Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I guess since I voted for this Greg Dickman 2 weeks ago during the Primary and Mark Souder just Resigned.

Since he won the primary and it now f**ks up my job as a State Delegate deciding who the F**k do I nominate for November?

How will the major parties select candidates for the special election to fill the vacant seat in Congress?

Major political parties, i.e. Republicans and Democrats, will select candidates to be on the special election ballot by caucus. Within 30 days of the vacancy, the state party chairmen must call their caucuses, composed of precinct committeemen within the congressional district, who will nominate and elect their party’s candidate (IC 3-13-1-7(a)(2)).

A person who wants to become a candidate must file a declaration of candidacy with the chairman of their party’s caucus, in this case, state party chairs, and the Secretary of State or Indiana Election Division.

NEIN Field Reporter

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