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A nice catch from the Michigan Militia Intel Report from April 1st 2101 : A court document in the Hutaree case appears to have inadvertently revealed that an undercover FBI agent was involved in bringing down the Christian militia group.
The indictments of the nine Hutaree members -- charged in an alleged plot to kill police -- show up in a court record database on March 23. But the indictments were still sealed at the time. The Feds didn't make arrests until this past weekend. The records show that on March 26, of the men was listed as an FBI Agent and the Militia Community has narrowed it down to this Guy in the Video. One thing is for sure this Operative has played his last game setting up and framing Militia's Members across the Country. Get a Good look at this Guy and make sure he never infiltrates another Political Action Organization or provoke fear in the Patriot Community that almost sparked another Civil War.

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Undercover FBI Agent Helped Bring Down Hutaree Militia

Suzie-Q - 4 days ago

Thomas Piatek Undercover FBI Agent Helped In Sting Of Hutaree Militia TPM MUCKRAKER Justin Elliott | March 30, 2010, 6:20PM A nice catch from the Wall Street Journal : A court document in the Hutaree case appears to have inadvertently revealed that an undercover FBI agent was involved in bringing down the Christian Militia group. The indictments of the nine Hutaree members — charged in an alleged plot to kill police — show up in a court record database on March 23. But...

Read full story at Suzie-Q

Thomas Piatek age 46, Whiting, Ind
Large cache of weapons taken from home of militia suspect

Hutaree Training in the Training 2009

Michigan Militia featured on CNN 11-16-09

CNN did a piece on them last year and you can see them staging this whole event as what looks like to be the Hutaree undercover fed agent at the 2:08 mark of the video below wearing sunglasses in the background ...

Michigan Militia featured on CNN 11-16-09
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§ 311. Militia: composition and classes

(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

(b) The classes of the militia are—

(1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and

(2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

Undercover FBI Agent Helped In Sting Of Hutaree Militia

March 30, 2010, 6:20PM

A nice catch from the Wall Street Journal: A court document in the Hutaree case appears to have inadvertently revealed that an undercover FBI agent was involved in bringing down the Christian militia group.

The indictments of the nine Hutaree members -- charged in an alleged plot to kill police -- show up in a court record database on March 23. But the indictments were still sealed at the time. The Feds didn't make arrests until this past weekend.

The now-unsealed records show that on March 26, a correction was made to the indictment of one of the men, Thomas Piatek, because his middle name was listed wrong in the indictment and arrest warrant.

In the document noting the correction, this passage appears:

"The evidence presented before the Grand Jury ... included the sworn testimony of a law enforcement officer that the person pictured therein is the person known by a Cooperating Witness and an undercover FBI agent ... "

So there you have it -- there was an undercover agent and a cooperating witness who positively identified Piatek. We're pretty sure there's a good story behind this one ...

Undercover agent, witness provided intel on militia :: CHICAGO SUN ...

Undercover agent, witness provided intelligence on alleged Christian Militia Member ...

Christian Militia Member “Pale Horse

Police, federal agents in raids in Sandusky, Huron

By SARAH WEBER Sunday, March 28, 2010 5:31 PM EDT


The Toledo Police Northwest Ohio Bomb Squad and a police dog unit from Cleveland's RTA were among those responding with the FBI Saturday, March 27, 2010, at Bayshore Estates in Sandusky. Register photo/SARAH WEBER

A battalion of local officers and federal agents flooded the Bayshore Estates neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

A second raid was conducted in Huron. An FBI agent at the scene of the Bayshore Estates raid said a second, related raid was taking place at “another location.” Huron police confirmed late Saturday a raid had taken place in that city, but would say nothing more.

DETROIT NEWS story on raids in Michigan

Likewise, FBI agents at the scene and at the Cleveland field office are staying mum on the cause of the commotion.

“We did make some arrests,” said special agent Scott Wilson of the FBI’s Cleveland office.

He said the warrants were sealed in federal court and he could not release any information until after the suspects appear in court Monday.

Sandusky Police, Erie County Sheriff’s deputies, agents from Toledo Police Bomb Squad and Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s K9 Unit assisted at the scene.

Capt. Paul Sigsworth of the Erie County Sheriff’s office said he could not talk about the investigation.

Agents at Bayshore Estates yelled at residents to stay back at least a block from where they conducted the arrest on East Cedarwood Drive. Agents placed a handcuffed white male wearing a black shirt into a silver car.

Some officers in green uniforms carried large automatic rifles.

“We’re definitely in the dark,” said Terry Mills, who manages the trailer park with his wife, Barb.

A resident who asked her name not be used said she was reading in her living room when she heard sounds “like a semi” and a police radio, and looked outside to see two agents in FBI jackets crouching behind her car and more armed officers in her lawn.

She said an armored vehicle at the scene was one she’d seen earlier in the day on West Perkins Avenue.

The quiet east side neighborhood has seen its share of disturbances this year. It’s been the site of three total-loss trailer fires, one of which killed veteran John C. O’Reilly, 66, on New Year’s Day.

“It’s getting to be too much now,” Mills said.

He said he didn’t know who was arrested or why.

"Pale Horse" of the Hutaree Militia an Agent Provocateur or Patsy?

The FBI says Kristopher Sickles and the rest of the Hutaree militia had plotted to kill a police officer then kill even more officers by bombing the officer's funeral sometime in April.

On Saturday, nothing was normal when dozens of officers raided the Sickles's home and confiscated guns. Kelly says her husband was an avid collector.

The Strange Case of Kristopher Sickles and the Hutaree Militia

Alex also talks with "Pale Horse," 17 August 2009 who claims to be with the Ohio militia, and who produced a YouTube video the corporate media used to demonize the patriot movement last week.

March 30, 2010, 8:37 pm

The Government and the Militia Movement

The F.B.I.’s raids against members of a Michigan-based Christian militia over the weekend added to concerns about rising far-right activity across the country. Nine members of the group, called the Hutaree, face sedition and weapons charges in a scheme to kill law enforcement officers to incite an antigovernment revolt.

As the government deals with the re-emerging militia movement, what did it learn from the experiences of the 1990s, from the disastrous sieges in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex., in 1993 to its handling of Oklahoma City bombing case?
Thomas William Piatek (Bottom right end) appears not to be wearing a jail uniform

As Predicted, FBI Agent Discovered at Center of Alleged Hutaree Conspiracy Kurt Nimmo March 31, 2010 On Monday we asked you to count the hours before links to the feds emerged on this one turns out it was 48. The FBI had an informant inside the Hutaree group and he participated in the alleged conspiracy to kill law enforcement officers, according to The Wall Street Journal today. In sworn testimony, Thomas William Piatek is described as a Cooperating Witness and an undercover FBI agent. Thomas William Piatek is pictured at the bottom right. It is interesting to note that, unlike the other suspects, he appears not to be wearing a jail uniform. A spokesperson at the fbis Detroit office declined to comment on the undercover agent and any role such an agent may have had in the investigation. A spokesman at the Justice Department in Washington also declined to discuss specifics of the investigation, the Journal reports. It is not surprising that the FBI had penetrated the Hutaree group and an agent was apparently at the center of the alleged conspiracy. In fact, it is part of a well established pattern. On March 20, reported on allegations that a federal agent acted as a provocateur in the New York synagogue bombing conspiracy case. Defense attorneys in the case argued in court that the plot was hatched and directed by a federal informant. They said the informant badgered the defendants until they got involved in the plot, NBC New York reported

Alex Reveals FBI Agent Discovered at Center of Hutaree Militia Set-Up on The Alex Jones Show 1/2

Alex Reveals FBI Agent Discovered at Center of Hutaree Militia Set-Up on The Alex Jones Show 2/2

Militia Raids Part Of Government Effort to Provoke Violence, Purge Dissent
Militia insider says radical group were "perfect target" for feds

Steve Watson & Paul Watson
Monday, March 29th, 2010
News of a bust on nine members of a militia group in Detroit who were planning to "levy war" against the United States and "oppose by force" the nation's government, should be treated with extreme suspicion, given that every major terror bust in the U.S. in recent years has been contrived.

According to an indictment (PDF) unsealed this morning in U.S. District Court in Detroit, eight men and one woman were training in modern combat techniques for a prophesized battle with the anti-Christ.

The indictment described the nine as gearing up to use bombs and other weapons to kill local, state, and federal law enforcement officials in an effort to act as a "catalyst for a more wide-spread uprising against the government."

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force carried out a series of raids on group members in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio over the weekend.

Known as the "Hutaree" militia, each of the nine faces three to five charges, including sedition, attempts to use weapons of mass destruction, teaching/demonstrating use of explosive materials and two counts of carrying weapons in relation to a crime of violence.

Seven of the defendants appeared in court this morning and were ordered held without bond until Wednesday.

"This is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society," FBI special agent Andrew Arena told The Detroit News.

"The FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States." Arena added.

Comments made by a well known former militia leader indicate that the Hutaree were regarded by other militia outfits as radical and reckless "low-hanging fruits".

Mike Vanderboegh, who has close connections with the militia movement in Michigan and all over the country, was critical of the Hutaree, saying that they “have indicated in the past that, much like John Brown, they WANTED to start a civil war, which is why no responsible militia group in Michigan was willing to ally with them.”

Vanderboegh described the group as "a perfect target” for the feds, adding that the raids could have provoked a nationwide uprising if they had turned violent.

As we highlighted earlier this month, following the highly suspicious Pentagon shooting, recent history proves that domestic terror, far from being a militia plot or an "extremist fringe" threat, is a government specialty.

Just a brief reprisal of the last handful of major terror cases in the United States instantly reminds us that in every single instance the plot was artificially engineered by the federal government and then later seized upon, with the enthusiastic support of the corporate media, as justification for more funding, more power, and more authority to denounce critics of the war on terror and dissent against the state in general.

From ensuring known extremist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, now known as the underwear bomber, was able to board Flight 253 in Amsterdam last December, to allowing Fort Hood shooter Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to remain on a U.S. Army base, and even to participate in Homeland Security exercises, the actions of Federal authorities have provoked often tragic newsmaking incidents.

Dozens of terror busts and stings since 9/11 have been orchestrated by handlers aiding the accused terrorists at every turn. We have never come across a major case where the terrorists involved in a plot were not being prodded by the FBI and federal informants, or where clear prior knowledge and forewarning was not evident.

Lawyers in a case relating to the much vaunted 2007 terror plot to attack Fort Dix and kill “as many soldiers as possible” concluded that FBI informants were the key figures behind the operation and that the accused, six foreign-born Muslims, were merely bungling patsies.

Similarly, the "Toronto 18" terrorists turned out to be “a bunch of incompetent guys who were primarily misled by a delusional megalomaniac”. The explosive fertilizer material the terrorist cell apparently planned to use was in fact purchased by an informant working for the RCMP who had radicalized the group.

In the media-lauded Miami terror case in 2007, the supposed ringleader Narseal “Prince Marina” Batiste “had heard of Al-Qaeda, but wasn’t sure what it stood for. The FBI instigators made Batiste swear loyalty to al-Qaida; then had him call on his local buddies to form an ‘Islamic army’ in Miami. None had military training. Some could barely read. But Batiste assured the group in the midst of its collective marijuana buzz of greatness ahead,” wrote Saul Landau.

These were the men who comedian John Stewart referred to as “seven dipshits in a warehouse” after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had ludicrously told the press that the group of semi-retarded gang-bangers had planned to “wage a ground war against America”.

One of the more recent examples was the case of the so-called Muslim terrorists busted in New York, who supposedly wanted to blow up synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the New York Air National Guard base. The men were provided with fake explosives and inactive missiles by an FBI informant, reported the Christian Science Monitor. Two of the ringleaders of the “deadly” plot which was endlessly hyped by the media turned out to be semi-retarded potheads, exactly as we had predicted would be the case due to the innumerable past cases with the exact same modus operandi.

Then we have the most deadly and contrived "christian-patriot" terror plot - the OKC bombing of 1995. While the SPLC, the ADL and similar organizations are happy to play the Timothy McVeigh card over and over again, to back up the notion that hate-filled right wing extremists are taking over the country, they are less enthusiastic to mention the fact that McVeigh planned his deadly assault on the Alfred P. Murrah building under the intimate direction of a high-level FBI official. This according to McVeigh’s co-conspirator Terry Nichols, a claim voluminously backed up by a plethora of evidence that has been presented in court on several occasions.

Time and time again it is revealed that the only prominent people who call for violence in the patriot movement turn out to be working for the feds.

In light of all these cases, and the ongoing effort to re-direct the focus of the war on terror away from foreign muslim terrorists to "home grown" American "extremists", the question must be explored - were the FBI actively involved in radicalizing the "Hutaree" militia? Were any of the militia members FBI informants?

Count the hours until the links emerge.

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9/11 Shanksville Mayor and MSM say "No Plane Debris" at Flight 93 crash site.

Mon Apr 5, 2010 16:59

U.S. attorney or district attorney can prosecute Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for murder on 9/11

Recent evidence that has emerged pointing to the high-level involvement of operatives of Israel and the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, in the false flag events of 9/11 does not alter the liability of Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld for prosecution for treason and for murder.

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

Alfred Lambremont Webre

This article is the fourth of a multi-part series on secret technologies, their application to the events of September 11, 2001, and the consequent implications for our society.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld can each be prosecuted for murder by a U.S. attorney, by a district attorney or by a non-U.S. state prosecutor whose citizens were killed at the World Trade Center or in any aspect of the false flag operation on September 11, 2001. The prima facie evidence for prosecuting Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld for murder is contained in a Memorandum to the U.S. Congress, Parts IV – VII of which published in the article below.

In 2008, former Los Angeles assistant District Attorney and author Vincent Bugliosi presented the legal framework for the prosecution of former George W. Bush for murder in having intentionally misled the U.S. Congress in taking the U.S. to war in Iraq. This reporter, Alfred Lambremont Webre, has successfully presented the legal framework for the prosecution of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for murder for having knowingly engaged in command and control operations in the false flag operation of 9/11 that intentionally led to the deaths of approximately 2830 innocent civilians and emergency responders at or around the World Trade Center.

In Memo to U.S. Congress: prima facie evidence that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld committed treason on 9/11, reported how a Memorandum to the U.S. Congress presented to then incoming Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich), following the November 2006 mid-term elections sets out prima facie evidence for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to prosecute then U.S. President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and numerous Jane and John Does for treason under Article III (3) of the U.S. Constitution for acts committed on September 11, 2001.

One source states, “In common law jurisdictions, prima facie denotes evidence which – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact. For example, in a trial under Criminal law the prosecution has the burden of presenting prima facie evidence of each element of the crime charged against the defendant.” The source continues: “Murder, as defined in common law countries, is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent (or malice aforethought), and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter). As the loss of a human being inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close to the victim, as well as the fact that the commission of a murder deprives the victim of their existence, most societies both present and in antiquity have considered it a most serious crime worthy of the harshest of punishment. A person convicted of murder is typically given a life sentence or even the death penalty for such an act. A person who commits murder is called a murderer.” 

The Memorandum to the U.S. Congress is still on the desk of Rep. John Conyers, Jr. awaiting further action by the U.S. Judiciary Committee. However, as this article demonstrates, prima facie evidence exists for a U.S. attorney, a district attorney or a non-U.S. state prosecutor whose citizens were killed at the World Trade Center or in any aspect of the false flag operation on September 11, 2001 to prosecute Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld for murder.

The false flag operation of 9/11 is not an academic issue. NATO heads of state, from U.S. President Barack H. Obama to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper routinely still employ "9/11" as the political and symbolic pretext for a war in Afghanistan, and for the expansion of police state measures domestically and in the world’s travel, banking and financial matrix. In a 2006 paper entitled, “False Flag Operations, 9/11, and the Exopolitical Perspective”, Dr. Michael E. Salla writes: “According to an August 2006 Scripps Howard/Ohio University national survey, 36% of Americans believe 9-11 was an ‘inside job’ with government agencies complicit in what occurred. A Zogby poll in May 2006 found that 42% of Americans believed that official explanations and the 9-11 Commission were covering up the truth.”

Memorandum to the U.S. Congress – parts IV – VII

The following are Parts IV – VII of the Memorandum, together with relevant evidentiary attachments.

For reasons of space, the excerpts from the Memorandum to the U.S. Congress in this article do not contain the footnotes and full references in the original Memorandum. readers are encouraged to download a copy of the original Memorandum to the U.S. Congress (PDF) here or here.

IV. Why Did the President and His Secret Service Agents Remain at the School?

“President George W. Bush reportedly believed, upon hearing that a plane had struck one of the Twin Towers, that it was an accident. It was not terribly strange, therefore, that he decided to go ahead with the photo-op at the school in Sarasota. Word of the second strike, however, should have indicated to him and his Secret Service agents---assuming the truth of official story, according to which these strikes were unexpected---that the country was undergoing an unprecedented terrorist attack. And yet the Secret Service allowed him to remain at the school for another half hour.

“This behavior was very strange. The president’s location had been highly publicized. If the attacks were indeed unexpected, the Secret Service would have had no idea how many planes had been hijacked, and they would have had to assume that the president himself might be one of the targets: What could be more satisfying to foreign terrorists attacking high-value targets in the United States than to kill the president? For all the Secret Service would have known, a hijacked airliner might have been bearing down on the school at that very minute, ready to crash into it, killing the president and everyone else there---including the Secret Service agents themselves. It is, in any case, standard procedure for the Secret Service to rush the president to a safe location whenever there is any sign that he may be in danger. And yet these agents, besides allowing the president to remain in the classroom another 10 minutes, permitted him to speak on television, thereby announcing to the world that he was still at the school.

“Would not this behavior be explainable only if Bush and the head of the Secret Service detail knew that the planned attacks did not include an attack on the president? And how could this have been known for certain unless the attacks were being carried out by people within our own government? The 9/11 Commission, far from asking these questions, was content to report that ‘[t]he Secret Service told us they . . . did not think it imperative for [the president] to run out the door.’ A serious inquiry into this matter, therefore, remains to be made.”

V. Why Did the 9/11 Commission Lie about Vice President Cheney?

“One sign of the complicity of Vice President Cheney is the fact that the 9/11 Commission evidently felt a need to lie about the time of two of his activities: his entry into the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) under the White House and his giving the order to shoot down any unauthorized airplanes.

“It had been widely reported that Cheney had gone down to the PEOC shortly after the second strike on the WTC, hence about 9:15. The most compelling witness was Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, who testified to the 9/11 Commission that when he arrived at the PEOC at 9:20, Cheney was already there and fully in charge. “The 9/11 Commission Report, however, claimed that Cheney did not enter the ‘shortly before 10:00, perhaps at 9:58.’ Mineta’s testimony, given in an open hearing, was simply omitted from the Commission’s final report. Why would the Commission go to such lengths to conceal the true time of Cheney’s entry into the PEOC?

“One possible reason would involve the content of Mineta’s testimony. He said: ‘During the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, ‘The plane is 50 miles out.’ ‘The plane is 30 miles out.’ And when it got down to ‘the plane is 10 miles out,’ the young man also said to the Vice President, ‘Do the orders still stand?’ And the Vice President . . . said, ‘Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?’

“Mineta said that this conversation---evidently meaning the final exchange---occurred at about 9:25 or 9:26.

“This testimony creates a problem for the official story. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s spokesman, in explaining why the Pentagon was not evacuated before it was struck, claimed that ‘[t]he Pentagon was simply not aware that this aircraft was coming our way.’ The 9/11 Commission claimed that there was no warning about an unidentified aircraft heading towards Washington until 9:36 and hence only ‘one or two minutes’ before the Pentagon was struck at 9:38. Mineta’s account, however, says that Cheney knew about an approaching aircraft more than 10 minutes earlier. There would have been over 12 minutes for the Pentagon to be evacuated.

“Mineta’s account also seems to suggest that Cheney had issued stand-down orders. Mineta himself did not make this allegation, saying instead that he assumed that ‘the orders’ were to have the plane shot down. But besides the fact that that interpretation does not fit what actually happened--the aircraft was not shot down---it would make the story unintelligible: The question whether the orders still stood would not make sense unless they were orders to do something unexpected---not to shoot the aircraft down. By omitting Mineta’s testimony and stating that Cheney did not enter the almost 10:00, the 9/11 Commission implied that Cheney could not have given a stand-down order to allow an aircraft to strike the Pentagon.

“The lie about Cheney’s entry into the PEOC was also important to the controversy over whether the US military shot down Flight 93. The 9/11 Commission, simply ignoring a vast amount of evidence that the military did so, supported the official claim that it did not. The Commission provided this support by claiming that Cheney, having not arrived at the almost 10:00, did not issue the shoot-down order until after 10:10---which would have been seven or more minutes after Flight 93 had crashed (at 10:03). But in addition to the evidence that Cheney had been in the PEOC since about 9:15, we also have evidence---including statements from Richard Clarke and Colonel Robert Marr, the head of NORAD’s northeast sector (NEADS) ---that Cheney’s shoot-down order was issued well before 10:00.

“The 9/11 Commission’s obvious lies about Cheney’s activities give reason to suspect that it, under the leadership of Philip Zelikow, was trying to conceal Cheney’s responsibility for the Pentagon strike and the downing of Flight 93.”

VI. Did Members of the Bush-Cheney Administration Have Reasons to Desire the Attacks of 9/11?

“Besides having the means and opportunity to orchestrate the events of 9/11 and their subsequent cover-up, high officials in the Bush-Cheney administration would also have had motives.

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Ooooh they be haarping the shit out of us

They are HAARPING the shit out of US.

New very exceptional 2-3Hz vibrations normally only seen before the Chile, Haiti and the famous tsunami quakes, begun again and are continuing right now. They Haarp activity is the Highest Energy Levels ever Recorded from what I've studied. This all occuring since just before the 7.2 EQ in Baja California.

This is the Latest bursts and Disturbing how loud these explosions are.

The image in this video is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale. If the images below is not too interesting, you might want to look at 02 Sep 2004 for an example of narrowband PC1 pulsations, or 27 Jul 2004 for an example of wideband ULF noise during a magnetic substorm. Expanded plots of the last 12 hours, last 6 hours, last 3 hours, and last 1 hour are also available.

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7.2 Hits Baja; Rattles LA to Phoenix -Watch Cascadia and Puerto Rico

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Although yesterday's 7.2 mag. at Baja grabbed millions of people's attention from Mexico to Los Angeles to Phoenix, I would suggest the heightened potential for danger lies just ahead. When both modern science and ancient text point in the same direction and in the same time period, I sit straight up and pay very close attention.

Baja Quake List - CLICK HERE

This is the case for the latest shower of large quakes and volcanic activity. I would suggest the most dangerous areas in the world regarding natural disasters within the next two weeks or perhaps the next two years, is the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Puerto Rico Trench. Mayan prophecy has predicted such, and current geo-science trends suggest such.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone which runs from Northern California - through Oregon, Washington and up the Canadian coast to Alaska. (see graph below). The second area of greatest danger which was stated just a few months ago by Mayan elders is lower Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean.

Cascadia Subduction Zone

Although it is not specifically mentioned by the elders, recent geo-scientific trends indicate the Puerto Rico area which most people would include as part of the eastern Caribbean, is the most likely place for a large or mega quake to occur. It is an area known as the Puerto Rico Trench. It is also called the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone. It will not be the quake which is the killer; it will be the tsunami which follows.

Puerto Rico Subduction Zone

Modern Science Confirms Ancient Prophecy

A dozen major earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have occurred in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in the past 500 years, and several have generated tsunamis. The most recent major earthquake, a magnitude 8.1 in 1946, resulted in a tsunami that killed a reported 1,600 people.

With nearly twenty million people now living in this tourist region and a major earthquake occurring on average every 50 years, scientists say it is not a question of if it will happen but when. They are calling for the establishment of tsunami early warning systems in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, and better public education about the real tsunami threats in these regions.

The Puerto Rico Trench, which is capable of producing mega-quakes of magnitude 8 or greater, faces north and east into the Atlantic Ocean. There are few land areas or islands to block a tsunami generated near the Puerto Rico Trench from entering the Atlantic Ocean. The United States East Coast has a high risk of suffering a direct hit from a tsunami 'surge' or 10 story foot waves.

Here is today's list of an ongoing 'swarm' of earthquakes hitting the Puerto Rico Area - CLICK HERE

More Coming This Week ............. Stay Tuned


Mitch Battros Research on Sun-Earth Connection and 2012

Mitch Battros presents fascinating, and sometimes shocking, research from the world's top scientists. After years of dialogue with these experts, Mitch has been accepted into the guarded halls of NASA, NOAA, ESA, Royal Observatory, the US Naval Observatory and other highly esteemed scientific bodies. In addition to the latest research on the Sun's influence on our "weather", Mitch also presents ground-breaking evidence of how the Sun and other celestial orbs produce 'charged particles' and their impact on humanity.

Just as the Sun's solar activity affects the Earth's magnetic field which has a dramatic affect on Earth's weather i.e. earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes; so does this wave of electrical currents affect the human body's magnetic field. Mitch also reveals a little-known development from modern medicine known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS provides empirical evidence of how magnetic fields can influence human emotions.

Solar Cycle 24 has begun - and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its 'record breaking' predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its 'apex' (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.

"I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as "the transition" bringing us to a new state-of-being". (Mitch Battros)

Endorsements: CLICK HERE

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