Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Hutaree militia members are released from jail

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Obamacare Nullification
I just got back meeting with the Regional Director for JBS
I was actually going out tonite to meet this Patriot who had asked me if I could burn her a half dozen of Alex Jones's DVDs and make 20 copies each, so she could pass them out to her friends.
I get to Golden Corral and see my buddy's van their and went in to see him.

Find out he was attending the monthly local JBS meeting and so I decided to stick around and hangout to hear the Regional JBS Director speak who came in from Columbus Ohio.
Tom Rice says big things are happening and the next stratagy to going after Obamacare and now to work on Nullification at the State Level.

JBS just published thier latest magazine with details on the next campaign to get copys into the hands of every lawmaker in every state across this country.

It's gonna be a big job and work is going to be cut out for those who want to reverse the FEDS legislation.

Look this page ovar and send it to evaryone ya know so we can get this into every lawmakers hands in every state before Obamacare begins soon.
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