before the middle of the 17th century, and that it was most powerful in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

In Bernard Fay’s Revolution and Freemasonry—1680-1800, one finds that the Boston Tea Party was initiated from a tavern known as the “Arms of Freemasonry” or the “Green Dragon.” The “Green Dragon” was also the name of the esoteric Buddhist society through which the colony of Tibetan lamas settled in Berlin (1000 corpses of whom were later found in Nazi uniforms).

As stated earlier, the Aryans of Atlantis supposedly went to Shamballa, near Tibet. Madame Blavatsky in her writings referred to the Aryans as the 5th race in human civilization, and she also referred to the “6th root race.” In the Scottish Rite Freemasons’ journal New Age (September 1950), C. William Smith wrote about “the unification of all races, religions and creeds… a new religion of ‘The Great Light’… and the American race will be the 6th Aryan civilization… for the dawn of the New Age of the world.” Concerning Freemasonry recently, author Dan Brown’s latest book focuses on their House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. (a statue of Luciferian and Masonic Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike stands in the city). However, interestingly absent from Brown’s volume is the fact that a swastika is embedded just above a serpentine/dragon figure on the façade of the House of the Temple! (see paragraph two of dennis 173 for link).
[Note: The alleged bombing attempt in New York City by Faisal Shahzad has all the appearances of Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” like George W. Bush said at the beginning of the Iraq War. To me, it was clear that Saddam Hussein wanted our forces to reach Baghdad quickly, because only then would we break out of battle formation and into smaller patrols more easily hit by “Improvised Explosive Devices,” etc.

Shortly after Shahzad was taken off the Arab Emirates airline by authorities, Obama and they started congratulating themselves on their accomplishment. What they should have done is noted how non-serious this attack really looked. Sure, the material to be exploded was real. It had to be in even a “trial run,” which is what this may turn out to have been.

Why do I say this? For starters, he deliberately made his SUV conspicuous by illegally parking it in a bus lane. Next, who could miss the smoke coming out of his vehicle, because he left the engine running in front of a phone booth? Then, the fertilizer inside the gun locker in his Pathfinder was incapable of exploding anyway!

When apprehended, Shahzad was calmly sitting on the plane. His first question to the officer was “Who are you, FBI, etc.?” What did he care if it was the New York City police instead of the FBI? Secondly, he said “I’ve been expecting you.” And thirdly, he said “What took you so long?” All of these would be statements by someone simply conducting a trial run for the Taliban/Al Qaeda so they could see step-by-step what our response would be and how quickly. They probably learned a lot from this exercise. I only hope our self-congratulatory officials will recognize the Taliban’s/Al Qaeda’s possible strategy in time to prevent a real attack. And by the way, this alleged attack happened just in time to save the jobs of 900 New York City police officers whose positions were about to be cut. How about that?!]

In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned that the Statue of Liberty (SL) has 7 rays of light emanating from its head (or brain where intelligence or knowledge is located). The rays of light end in points and are therefore “points of light.”

I also mentioned the SL was a gift from the Grand Orient Freemasons of France to their fellow Masons in the U.S. To Confederate General and slave owner Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Freemasons (Southern Jurisdiction) at the time the SL was given, God is a point within a circle, or a “centre of Light” emanating “spirits of light” or intelligences, and this is a Gnostic concept. Gnosis means knowledge or enlightenment, and the path to Gnosis can be found in various historical myths such as that of Semiramis, who looks like the SL including 7 rays of light emanating from her head.

Gnostic concepts were prevalent during the period of the Enlightenment (a European intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries), in which philosophes or encyclopedists like Condorcet promoted Gnostic concepts such as self-salvation. In this sense, they were atheists or viewed the God of The Holy Bible as restrictive (e.g., declaring thou shalt not do certain things), but Lucifer was a liberator (e.g., telling Eve in the Garden of Eden to decide for herself whether to eat the forbidden fruit contrary to God’s command). On the title page of the first edition of philosoph Diderot’s Encyclopedia (1751) is a depiction of Lucifer beside a square and compass (Masonic symbols).

The connection between Freemasonry and Gnosticism is clearly demonstrated in “Gnostic Reflections in Freemasonry” written by Timothy Hogan (district lecturer for the Grand Lodge of Colorado) on July 9, 2009. He points out that “Gnosticism and Gnostic thought are mentioned several times in the Scottish Rite degrees.”

Regarding the term “points of light,” in a September 1788 letter from Freemason Alexander Hamilton to Freemason George Washington encouraging the latter to run for the presidency of the U.S., Hamilton wrote: “…the point of light in which you stand at home and abroad will make an infinite difference in the respectability with which the government will begin its operations….” And on October 3, 1788 Washington replied: “In taking a survey of the subject in whatever point of light I have been able to place it….”

Washington became president in 1789, and his Secretary of State was Thomas Jefferson who was just returning from France where he had succeeded Benjamin Franklin as U.S. Minister to that nation. The French Revolution occurred in that same year (1789) in France, and in 1793 Edmond Charles (Citizen) Genet became French Envoy to the U.S. Among the things that Genet did that annoyed President Washington was setting up "Democratic Societies," such as the Mingo Creek Democratic Society in western Pennsylvania that fomented the Whiskey Rebellion of July 1794 (they actually wanted to secede and set up their own country there).

Before Jefferson resigned as Secretary of State effective December 31, 1793, Washington asked him to request that Genet leave the U.S. In response to Jefferson’s request, Genet expressed surprise because, he said, Jefferson had “initiated me [Genet] in the mysteries” that influenced his hatred of those seeking absolute power.

Jefferson was an apologist for Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt, and Genet was an Illuminist who had first gone to Russia as French Charge d’Affaires in the late 1780s and worked there with Illuminist Prince Pavel Dolgorukii (maternal grandfather of Helena Petrovna von Hahn Blavatsky mentioned in Part 1 of this series). Genet did not leave the U.S., but rather was allowed to stay here due to the Jacobin threat in France. He moved to New York, married the daughter of Gov. George Clinton (who would become President Jefferson's vice-president), and stirred up "democratic" rebellion there. In 1802, John Wood authored A Full Exposition of the Clintonian Faction and the Society of the Columbian Illuminati in New York, etc., referring to "the mutual affection and sympathy which exist between Mr. (DeWitt) Clinton and the Columbian Illuminati." DeWitt Clinton was Masonic Grand Master of New York and Gov. George Clinton's nephew.

Another key figure in the beginning of the French Revolution was Freemason Marquis de Lafayette, who in the early 1800s brought to the U.S. Madame Francoise d’Arusmont (known here as Fanny Wright). She joined Robert Dale Owen in his New Harmony, Indiana commune (the first in the U.S.) in 1828, and the next year they joined Orestes Brownson to form The Working-Men’s Party in New York. Brownson in The Works of Orestes Brownson revealed their plan as follows: “The great object was to get rid of Christianity. The plan was… to establish a system of state—we said national—schools, from which all religion was to be excluded,… and to which all parents were to be compelled by law to send their children…. We were to have godless schools for all the children of the country…. The plan has been successfully pursued….” This marked a great success toward the acceptance of the values of the French Revolution, symbolized by the SL/Semiramis in this country.

As the seeds of the French Revolution spread throughout Europe, the Italian revolutionary group, the Carbonari, formed and was later joined by Madame Blavatsky, who was wounded at the Battle of Montana near Rome on November 3, 1867. The leader of the Carbonari was 33-degree Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini, who was referred to as an “established point of light when rays traversed the world.”

This joining of the concept of “rays” and “points of light” fits precisely the SL, which some have noted looks somewhat Hermaphroditic. In Luciferian Alice Bailey’s The Rays and the Initiations (Volume 5 of A Treatise on the Seven Rays), she explains that after the 4th initiation, “All that remains is a point of light. This point is conscious, immutable and aware of the two extremes of the divine expression… [which] are fused and blended into the One. Of this One the divine Hermaphrodite is the concrete symbol—the union in one of the pairs of opposites, negative and positive, male and female.” Relevant to the Hermaphroditic appearance of the SL, it should be noted that in addition to the female goddess Semiramis having 7 pointed rays of light coming from her head, there is on page 36 of a special edition of U.S. News and World Report titled "Secrets of the Lost Symbol" an ancient stone depiction of the Persian/Roman sun god of light, Mithras, with 7 pointed rays of light coming from his head.

Also relevant to the Hermaphroditic appearnace of the SL is the statement by theosophist Shirley McCune in her co-authored The Light Shall Set You Free, where she claims: "The goal of all humanity... is to become androgynous." McCune has been a director of the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory and the Education Commission of the States. In her book, she also talks about a "point of light" and entering "the New Age" and "the Age of Aquarius." Much of the information in her book McCune says was "channeled" to her from Master Morya, the same "Ascended Master" mentioned by Luciferian Alice Bailey and by the Arlington, Texas headquartered Robert Muller Schools around the world (Muller was U.N. Assistant Secretary-General for decades).

Occultist Alice Bailey also explains that “synthesis is an attribute of the divine will and the outstanding quality of Deity,” which will be evident in “the New Age.” And this “synthesis dictates the trend of all the evolutionary processes today; all is working towards larger unified blocs, towards… international relationships, global planning… economic fusion,….” Aren’t we seeing these today?

Bailey referred to “that great disciple, F.D. Roosevelt.” And referring to the period of FDR, while Bailey viewed Hitler as bad, she also stated regarding Palestine that “the Jews, by their illegal and terroristic activities, have laid a foundation of great difficulty for those who are seeking to promote world peace.” She likewise praised the Aryan race while referring to “Zionist Dictators” and criticizing “the Zionist Movement in the United States” as one of “these Forces of Evil.”

This is similar to the view of the anti-Semitic Albert Pike in Lectures on the Arya (published in 1873, with copyright 1930 by the Scottish Rite Freemasons’ Supreme Council, Washington, D.C.), wherein he declared, “The single fact that we owe not one single truth, not one idea in philosophy or religion to the Semitic race is, of itself, ample reward for years of study, and it is a fact indisputable, if I read the Veda and Zend Avesta aright.” Instead, Pike praised the Aryans as follows: “They were white men,… the superior race in intellect, in manliness, the governing race of the world, the conquering race of all other nations.”

In Alice Bailey’s treatise on "the seven rays” (like on the SL), she claimed: “Seventh ray energy is… this energy which will bring in the new world order for which all men wait.” What are the obstacles to that which Bailey called “the Plan” for a new world order? In Problems of Humanity (1947), she avowed: “What we need above all to see—as a result of spiritual maturity—is the abolition of those two principles which have wrought so much evil in the world and which are summed up in two words: Sovereignty and Nationalism.”

In 1891, Cecil Rhodes formed the secret Society of the Elect “to take the government of the whole world,” in his own words. Toward that end, a member of Rhodes’ Association of Helpers was noted world historian Arnold J. Toynbee who, in Copenhagen in June 1931, delivered a speech stating: “We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”

For my high school senior English project, I was assigned the task of portraying Toynbee and on June 5, 1964 received a letter from him (at The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, 10 St. James Square, London, Whitehall), stating: “You have certainly done an immense amount of research into my ideas, and have reproduced these substantially right. I wonder whether I could have done as good a job on this, myself.” At that time, I didn’t know Toynbee was helping to fulfill Cecil Rhodes’ secret plan.

In addition to Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott writing in TIME (July 20, 1992) that “perhaps national sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all” and “the case for world government” is “clinched” (Rhodes Scholar President Clinton wrote a congratulatory letter supporting world government regarding an award Talbott won for this TIME article), Rhodes Scholar Richard Gardner wrote similarly in 1974. In the Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs (April 1974), Gardner opined: “An end run around national sovereignty eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.” At the time he wrote this, David Rockefeller was chairman of the CFR (1970-1985), and in Rockefeller’s Memoirs (2002) he candidly remarked: “Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

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Homland security meets in NYC 1 week before Times Square sizzle bomb

For all those who love liberty and wish to help themselves by helping their fellow man by sharing the information that will disable the globalist plot for slavery, death and destruction; take a look at this document from the scene of the crime. The Homeland security meeting from the week before the sizzle bomb. I am sure much can be learned by checking out the teachers and profiteers of false flag terror attending this event.

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Dear Good folks,

We are seeing many distractions from what may really be brewing. The oil spill, the rumor of the German Mark 2, banksters being investigated, obama’s trial, and other irons are in the fire.

What this heart gives thanks for is the fact that others are as concerned and noticing that something is a foot in the false flag dept. There is something wrong in the whole system and soon, as history tells, we could see the worst of all our concerns come to pass. We are still shining the light brightly on the potential of a false flag attack under the guise of the Nle 2010 exercise which may now be called Operation Eagle Horizon. We have more from the site that is found to be of interest with information about how this exercise may have morphed into a combination of events.

What is amazing is it is very close to a story that came out some time way back as a possible scenario to a anthrax attack in LA. Check out the rendition of what could happen on this page:

Here is an interesting article that describes this attack that is being imitated in LA:

A forum of interesting comments:

And God bless those who perceiver in the quest to shine the light on the thoughts of ol’ ROSE. There are still some good points in this read from last month.

It is the deep hearted feeling that something wicked is in the works. Been stirring for weeks. Let each and every one who is aware in these fema regions be on EXTRA SPECIAL ALERT to any activity that looks out of place. We see many people getting ready for something. Maybe it is the market crash or revaluation of our own currency. Who is on the list of blame games this week? The Militia? The tea Party?? Pakistan??? They sure are kicking the beehive in Pakistan now just as predicted:

Read the thoughts about the Guard and the strategic placements they are in now on the link above, and keep the watch going around those areas from the 16th (Sunday) to the 19th and remember, it is true as this info says that they do these things on Mondays around 9:00am to get the most from the media hype all week. This has been written about previously.

What is of another concern is Arizona is in deep waters with those who oppose the immigration law. It would be no surprise if they struck back at Arizona somehow as it is in one of these FEMA regions. Lots of details and lots of distractions, especially with this German Revaluation and return to the Mark rumor we saw today. What a huge look that way away from here distraction that is. Smells of a ploy to create more chaos which is the over all preceding agenda for the new world order. One thing is for sure, it has sparked a panic buying of gold over there and record sales are being made. All this was fueled all day today at this site on this thread:

Hold on to your hearts people and seek that higher power within you. It is not a bad idea to be preparing while being vigilant with your cameras in hand. Post those videos, leak the info, share this light, and please pray dear people that no harm or evil is put upon us once again like on 9/11 to create more chaos then we see already.

Heads up all, here comes the 17th of May!

In Service,


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To: "Dimitri A Khalezov"
Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 10:51 AM

Dimitri and Daniel,

perhaps MR MOSSAD Michael Harari can shed some "EXPLOSIVE light" on HOW MANY MICRO NUKES this PU-239 was manufactured into at DIMONA...I know that the current technology indicates that the size of MICRO NUKES is now down to the size of SMALLER than a tennis ball and even to the size of a golfball with the current state of NANO-technology. ...and with yields in the range of 2-5-10-20 tons of TNT/CYCLONITE( RDX) equivalent.. .that's depending on the size "of the ball"...NANO NUKES....

Tim White

From: Tim White
Subject: Re: SECRET SOCIETIES and Their Power in The 20th Century
To: "Dimitri Khalezov"
Received: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 10:05 AM


I would also like back from you what more I know you must have in the way of interesting information. ..this can't be a one way street to be fair - I want to know what you know regarding what I sent you that you haven't commented on IE: that missing 2 tons of PU-239 from the ROCKY FLATS NUCLEAR WEAPONS PLANT that I've known about since 1998 and went to DIMONA in 1993 by EXEC-ORDER of TRAITOR Benedict Billy Bob Kommie Kokehead Komrade Klinton...I have LOTS of very interesting and VERY sensitive information that everyone wants to either bury deeply or kill me for exposing it...I can tell you that MI6 is NOT very happy that I exposed one of their covert agents in Denver back in 1997-98-99; her name is BRONWEN JOY TURNER aka Bonnie Turner and they TRIED to take me out during the Summer of 2004 but since I have "a friend in Denver" who gave me the heads up about this that was "stopped"... who had put the goons on me for surveillance up to 2 months prior was "former" CIA officer LEUTRELL OSBORNE - just Google him...this guy thought that I was actually a GROUP and not just one guy who could know all I know and cause the kind of trouble I was causing then - ever hear of the UK-USA AGREEMENTS of 1947 ?...I can tell you MUCH more on all of this....Denver is just LOADED with intelligence agents of every stripe,spot and color...


--- On Wed, 5/12/10, Dimitri Khalezov wrote:

Subject: Re: SECRET SOCIETIES and Their Power in The 20th Century
To: "Tim White"
Received: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 5:33 AM

Hello Tim,

Thanks a lot for all your letters. I received 4 and read all. Book will see later. Now have to go outside.

If you have anything interesting - don't hesitate to send it to me.

Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 4:42:21 AM, you wrote:

Dimitri....the author of this book "Jan Van Helsing" is a pseudonym of the GERMAN author but the very fitting name VAN HELSING is taken because if this....

Professor Abraham Van Helsing is a fictional character and a protagonist from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula.
Van Helsing is a Dutchstring of letters that follows his name: "M.D., D.Ph., D.Litt., etc." The character is best known as a vampire hunter, and the arch-enemy of Count Dracula. doctor with a wide range of interests and accomplishments, partly attested by the

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Tim LaHaye's Apocalyptic Dreams Hits Pay-dirt With the Alleged Cop-killing plan Michigan Militia...

Source: Buzz Flash

If you thought that the wildly popular Left Behind series of apocalyptic novels told the entire End Times/Rapture story, think again. Welcome to LaHaye’s ‘Edge of Apocalypse,’ the first novel of his new and improved, and even more apocalyptic, series of books.

Given the Tax Day Tea Parties, the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, and the 40th anniversary of the burning of the student union building on the campus of the University of Kansas, the National Football League’s draft, and news about the Hutaree Christian militia, you may have missed one of the major literary events of the week; the return of Tim LaHaye with a new series of apocalyptic novels.

Yes, to paraphrase the great Lou Christy, for the Detroit, Michigan born Tim LaHaye who will turn 84 on April 27, the Apocalypse is striking again and again and again and again.

And, cash register drawers at bookshops all across the country are once again ringing – perhaps not as loudly as they did for his Left Behind series – the mega-bestseller sold more than 65 million copies and was translated into 30 languages -- but they’re ringing nevertheless.

Don’t underestimate the market for the new LaHaye series. As Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, a liberal think tank focusing on the political and Christian right, has pointed out, a pretty large segment of Christians believe in the inevitability of the End Times. “Popularized in 1970 by Hal Lindsey whose book ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ has sold over 19 million copies, Berlet said about 30 percent to 40 percent of Americans believe the end is near and they watch for signs of the times for Christ's second coming,” American Baptist Press recently reported.

On April 20, Zondervan, a HarperCollins company which describes itself as “a world leader in Christian communications,” published “Edge of Apocalypse,” the first novel in a new series of apocalyptic novels called The End, co-authored by LaHaye and Craig Parshall. Zondervan, which released the book on April 20, is promoting “Edge of Apocalypse” as “an apocalyptic epic infused with political intrigue ripped from today’s headlines.” It will have a first print run of 250,000 copies.

LaHaye and Parshall are giving the public a kind of “son” of The Left Behind series: more threats from rogue states, more betrayal in Washington, more talk of the Rapture and the Last Days, and perhaps most importantly — in a “ripped from today’s headlines” kinda way -- “a secret group known only as The Patriots [that] can save the United States from terrorists abroad and traitors within.”

Set in the near future, “Edge of Apocalypse,” according to Zondervan, “jumpstarts the series as military-hero-turned-inventor Joshua Jordan attempts to save Manhattan from two nuclear missiles. Using his Return to Sender military defense system, Jordan finds himself facing an unbearable ransom to the nation he loves. As tensions escalate and global alliances topple, only Jordan and a secret group known only as The Patriots can save the United States from terrorists abroad and traitors within. Set in the very near future, The End series chronicles the earth shattering events which eventually lead up to the Rapture and the beginning of the prophesied Last Days of mankind.”

“I’m thrilled to partner with Zondervan to produce a series hopefully even more innovative than Left Behind,” said LaHaye, a longtime figure on the Religious Right whose career has gone from marriage and family counseling to direct political action – most notably he helped found the Council for National Policy a secretive right wing lobby group that has been called "the most powerful conservative organization in America you've never heard of" -- to one of the major keepers of the apocalyptic flame. “While my past works have piqued interest in biblical prophecy on a global level, The End series includes many prophecies that were not covered in Left Behind.”

According to his bio at Zondervan’s website, Craig Parshall “is a highly successful lawyer from the Washington D.C. area and the author of the legal thrillers, Chamber of Justice series. He has also co-authored three books with his wife Janet [a leading right wing radio talk show host] including their new Thistle and Cross Series.

It was LaHaye’s Left Behind series that thrust him, and his co-author Jerry Jenkins, into the national spotlight, as at least seven titles in the series reached #1 on the bestseller lists for The New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly. From most reports, it is clear that LaHaye didn’t actually do the writing. That was left to Jenkins, a former sports writer who has authored several best-sellers on his own. Rather, LaHaye offered up a batch of notes -- the idea man if you will – and Jenkins swept it into novel form.

"I write the best I can,” LaHaye has said. “I know I'm never going to be revered as some classic writer. I don't claim to be C. S. Lewis. The literary-type writers, I admire them. I wish I was smart enough to write a book that's hard to read, you know?"

The Left Behind series has spawned its own cottage industry of kids books, screensavers, wallpaper, several full-length feature films, and the Left Behind video games -- LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces, was the most widely distributed Christian game in history.

The website of the Tim LaHaye Ministries offers a horde of resources about the End Times: “The Complete Bible Prophecy Chart,” at only $3.50, is probably the best bargain amongst LaHaye’s stock. As LaHaye points out, “A lot happens in the Bible – so much that quite a bit of reading and study is necessary to grasp the big picture of all that takes place from the beginning to the end.” The Chart “presents a complete panorama of much that happens in the Bible – both the past and the future …. [and it] takes you step by step through each of the major ages in God’s master plan, beginning with the Age of Innocence and continuing onward to the Millennial Kingdom and beyond, into eternity.”

The big ticket item is the LaHaye End Times 10-pack, which, at a hefty $155.00 per, brings you 10 of LaHaye’s Greatest Hits, including: “Are We Living in the End Times”; “Charting the End Times”; “The End Times Controversy”; “The Merciful God of Prophecy”; “The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary”; “The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy”; “The Rapture, Who Will Face the Tribulation?”; “Revelation Unveiled”; “Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible, New King James Version”; and, “Understanding Bible Prophecy for Yourself.”

LaHaye and his wife Beverly, a best selling author and the founder of the conservative lobbying group, Concerned Women for America, have been married since 1947.

In addition to a number of book store appearances, LaHaye will be in Kalamazoo, Michigan on May 1 to speak about the end of times at a prophecy conference hosted by Calvary Chapel.

Frank Schaeffer, the son of Francis Schaeffer, one of the godfathers of the Religious Right, and a former member of the Christian right in good standing recently wrote that “Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye’s LeftBehind series … represents everything that is most deranged about religion." “What happened with this militia group [the Hutaree in Michigan] is that their paranoid, deranged fantasy jumped from the page into sick brains and was turned into action.”

Schaeffer pointed out that while he wasn’t “blaming Jenkins and LaHaye's [Left Behind] product line for the plot to murder cops or any other evil intent or result,” he did feel that it was “feeding the paranoid delusions of people on the fringe of the fringe contributes to a dangerous climate that may provoke violence in a few individuals.”

And now comes “Edge of Apocalypse.” If LaHaye, and his new partner Craig Parshall, have their way, there will be more apocalyptic wallpaper, apocalyptic screen savers, apocalyptic movies and apocalyptic video games. Unfortunately, there is also likely to be more apocalyptic weird guys in camo running around in the woods somewhere near you.


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The Hutaree Militia Raid

Posted on Apr 6, 2010

With much media fanfare, 9 members of a Michigan militia were arrested last March and charged with “seditious conspiracy”­specifically, plotting to murder law enforcement officers. Ostensibly, this was supposed to precipitate some kind of wholesale revolt against the government. Question: Have any of you heard anyone from the propaganda press corps (national news media) tell you what has been happening with this case? No? Did you not wonder why? Well, I’ll tell you why: the case has fallen apart.

The first indication of the Feds’ case going bad was a local report in the Toledo (Ohio) Blade, dated April 28, 2010. “An FBI agent who led the investigation of nine Michigan militia members charged with trying to launch war against the federal government couldn't recall many details of the two-year probe yesterday during questioning by defense lawyers.

“Even the judge who must decide whether to release the nine until trial was puzzled.

“‘I share the frustrations of the defense team . . . that she doesn’t know anything,’ U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said after agent Leslie Larsen confessed she hadn’t reviewed her notes recently and couldn’t remember specific details of the case.”

See the report at:

Can you believe testimony such as this was given in a court of law by a supposedly intelligent federal officer­an agent who had supposedly compiled the evidence that was used to arrest and incarcerate these supposedly “dangerous militia members”? If it wasn’t so serious, this would be a joke!

Remember that it was a federal informant who had infiltrated the group and even offered to teach Hutaree members how to make improvised explosive devices. On this point, William Grigg wrote, “While federal prosecutors have provided ample evidence that members of the Hutaree are passionately anti-government­what decent person ISN’T­they haven’t been able to demonstrate that the group did anything more than engage in survivalist training and indulge in apocalyptic rhetoric.” (Emphasis in the original.)

As a result, Judge Roberts found the government’s case sorely lacking. “Discussions about killing local law enforcement officers­and even discussions about killing members of the judicial branch of government­do not translate to conspiring to overthrow, or levy war against, the United States government,” she wrote, ordering that the Hutaree suspects be released on bail.

About which, Grigg wrote, “Since the federal case against the Hutaree rests entirely on what was SAID by the suspects, rather than anything specific that was DONE by them, it’s difficult to see what’s left of it [the case].” (Emphasis in the original.)

See Grigg’s column at:

But then again, punishing people because of their speech or political associations seems to be exactly where America is heading.

Remember that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is famous for supplying Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fusion Centers and State law enforcement agencies with warnings against people due to their political beliefs (pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, anti-United Nations, anti-New World Order, or anti-illegal immigration, for example), their associations (Libertarian or Constitution parties, for example), or even who they voted for (Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or Chuck Baldwin, to be precise). Previous reports even identified people as “dangerous” because of the books they were reading. (Tell me, again: this is the United States and not Nazi Germany, right?)

Now consider the statements of US Congressman Andre Carson (D-Indiana), who likens Tea Party protesters to “a terrorist threat.”

Washington Times reporter Kerry Picket recorded Rep. Carson as he explained it all:

Kerry Picket (Washington Times): “Do you think the people outside [Tea Party protesters] are generally dangerous or no?”

Rep. Carson: “Oh, absolutely. I worked in homeland security. I’m from intelligence, and I’ll tell you, one of the largest threats to our internal security . . . I mean terrorism has an Islamic face, but it really comes from racial supremacist groups. (inaudible) It’s the kind of thing we keep a threat assessment on record [for].”

Larry O’Connor at then wrote, “And we can now see this two pronged message continuing in the narrative from Democratic politicians and the media: The Tea Party protests are really about white rage and they are sowing the seeds for domestic terrorism. This was the message delivered by Rep. Carson that afternoon and that is the message the media has run with.

“Only problem is, we can’t find any proof to back up Rep. Carson’s story.”

See the report at:

The truth is, if the federal government and its prostitutes at the SPLC have their way, ANYONE COULD BE IMPRISONED FOR ANYTHING! Don’t believe physicians should destroy human life in the womb? You’re a terrorist. Don’t like the United Nations? You’re a terrorist. Believe immigrants should come through the front door when migrating to America? You’re a terrorist. Voted for Ron Paul? You’re a terrorist. Believe in the return of Jesus Christ? You’re a terrorist. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseam.

Again, maybe this helps explain why all those (non-existent) FEMA camps are being built!

In my initial column on the Hutaree raid, I wrote, “Did members of the Hutaree intend to carry out aggressive violence against law enforcement personnel? I have no idea. Until this story broke in the national media, I had never heard of this group. I will wait for the facts to come out­if indeed the federal government and national media even allow the facts to come out.”

See my column at:

Well, the facts are beginning to come out: The FBI agent who brought the charges against these self-professed militia members made a complete fool of herself under oath in a court of law. She presented zero evidence to indicate that the Hutaree posed an imminent threat to anybody. Now that the judge has released the Hutaree members from jail and rebuked the agent for presenting such inept testimony, we’ll see if the Feds decide to pursue the case any further. Again, as Will Grigg said, “Since the federal case against the Hutaree rests entirely on what was SAID by the suspects, rather than anything specific that was DONE by them, it’s difficult to see what’s left of it [the case].”

However, the bigger question is, How far will Big-Government toadies try to take this Nazi-like philosophy: that anyone who believes in limited government and freedom, and who rejects their sanctimonious attitude and bullying is a “dangerous terrorist”? And even greater is the question, How long will the American people put up with it?

*If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute these editorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made by credit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link:

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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