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Democratic U.S. House of Representative Hank Johnson said that the island nation of Guam will “capsize,” subsequently causing an Internet sensation. On Thursday, he said he was merely using subtle humor.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” said Johnson to Admiral Robert Willard at a committee meeting.

Willard, with what appeared to be a smile, said, “We don't anticipate that,” adding that Guam only has over a hundred thousand people.

His video-taped blunder at a House Armed Services Committee on Mar. 25. was subsequently uploaded to YouTube and played on several radio stations.

Johnson was concerned that relocating several thousand marine troops could possibly be problematic for the small island nation. Guam may not be able to hold several thousand more people because it is “24 miles long and about 7 miles wide at the least widest place and about 12 miles on the widest part of the island,” said Johnson.

Rep. Johnson said on Thursday that he was merely being funny and used the “capsize” term in a metaphorical sense.

"The subtle humor of this obviously metaphorical reference to a ship capsizing illustrated my concern about the impact of the planned military buildup on this small tropical island,” said Johnson in a statement on Thursday.

As of Friday evening, over 1.3 million people have watched two of the videos on YouTube, both uploaded on Wednesday and Thursday.

After the “capsize” remark, Johnson expressed concern that relocating the marines may cause ecological harm to Guam, which is a U.S. territory.

Hank Johnson Congress:Guam Tipping Over Video

Newsopi : Breaking News & Politics (blog) - ‎1 hour ago‎
Johnson told the commander that he is truly fearing that the entire island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize. ...

No Joke: Congressman Hank Johnson Fears Guam May Tip Over and Capsize

Habledash (satire) (blog) - ‎Apr 1, 2010‎
Hank Johnson worried that having too many people on Guam could cause the island to "tip over and capsize." Yes, a Congressman, whose salary of $174000 that ...

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Obama: "I Can Go to My Right, but I Prefer My Left" ‎

NOLINKNEWS 03 April 2010President Obama hit the basketball court and talked politics with CBS "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith this morning.

Smith asked Mr. Obama, who is left-handed, if he can ever go to his right.

"I can go to my right, but I prefer my left," the president says.

He doesn't always sink his famous jump shot.

"You know, I've got a few other things on my mind," said Mr. Obama, who then makes the jump shot. "Its like health care, I always come from behind - I finish strong.

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Video: Interview with Doctor Who Allegedly Refused to Take Patients Who Voted Obama: I was Angry, Discouraged!

The Florida doctor who allegedly refused to take patients by hanging a sign on the front of his practice's door said that he was angry and also discouraged when he tried to inform himself and then his patients about thechaos that is Barack Obama's health care "reform." Appearing in an exclusive cable TV interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto, Dr. Jack Cassell also clarified that his sign telling patients who voted for Obama to "seek urologic care elsewhere" was misinterpreted and blown out of proportion, as he was adamant that he would still take care of patients regardless of their political leanings and just wanted to send a message about the problems with Obama's health care "reform." It was gratifying to hear the good doctor tell his side of the story away from the liberal, mainstream media's spin, as they had been unfairly piling on and basically accusing him of turning away Obama voters.

Dr. Cassell said that the reason behind his sign appearing on his door came from his dutiful-yet-frustrating efforts to understand precisely the timeline of implementation of some of the provisions in Obama's health care "reform." The provisions that really set off the good doctor—and consequently caused him to post his sign in a form of symbolic protest—were ones concerning ancillary services, diagnostic imaging, and nursing homes.

Apparently, in a year or so, according to the doctor, these services "mysteriously" begin disappearing under
Obama's health care "reform," which would certainly support the arguments of people like Dick Morris who have long and resolutely asserted that Obama's health care "reform" would lead to rationing of care!

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Barack's own 'Helter Skelter'

After 14 months of committing 100% to health care reform, the day after the signing of the Health Care bill was to mark the Democratic Party’s new primary concern: destroy the uprising, annihilate by all means necessary, the Tea Party movement.

The first sign that a plan was in place was the ham-fisted, high-camp posturing of the most controversial members of the Democratic caucus walking through the peaceful but animated “Tea Party” demonstrators on Capitol Hill. There is no reason for these elected officials to walk above ground through the media circus amid their ideological foes. The natural route is the tunnels between the House office buildings and the Capitol. By crafting a highly symbolic walk of the Congressional Black Caucus through the majority white crowd, the Democratic Party was looking to provoke a negative reaction. They didn’t get it. So they made it up.

The proof that the N-word wasn’t said once, let alone 15 times, as Rep. Andre Carson claimed, is that soon thereafter — even though the press dutifully reported it as truth — Nancy Pelosi followed the alleged hate fest, which allegedly included someone spitting, by walking through the crowd with a gavel in hand and a shit-eating grin on her face. Had the incidents reported by the Congressional Black Caucus actually occurred the Capitol Police would have been negligent to allow the least popular person to that crowd – the Speaker – to put herself in harm’s way.

That crowd was a sea of new-media equipment. Not only were tens of thousands people armed with handicams, BlackBerrys and iPods, so also was the mainstream media there, covering every inch of the event. Why did not one mainstream media outlet raise the specter that perhaps a video would exist to prove the events occurred? I am still dealing with the same press telling me we didn’t prove that ACORN was aiding and abetting criminal activity because we “did not provide enough audio and video evidence.” (Insert laugh track.) Is there not a blatant double standard at play here? Nancy Pelosi tipped her hand that race was a central part of her strategy. She invoked the Civil Rights Act and compared it with the universally reviled health care bill. Her caucus is doubling down on the civil-rights rhetoric. There are no coincidences.

Linking the health-care bill, which has nothing to do with black and white, to the divisive civil-rights period, while simultaneously accusing its opponents of being racist, is an evil strategy — literally. Charles Manson would approve [1].

The Democratic Party is trying to signal to the black community and to progressive media types that the way to push back against the Tea Party and Republicans is to use the reliable race card by provoking a racial incident. The ensuing rhetoric about the bill and about the nature of the Tea Party is based upon repeated talking points. Propaganda. Everyone is on message that Republicans and Tea Partiers are racist — a divisive and dangerous argument, so lacking in any shred of evidence save for the fact that the majority in the Tea Party, as in America itself, is white. This is Duke lacrosse politics [2] at its worst.

Those in the movement who are Hispanic or black are given the Clarence Thomas treatment: mocked, ridiculed and marginalized. The Democratic party cannot afford for minority groups to break from the pack, so they show that apostasy is met with high-grade ridicule. Those willing to withstand vile and hateful un-American taunts are some of America’s greatest patriots.

The press went straight to petrified Republican leaders like John Boehner and Michael Steele over the falsified “N-word” allegations, who dutifully offered apologies that they were not qualified to give. It was a set-up.

I smelled a rat so I offered at first $10k five days after the highly publicized alleged incidents happened. How could we be five full news cycles into this major controversy and not have any evidence? In fact, the existing footage showed the Congressional Black Caucus walking and never once moving their heads toward any “racist outbursts.” Is it conceivable that all of them stoically walked by the N-word as it was hurled 15 times — as they were holding up cameras to convey they were suspicious of the crowd to begin with?

We are now two weeks since the bill was signed and the $10k reward jumped to $20k in a day after it was mentioned on both Hannity and O’Reilly. At the Searchlight Tea Party event last weekend I upped the ante to $100k. So where’s the evidence? Ken Vogel of Politico covered this story and said calls to Rep. John Lewis — one of the originator’s of the N-word storyline – were never returned.

Nancy Pelosi did a great disservice to a great civil rights icon [3] by thrusting him out there to perform this mischievous task. His reputation is now on the line as a result of her desperation to take down the Tea Party movement.

We’ve called their bluff. And they have tried to back off. They realize that this race warfare can backfire, just as it did with the railroaded Duke lacrosse players, as it did with professor Madonna Constantine and her faked noose [4] incident at Columbia and the Sergeant Crowley boner by Barack Obama who stupidly said the white police officer had behaved “stupidly” in handcuffing Skip Gates.


The first Alinsky president is now using surrogates to split this nation into two hostile parties so he can puppeteer the have-nots against the perceived haves. The non-response to my $100k challenge is a tacit acknowledgement that the Congressional Black Caucus and Barack Obama don’t have the stomach for doubling down.

The other part of the strategy that is built into the N-Word Capitol Hill Walk is the strategy to incite. The media is doing their job for them by speaking of an unhinged white Tea Party mob. Absent any evidence other than creatively selected hand-crafted signs from the fringe of the audience that are presented to represent the whole, the media is simply repeating assumptions that Democrats and media elites have against fly-over types. What we have here is hardcore media elitism mixed with politically correct class warfare.

The Searchlight Nevada Tea Party is the Rosetta Stone of the Democratic Party strategy. Tea Party protesters were not going to Sen. Harry Reid’s office building to threaten individuals, Democratic-style: “No Justice, No Peace!” They went to the middle of nowhere [5], a place akin to the moon landing site, to talk up the constitution, the founding documents and to express their dismay with the current political class. The real astroturf, the bought-and-paid-for, union-thug support network that does the heavy lifting and the bone breaking, traveled to Searchlight to incite a fight. Video captured by my film crew caught Harry-Reid-placard-holding, t-shirt-wearing appartchiks, not just misdirecting traffic down the wrong highway but also, when confronted over that hostile act, throwing a dozen eggs at the passing Tea Party Express bus.

The usual suspects of Democratic Party apologists, like John Podesta’s Media Matters, were quick to diminish the events. Eric Boehlert dubbed my report “the Phantom Egg,” calling into question my veracity. But on tape a day later we were able to prove that the Harry Reid supporters were not just the ones who’d misdirected traffic, they were also the ones who threw the eggs, just as they were also the ones who called the police to report that I was the egg thrower and the instigator. Classic Alinsky. Accuse those of the acts that you are doing. It usually works. But in this day and age of new media and hyper-media, the tape, or lack thereof, usually tells the tale.

The race baiting of the Tea Party crowd on the Capitol front was caught by calling the Democrats out — and they didn’t deliver the goods. The attempt to incite a reaction from the Nevada Tea Party was even worse. They were the violent ones, who traveled out of their way to provoke an incident — and when they didn’t get it, they blamed the victim.

IT’S ON TAPE [6]. And the person lying on camera to the police is the field director of the Nevada Democratic Party.

Over at Media Matters, Podesta’s den of deceit, the phantom egg has turned into Breitbart mockery over easter eggs. Change the subject, misdirection, their side caught with their pants around their ankles, don’t look there media, there’s nothing to see here.


The Democrats need to kill the Tea Party movement. They need to marginalize and demonize those who would stand up to their hardball, toxic and anti-democratic tactics. Their strategy is to bait and incite the Tea Party and to use whatever they can get to silence the awakening giant. They have failed, epically, and the American people now see these tactics for what they are. At long last, new people every day are beginning to understand the kinds of people we are dealing with here.

Will the media keep falling into the trap? Their business model continues to fail each and every time they are suckered – unless, of course, they are doing it on purpose. The Republican Party failed in its attempt to make good with the Tea Party when its leaders apologized for it. When will the GOP stop playing Charlie Brown to the media’s Lucy? The Democratic party has been exposed as trying to create a Kristallnacht to save the Obama presidency along the fault line of race and the essence of the First Amendment. If the GOP does not have the intestinal fortitude to fight back, a growing number of disenchanted and disenfrachised Tea Party participants will have to do it themselves.

Who is calling the shots here? Is it the White House, by way of Chicago? Or is it Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? The press refused to tell you the truth about this president. It refused to tell you of his proud adherence to the teachings of the original Chicago “community organizer” Saul Alinsky. We have now entered the first full-fledged Alinsky presidency. The only way to beat Alinsky is with Alinsky. The Democrats and President Obama will not give up this tack. Do you think the GOP will win the day in November and in 2012 if its strategy is to apologize for every manufactured “right wing fringe” outrage?

With President Obama over the last week calling attention to the Tea Parties and their “heated” rhetoric, he has officially connected himself to the civil war his minions have flailingly attempted to inflame. The only good thing to come of this is that we can now officially put to rest the laughable notion that Obama was going to be the first post-racial president.

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[1] Charles Manson would approve:

[2] Duke lacrosse politics:

[3] a great civil rights icon:

[4] Madonna Constantine and her faked noose:

[5] the middle of nowhere:


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low lights :
  • "The biggest human rights scandal in years is developing in Colombia, though you wouldn't notice it from the total lack of media coverage here. The largest mass grave unearthed in Colombia was discovered by accident last year just outside a Colombian Army base in La Macarena, a rural municipality located in the Department of Meta just south of Bogota. The grave was discovered when children drank from a nearby stream and started to become seriously ill. These illnesses were traced to runoff from what was discovered to be a mass grave -- a grave marked only with small flags showing the dates (between 2002 and 2009) on which the bodies were buried.
  • According to a February 10, 2010 letter issued by Alexandra Valencia Molina, Director of the regional office of Colombia's own Procuraduria General de la Nacion -- a government agency tasked to investigate government corruption -- approximately 2,000 bodies are buried in this grave. The Colombian Army has admitted responsibility for the grave, claiming to have killed and buried alleged guerillas there. However, the bodies in the grave have yet to be identified. Instead, against all protocol for handling the remains of anyone killed by the military, especially those of guerillas, the bodies contained in the mass grave were buried there secretly without the requisite process of having the Colombian government certify that the deceased were indeed the armed combatants the Army claims......
  • The discovery of this mass grave by sheer accident raises the prospect that there are more yet to be found. Certainly, it is the consensus of human rights groups in Colombia that this is only be the tip of the iceberg.
  • In any case, the discovery of this grave, on top of the large magnitude of the "false positive" scandal already known, justifies a serious rethinking of U.S. policy toward Colombia -- a policy pursuant to which the U.S. has sent over $7 billion of military aid to Colombia since 2000 and still counting. This policy, which President Obama is only deepening, has continued the U.S.'s long-standing practice of giving the most military aid to the worst human rights abusers. T
  • he time is way overdue for this practice to end....."
  • the '... grave was discovered just outside a Colombian military base overseen by U.S. military advisers -- the U.S. having around 600 military advisers in that country -- is especially troubling, and raises serious questions about the U.S.'s own conduct in that country.
  • In addition, this calls into even greater question the propriety of President Obama's agreement with President Alvaro Uribe last summer to grant the U.S. access to 7 military bases in that country. ..."

this is why I give no 'benefit of the doubt ' to Wall Street supported and supporter Barrack

He continues the twenty years of practice that serves the banksters and CEO gangsters that profit from oil and opium and cocaine and war - and thru fear and bigotry and divisiveness and distraction and polarization. ...

all while maintaining a faux war on drugs and 'terrorists' and the bogey man

the more things change the more they stay the same

in the genius words of Janis S

speaking of the UK but so true here as well

there are no two parties -

they are

but the

"two cheeks of the same bottom

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Please join U.S. Saturday night, April 3rd, 2010. I've got a GREAT show lined up. My special guest will be Kurt Kallenbach an Illinois native Kurt Kallenbach is gravely concerned about what is happening to his country. Like many others, he believes our political leaders in Washington, D.C. Are not just failing us, but have become completely anti-American in their activities. But unlike most others, he has decided to do something about it, one step at a time.

On May 30th, 2009, Kurt “Walk” Kallenbach, 48, walked out the back door of his Rockford home bound for the true source of America’s misery, Washington D.C. He is on a One Man March Against Tyranny.

“Due to the political assault on the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and most importantly, Individual Rights, I have decided to take a walk from my little green house in Rockford, to a large white house in the Kingdom of Washington D.C.,” said Kallenbach. “I feel that the time has come for the American People to aggressively remind all those holding elected office, that it is we, “the People,” not they, “the elected,” who ultimately decide the fate of this wonderful country.”

It is becoming more apparent with each passing day that this country’s new political regime has no tolerance for the patriotic activities of the American People. Yet, even the massive, fear based propaganda machine, assembled by our current anti-American, Chicago “thugocracy” cannot “quiet” regular American guys like Mr. Kallenbach. “There are at least 100 million Americans out there who feel the exact same way as I do,” stated Kallenbach. “These are real people, normal people, from all walks of life,” he added.

“Ultimately,” said Kallenbach, “my walk was not only an effort to help “dissolve the integrity of American ignorance,” but to remind the American People that we can terminate the political CANCER within our government any time we want.”

Since the 800 Mile “One Man March” to DC

Co-authored - with Bruce Riggs of fame - the soon to be released Massachusetts Re Declaration of Independence. (See attached.)

Started the I AM THE PEOPLE movement to reveal the truth to U.S. Citizens of their true slavery status created during Congress’s “Season of Treason” 1862 – 1871 and evidenced in the Congressional Record.

Created a “Withdraw of Consent” document reflecting by the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence. (See attached.)

Speaks and teaches throughout the country on the history of this unlawful government and its continued criminal activities.

Of course our GREAT friend David Myrlynd will be there blasting away with me. Don't forget to listen in on his weekly show also..

Remember this statement:When injustice Becomes law, rebellion Becomes duty!

My show: The American Reconstruction Project, Simply trying to return America to what our Forefathers tried to give U.S.

Join me on Microfieds at:

Hosted by: Jack Bauer

Saturdays, from 6 to 9pm Pacific time, 9 to 11pm Eastern. For live and archived shows:
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 74235

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Hurry, though, The govmnt is shutting down sites like this every day!!!

"When the government fears the people, you have liberty.
When the people fear the government you have Tyranny."
~Thomas Jefferson,

Do yourself and your family a favor...

Don't Fall into the Sheeple Pit...


Ignore the TV Media
Investigate 911

Disclaimer: I'm not a Lawyer, this is not legal advice. Nor am I a Brain Surgeon, Pastry Chef or Indian Chief.
This communication is private and privileged intended only to those individuals marked "To", "CC" or "BCC".
To the snoopy government agencies, or anyone else this mail isn't being specifically directed to; with all due
Respect; cordially invited and instructed to take a hike :)

Sincerely, Mike Golden aka RadioRebel

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Illinois Congressman: I Dont Worry About The  Constitution   020410HareAdmits he doesn’t know how health care can be legally mandated Steve Watson Prisonplanet. com Friday, April 2nd, 2010

A Democratic Congressman from Illinois told his constituents that he does not worry about the constitution when it comes to the health care bill signed into law last week by the president, before misquoting from the Declaration of Independence and claiming he had read the 2700 page legislation three times.

Representative Phil Hare made the comments at a meeting yesterday with his constituents in Quincy that was captured on camera.

As Hare was questioned over the constitutionality of forcing 30 million Americans to buy insurance from private companies, one member of the public asked “where in the Constitution” it says the government can do that.

“I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest,” Hare replied.

“I care more about the people that are dying every day that don’t have health insurance,” Hare said.

“It’s people’s lives. It’s people’s children. It’s when you take your child to the hospital and you think it’s really bad and your heart is thumping, thumping, thumping while you’re waiting for the doctor to tell you what it is and then the doctor comes out and says it’s going to be ok, except you don’t have insurance and you’re stuck with a $10 or $15,000 bill…”

“You care more about that than the U.S. Constitution, which you swore to uphold?” one of the constituents asked.

“I believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Hare fired back, before someone else in the room corrected the Congressman, noting that that line is found in the Declaration of Independence.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Hare said. “Either one.”

Hare then asked what the question was again, to which the constituent repeated “Where in the Constitution does it give you the authority…?”

“I don’t know.” Hare angrily interrupted.

The Congressman also claimed that he had read the health care bill three times in the time since it was made public, a total of 8100 pages. When the constituents challenged the possibility of such a feat, Hare stormed out and left in a waiting vehicle, refusing to say how long it had taken to read the bill three times.

Given the fact that fourteen states have initiated lawsuits to block the enactment of the bill, and leading constitutional scholars have noted that the bill contravenes the commerce clause, it is perhaps no wonder that Hare does not know how the bill can be squared with the Constitution. Watch the video:

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Will Feds Use Letter Sent by Sovereign Citizen Group to Stage False Flag?

Kurt Nimmo April 3, 2010

Following sensational news stories claiming the Guardians of the free Republics threatened state governors around the country in letters demanding they leave office or be removed, the FBI has today warned police around the country that the letters “could provoke violence,” according to the Associated Press.

Investigators do not consider the letters threatening or see threats of violence in the Guardians of the free Republics message. However, according to the Associated Press, the FBI believes the organization’ s call for removal of top state officials in its Restore America Plan may lead others to act out violently.

“While there does not appear to be a credible or immediate threat of violence attached to the letters, we’re working with state and local authorities to continue to assess the matter,” said FBI Special Agent Joseph Dickey of Las Vegas. The letters are from a “sovereign citizen extremist group” and that those groups “reject all forms of government authority,” said Dickey. He said those groups don’t believe they have to pay taxes or obey federal, state or local laws.

“As of Wednesday, more than 30 governors had received letters saying if they don’t leave office within three days they will be removed, according to an internal intelligence note by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security,” the Associated Press reports.

An individual identifying himself as D. Merlin Campbell contacted the Nevada Appeal earlier in the week and denied that the Restore America Plan intends to use violence to accomplish its objectives. According to Mr. Campbell, the letter received by the governor of Nevada and other state officials around the county

is actually a Declaration from a lawful Grand Jury of 26 people in each state which is endeavoring to re-establish the true Republic in a peaceful and lawful manner. It does not represent a “threat” from an “extremist” (as is commonly associated with “terrorist” in the media today) group but instead it is a real, legally binding document which is presented by a Grand Jury of regular people which declares that the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller and treasurer all must have lawful oaths of office in order operate in their respective positions. The bonds which they all operate under have been effectively seized and noticed to be null and void. The package includes the following; Declaration, Warrants, Orders to the Governors, General orders to the military. It is not a threat, it is a truth that must be complied with or there will be consequences, not of violence, but legal recourse.

A comment posted on the Appeal’s website describes the Guardians of the free Republics plan as “a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war.”


Is it possible the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security will exploit the Restore America Plan in order to stage a false flag event that will be subsequently blamed on the patriot movement?

It is now almost certain the FBI set-up the Hutaree group in Michigan by inserting agents provocateurs who encouraged violence. The corporate media then orchestrated a hysterical campaign designed to insinuate that the Tea Party movement shares the Hutaree’s anti-government philosophy. The sensationalized raid in Michigan followed a week of corporate media propaganda claiming racist Tea Party activists had assaulted Democrats in Washington as they prepared to vote for the Obamacare bill in Congress.

As and others have demonstrated, the accusations had absolutely no basis in fact. The effort was part of a larger campaign designed to portray the patriot movement as extremist and potentially violent. For months now, CNN, MSNBC, and the corporate media at large – taking their talking points from the SPLC and the ADLhave argued that opposition to Obama and the unconstitutional expansion of the federal government represents the ascension of a dangerous white supremacist and militia movement in the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security under the leadership of both Bush and Obama set the stage for the current hysterical campaign with its now notorious report on “rightwing extremism.” Missouri and Virginia contributed to the effort in separate reports characterizing Ron Paul supporters and other patriots as potentially dangerous domestic terrorists.

In addition, it appears the government plans to use anarchists to disrupt Tea Party demonstrations on April 15. Agents provocateurs masquerading as anarchists have disrupted peaceful anti-war and anti-globalist demonstrations in the past (most notably in Ottawa where they were exposed as police infiltrators and rabble-rousers) . The pattern is now familiar – anarchists engage in minor property damage and other theatrical acts and this provides riot police with an excuse to brutally attack peaceful demonstrators. It is uncertain if this tactic will work with the Tea Party demonstrations.

It also remains to be seen if an “extremist” group under the control of government agents provocateurs will exploit the Guardians of the free Republics letter in order to engage in violence. A red alert, however, should be issued and members of the patriot movement need to be on the outlook for suspicious activity within their ranks.

It is certain, however, that the government is looking for the right situation in order to crack down on the patriot movement. The establishment is infamous for staging fake terror and criminal events as a pretext to take drastic action against those who oppose their plans.

Finally, Obama publicly named two of his more prominent enemies on CBS today. This is highly unusual. Presidents never mention their foes by name as this has a tendency to lend credence to them. Not even Nixon named his enemies in public. Obama’s comments may mean nothing. On the other hand, he may have issued a warning to those who oppose him. It is interesting to note he mentioned Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who are in essence shills for the establishment. The breach of etiquette, however, should be taken as a warning to those Obama does not name but are generally associated with the patriot movement and often linked to Beck and Limbaugh, however erroneously, by the corporate media.

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Comment: According to federal authorities and the media, peacefully attempting to influence government and restore tjhe constitution by writing letters is now considered “extremist”. This is a frightening step up the ladder in terms of the campaign to demonize any political activism as dangerous fringe behavior. CNN April 3, 2010

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons, at  a Tea Party rally last weekend in   Searchlight, was among the governors receiving the letters.
Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons, at a
Tea Party rally last weekend in
Searchlight, was among the
governors receiving the letters.

A domestic extremist group has sent letters to more than 30 U.S. governors demanding they resign, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI said in an intelligence note.

The note, dated Monday, said the letters told the governors to vacate their posts within three days.

The FBI and DHS said there do not appear to be credible or immediate threats of violence attached to the letters.

The group behind the letters has a “Restore America Plan” that calls for the removal of any governor who fails to comply, the intelligence note said.

While DHS has no information that the removal refers to a specific plan for violence, “law enforcement should be aware that this could be interpreted as a justification for violence or other criminal actions,” the note said.

Other steps in the group's plan include "establishing bogus courts, calling of 'de jure' grand juries, and issuing so-called 'legal orders' to gain control of the state," the note said.

Video: Gov. Strickland on threat: I feel safe http://www.cnn. com/2010/ US/04/02/ governors. extremists/ index.html? hpt=T2
Video: No credible or immediate threat seen
Video: Governors take threat seriously

States that have acknowledged receiving the letters include Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Utah, Arkansas, Maine, Colorado, Rhode Island, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Missouri, Montana and Hawaii, officials in those states told CNN or its affiliates.

Officials in Illinois would not say whether they had received a letter. Officials in Maryland and Idaho said the governors' offices there had not received such a letter.

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons received one letter Monday and three more Wednesday, including one by fax, said his chief of staff, Robin Reedy. The group behind the letters does not believe there should be a federal government, Reedy said.

The letters were not handwritten but did have some handwritten signatures, Reedy said Thursday.

The office had been warned in advance to be on the lookout for the letter, she said.

Gibbons' office stepped up security at the Nevada Capitol in Carson City after receiving the letters.

Everyone had to enter through one entrance, and an X-ray machine and metal detector were brought in.

Boulders were placed in front of the Capitol so vehicles could not drive close to the building.

The governor hadn't seen the letters because he had been in Las Vegas for a few days, Reedy said.

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The Manufactured Menace From Michigan, Take Two

by William Norman Grigg

by William Norman Grigg
Recently by William Norman Grigg: Dr. Leviathan Will See You Now

When the stranger materialized a few years ago, nobody really knew much about him. He seemed like a suitably sympathetic figure and quickly ingratiated himself by offering whatever help he could. No task was too menial for him, and he had a way of finding just what the group needed right when it was required.



Most importantly, he seemed to share the group's antipathy toward the government. If anything, he was just a bit more emphatic than the rest in denouncing official corruption and endorsing violent "direct action" against the state. He seemed eager to shepherd the group in a more militant direction, eagerly out-bidding every expression of outrage and hostility. One of his favorite recurring themes was the idea that a criminal state could only be fought through the use of criminal means.

When the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) staged an armed raid to arrest several members of the group, the helpful stranger was nowhere to be found. He did leave a parting gift, however, in the form of detailed allegations recorded in a federal indictment alleging that the group he had infiltrated on behalf of the JTTF was involved in extensive criminal activity – most of which was either suggested or directly facilitated by him – and an ambitious plot to wage war against the United States Government.

In broad outline, this is what most likely happened within Michigan's Hutaree militia during the past couple of years, a period during which – as federal authorities now admit – the group was infiltrated by both an undercover FBI agent and a "cooperating witness."

One of the FBI's plants, significantly, "posed as someone who could provide the group with custom-made explosives," observes the Detroit News.

That revelation is critical, since it means that the alleged plot to manufacture of improvised explosive devices – referred to, with hysterical hyperbole typical of the Regime's pronouncements, as "weapons of mass destruction" – was quite possibly instigated by the FBI's informant/provocateur.

The "Hutaree Conspiracy" was the second installment in the FBI's ongoing Homeland Security Theater in Michigan. The Bureau's campaign against the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Dearborn followed almost exactly the same script. The final act of that earlier melodrama was an October 28, 2009 FBI raid against several of the mosque's adherents that ended with the death of its imam, Luqman Ameen Abdullah.

Initial reports claimed that Abdullah was killed in a "shootout" or "exchange of gunfire" with the Feds in a warehouse allegedly containing stolen goods. The word "execution" might be a more appropriate description in light of the fact that Abdullah was shot at least twenty times, including an entry wound in his back and an oddly specific grouping in and around the genital region.

The imam allegedly provoked the federal fusillade by shooting one of the FBI's "K9 agents." Significantly, the official autopsy report – a document actively suppressed by the Dearborn Police Department for more than three months – describes a series of "lacerations" (also described by Wayne County Chief Medical Examiner Carl Schmitt as "puncture wounds") that are consistent with being mauled by a dog.

It's possible Abdullah shot the dog to protect himself. It's also possible that he never fired a shot, and the dog stepped in front of one or more round intended for Abdullah. The official FBI narrative is that "Freddy," the Belgian Malinois killed during the raid, "gave his life in the line of duty" on behalf of "his team." The dog was buried in a solemn ritual and his name was added to the FBI's "memorial wall."

We'll never know the exact circumstances of "Freddy" death. This much has been clearly established, however: Abdullah bled to death with his hands cuffed behind his back while the FBI took the time to arrange an emergency medical airlift for their attack dog.

The most favorable construction one can put on this set of facts is that the feds handcuffed a helpless man who had been perforated by at least twenty gunshots. A grimmer possibility is that he was handcuffed before he was shot. In either case, this juxtaposition – a handcuffed man bleeds to death while his assailants arrange emergency medical treatment for their dog – reeks of some malodorous combination of depraved indifference and concentrated malice.

Despite the fact that both the investigation of the mosque and the raid were conducted by the local Joint Terrorism Task Force, no terrorism-related charges were filed against any of the ten men listed in the criminal complaint. The charges include "conspiracy" counts arising from an alleged plot to receive and sell "goods that defendants believed were stolen from interstate shipments"; one count of mail fraud; three counts related to possession of firearms or body armor by a felon; and tampering with automobile VIN numbers.

Attendees of Abdullah's mosque included many men who had served time behind bars. As a younger man, Abdullah was convicted of assault. Like many of his followers and countless thousands of others scattered across the country, Abdullah was converted to radical Islam within the world's largest and most lavishly funded madrassa – the federal prison system. His friends and supporters insist that Abdullah, despite his criminal history, was a caring, pious, and generous man. The mosque ran a soup kitchen and was involved in other forms of charitable outreach to the economically blighted neighborhood.

Abdullah was expansively hostile toward the government and deeply suspicious of the police – what rational person isn't? – but those who knew him well insist he consistently rejected aggressive violence of any kind.

"My father was a sharp-tongued individual," recalls Omar Reagan, a Los Angeles-based comedian and motivational speaker. "He would talk about his dislike of government – about how law enforcement wasn't protecting and serving the people. But speaking his emotions and acting on his emotions are two different things."

The "evidence" presented in the criminal complaint unsealed after Abdullah was killed shows that he encouraged his followers to acquire the skills to employ defensive violence to protect themselves from both private and government-employed criminals. He also explicitly and repeatedly refused to condone aggressive action against anyone.

FBI Counter-Terrorism Agent Gary Leone, the author of the affidavit, hurls speculative allegations with the exuberant glee of a caged monkey flinging feces at spectators.

In substantive terms, his criminal complaint deals with a small fencing operation. However, where "anti-government" groups are concerned, the FBI appears to suffer from an institution-wide case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome; this may be why the bureaucratic incentives under which Leone operates dictate that every molehill be described as if it were of Himalayan proportions. Accordingly, Abdullah and his followers are portrayed as nothing less than hardened, battle-ready shock troops of the global jihad:

"The investigation has shown that Luqman Ameen Adbullah, Imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq ... is a highly placed leader of a nationwide fundamentalist Sunni group consisting primarily of African-Americans.... Their primary mission is to establish a separate, sovereign Islamic state ('The Ummah') within the borders of the United States, governed by Shariah law..... [Abdullah] regularly preaches anti-government and anti-law enforcement rhetoric. Abdullah and his followers have trained regularly in the use of firearms, and continue to train in martial arts and sword fighting.... Abdullah preaches that every Muslim should have a weapon, and should not be scared to use their weapon when needed."

Even if every word of that summation were accurate, none of what is described above constitutes a crime – a fact Leone tacitly acknowledged by declining to file terrorism or sedition charges.

Furthermore, the inflammatory dicta in Leone's complaint (which consumes 29 of the document's 45 pages) artfully misrepresents Abdullah's views regarding the legitimate use of violence, as those views were summarized by Leone's snitches within the mosque. The most striking example of Leone's dishonesty deals with an attempt by one of his assets to entrap Abdullah into endorsing terrorist violence.

"Confidential Source S-2," a JTTF plant who allegedly recorded conversations with Abdullah, admits that he offered $5,000 to instigate some kind of criminal violence during the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit. According to Leone's own summary of the incident, "Abdullah said he would not be involved in injuring innocent people for no reason."

"Confidential Source S-3" alleges that Abdullah described how Abdul Samoor, one of his followers, "printed out several things from the internet including Al-Qaeda training camp materials. Abdullah said he told Saboor to throw them away and cautioned him not to look at things on the internet." This – like most of the "evidence" assembled by Leone – was hearsay, but it actually works against the FBI's interest by underscoring Abdullah's refusal to endorse Islamic terrorism.

"S-3" also describes a conversation during a trip to Alabama in which Abdullah commented that he "didn't agree with bombing civilian targets such as buses, which occur in Israel and the West Bank, but said it is fine to bomb police stations."

The awkward diction here suggests that Abdullah was referring specifically to actions taken by Palestinians and drawing a distinction – for whatever it might be worth – between terrorist attacks on helpless civilians and what he perceived as defensive insurgent warfare against armed personnel carrying out a military occupation.

One of the most critical disclosures offered by "S-3" deals with a reported conversation on June 19, 2009, in which the imam told an associate that he knew someone in his mosque was "working for the FBI.... Abdullah said that he is hopeful that anyone who is working for the Feds will come to the mosque often to pray, will see the error of his ways, and admit he has been working with the Feds."

Abdullah's conciliatory remarks came on the same day he supposedly said that he would kill anybody "trying to gather information on him." Leone accounts for this contradiction by claiming that the wily imam knew he was being "listened to and targeted by law enforcement so he intentionally [made] conflicting statements in order to protect himself."

How can we tell which reported statements are sincere? Ah, this is easy, Leone would insist: We should dismiss anything that appears moderate and responsible as posturing, and assume that anything incendiary and self-incriminating represented Abdullah's genuine intentions.

The problem here is that all of the "consensually recorded" comments that are directly quoted in the criminal complaint are entirely innocuous. It is only when one of the confidential informants is paraphrasing Abdullah that we are barraged with shockingly detailed references to alleged criminal acts and criminal plots.

Furthermore, the "direct" quotes are not complete: Nearly all of them contain strategically placed ellipses indicating the removal of potentially critical details. Presenting them as direct evidence would be tantamount to perjury through selective editing. And as we've seen, even the accounts provided by Leone's pet provocateurs contain compelling evidence that Abdullah – whatever he may have planned or done – was not an aspiring terrorist.

Abdullah was infuriated by the wars of aggression being waged by the Regime in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was also convinced that the FBI was an enemy of American Muslims. Notwithstanding his passionate outrage, and despite Leone's efforts to depict him as an exponent of aggressive jihad, Abdullah – as described in the complaint – endorsed violence only for defensive purposes.

"They [are] smashing the Muslims all over the world and then we sit here like everything is all right," stated Abdullah in an October 10, 2008 conversation surreptitiously recorded by "S-3." "'Just leave us alone.' I mean, no. Everything isn't all right. Matter of fact, you better get up from over there and leave them people alone, man. You [are] wrong. It's no threat from the Muslims here. The Muslims here are saying, you know, 'Hey, just let us live here and [unintelligible], that's the only thing they [are] worried about.... That's no good, man."

For Leone, the take-away here is that Abdullah maintained "it is not all right to simply get along with kuffars," or non-Muslims – the insinuation being that Abdullah endorsed militancy and revenge. But Abdullah's discursive remarks actually read like a plea for Washington to desist from its aggression against Muslims abroad, and respect the wishes of American Muslims to be left alone. Those are the sentiments of someone weary of armed violence, rather than someone eagerly courting confrontation.

Abdullah's desire to be left in peace was captured in recorded comments recorded by "S-3" on November 30, 2008. The conversation dealt with the activities of federal agents, who – according to Abdullah – were "just terrorizing the people."

"It's a whole organized effort," he asserted. "Organized effort to betray you. But not just you, other people too. It's not just, just Muslims"; it's also people like "McVeigh and them" – meaning, apparently, non-Muslim "anti-government extremists" targeted for infiltration and manipulation by the FBI.

"It's no question about, he [McVeigh] was involved in getting that stuff done," Abdullah continued. "Even though they [McVeigh and "others unknown"] did what they did, they probably was irked on, and supported in everything, by the FBI." After all, he pointed out, the "first World Trade Center bombing was the FBI."

Bear in mind that Abdullah was describing the FBI's documented history of orchestrating terrorist plots to an FBI informant-provocateur. I'm just cynical enough to suspect that this is what got him killed.

Within a few weeks of that conversation, FBI undercover operatives began a series of ten clandestine operations intended to entice members of Abdullah's congregation into a plot to steal and fence stolen property.

All of those staged pseudo-crimes were instigated by the FBI's assets, who also arranged for the "stolen" goods to be stored at a Dearborn warehouse that was rented by the FBI.

It was in that warehouse that Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a man once known as Christopher Thomas, an ex-con who understood how the FBI's infiltration and provocation racket worked, was shot at least twenty times before bleeding to death with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Although nobody was killed when the FBI rolled up the Hutaree militia, the Bureau's campaign against that "Christian militia" was struck from the same template used against Abdullah's followers. Several of the Hutaree militiamen were seized at an FBI-controlled warehouse where they had gathered – unarmed – to attend what they had been told was a "memorial service."

The FBI's investigative accomplishments are criminally overrated, but in arranging ersatz terrorist plots it displays choreography skills that put the late Bob Fosse to shame. Recent events in Michigan suggest that the Bureau is staging a revival of its Hoover-era production, COINTELPRO. Don't feel left out; the chances are pretty good that the Bureau's touring troupe of provocateurs will visit your hometown sometime soon.

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Mike Kemp is the founder of The Gadsden Minute Men, Militia - Alabama and has been a member of my Reality101 Yahoo group for several years.

A while back he mentioned his involvement in exposing the BATFs (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) "Good O' Boy Roundups" which were being conducted annually.

I did some research on it myself, and decided that this story needed to be brought back out of the dustbin of history, and seen in bright daylight again.

I've asked Mike to allow me to post what happened in his own words on this blog. I've also added some links to other articles which I found. This is his story:
"In the spring of 1995, the leadership of the Gadsden Minute Men, in Gadsden, Alabama were investigating ways that they might conduct proactive and offensive operations against unlawful actions of government.

This was in the aftermath of the murders and other lawless governmental actions at Ruby Ridge, and at Waco.

Then the federal Murrah Building at Oklahoma City was destroyed.

As subsequent analysis demonstrated, this held the earmarks of a governmental attempt at gaining leverage on the burgeoning 'militia movement'.

The founder of the Gadsden Minute Men was a chemist and engineer with extensive explosives experience, and the immediate analysis precluded the use of a very low brisance explosive such as ammonium nitrate/fuel oil.
Brisance is the 'velocity of explosion', and while low brisance explosives can cause a lot of 'push' from their detonation, the low velocity of the explosion prevents such a compound from shattering or severing steel columns.

In order to sever heavy structural steel, a very high velocity explosive must be employed.

Further, the effects of an explosion spread (and diminish with distance) like the ripples in a pond produced by dropping a pebble into the water. An overhead view of the damage instantly disqualifies ammonium nitrate as the agent of the destruction, because in a deep inset 'notch' in the damage, a very heavy structural column had been severed, while much lighter structural columns which were much closer to the truck bomb were left standing. This was positive evidence that some means other than an ammonium nitrate/fuel oil explosive was employed.

Interestingly enough, the first efforts of law enforcement focused on various 'John Does', with strong suspicion of a Middle Eastern connection.

Recognizing that this event was to be used to put a damper on the growing militia movement, the Gadsden Minute Men went into high gear to discover a way to set the government effort back on its heels. The discussions cycled around various ways and means of 'catching the government with its pants down', and one of the members present chuckled, and said 'wanna see a video?'

This member had recorded the video with his personal video camera, and it showed the entrance to the picnic in an earlier year, and most prominent was the banner over the entrance which read: NIGGER CHECK POINT - ANY NIGGERS IN THAT CAR?? and, further, offered 17 cents a pound for 'field dressed and boned nigger meat'."
"That member is a disabled former law enforcement officer, who came to realize the unconstitutionality of his former occupation.

He had been an invited guest at an annual picnic organized by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms-- commonly known as the ATF.
The picnic, a weekend-long affair which had been conducted for 20 years, was known as The Good O'Boy Roundup. It was characterized by overt and extreme racism, drunkenness, and various and sundry vulgar and demeaning activities by those attending. The event took place on the Ocoee River in southeastern Tennessee."
Federal Cops Hold Racist Summer Camp

"There were cops of various sorts from all over the US, plus a Canadian contingent who regularly attended. While it proved impossible to find definitive evidence, there were strong indications that various political and other personages from the federal as well as other governments, US Attorneys, politicians, judges, and other governmental sorts had been visitors to the event.

Highlights of the event included the 'Redneck of the Year' competition, where various attendees performed skits, of a racist nature, in the attempt to produce the most offensive display.

Competitors did such things as dress up in the fashion of a Biblical patriarch, and throw down a watermelon on stage, and then produce a black baby doll, allegedly from the wreckage of the watermelon-- depicting the 'birth of the black race'.

Another pair of competitors, one in blackface, and one in Klan robes with a fake phallus, performed rather disgusting displays of simulated sodomy on stage.

Members of the Gadsden Minute Men attended the 'Roundup' on the third weekend of May, 1995, using their current or former status as law enforcement, and took various photographs, one depicting an event called 'chicken shit bingo', where a giant bingo card of painted plywood was placed under a floor of chicken wire, and the spots on the bingo card were purchased by players, the money put into a pot, then a chicken was tossed up on the chicken wire, over the bingo card, and when the chicken defecated, landing on a spot on the giant bingo card, the owner of that spot on the card 'won' the pot."
"Various photos were taken, one of which captured a drunken cop with a hat holding two cans of beer, each with straws for ease of access to the beer by the wearer of the hat.

Small business-card sized novelties were freely available, styled as 'Nigger-Hunting Licenses', stated to be good 24/7/365, with no bag limit, authorizing the bearer to 'hunt niggers', with or without dogs, during the 'upcoming roundup' of blacks in the US.

Safely making their retreat, this information was examined and analyzed, and then began the search for a suitable news outlet to disseminate the information. First, it was written up, and sent to all the normal recipients of the Gadsden Minute Men newsletter, which included offices of the ATF, the FBI, the local sheriff, and all county officers. Further, a local talk radio station in Gadsden provided an hour in afternoon drive time for the discussion of the event.

But no media outlet showed any interest whatsoever. A reporter for the Birmingham News, specializing in coverage of militia activities.... and the local crime beat... interesting correlation-- stated 'what am I supposed to do with it?'

It was further shopped around, without even a nibble. However.... this was the period of time when the NRA was in hot water, because their Vice President, one Wayne LaPierre, had recently called the ATF 'jackbooted thugs'. Their annual convention was upcoming, and a member attended, and offered the information on the Good O'Boy Roundup to the NRA. They immediately snapped it up, but were soon afflicted with a major case of cold feet, realizing what impact it would have.

So, they passed it along to a reporter for the Washington Times named Jerry Seper. He went to Ocoee, Tennessee, and did his own investigation, and it was easily enough confirmed. And, on July 11, 1995, the story ran front page, above the fold, in the Washington Times. And a pure firestorm ensued."

Articles from the Washington Times, the Philadephia Enquirer, and The Philadelphia Daily News:

"Our source of the video of the 'Nigger Check Point' banner appeared on Gordon Liddy's morning radio show, getting an entire segment. At the end of the segment, G. Gordon inquired if there was anything else his guest wanted to say-- and the response was, 'thanks to the Gadsden Minute Men for making it possible'. And of course, everyone listening thought 'what did he just say?'
That afternoon, I was the first caller up on Ken Hamblen's-- 'The Black Avenger'-- nationwide talk show. He was all ticked off about something to do with the feds, and ranted for a few minutes-- and then I came on. I told him to chill, that we had struck a mightly blow that day. He was baffled, and inquired what I was speaking of. I asked if he had seen the front page of the Washington Times that day.
He immediately sent an assistant off to get that front page, and I then informed him that the story was the result of a militia ambush of Unca Scam's 'regulars'. And then it was in the fan.
That evening, I was on every broadcast news outlet in the country-- ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN-- telling the tale, while wearing my ABOLISH THE ATF t-shirt. Subsequently, it was the lead story on ABC's station in the District of Criminals for two full weeks. It was on every news outlet worth mentioning, nationwide, print and broadcast, for weeks."

TIME Magazine article on The Good O' Boy Roundup:

"Immediately, the federal scramble began, and various ugly things happened-- including an absolutely hilarious scene in Chattanooga, where leadership of the Gadsden Minute Men met at the Marriot Hotel with a couple of federales-- who presented us with a subpoena for ALL the documentation gathered at the Roundup, and before.

This was supposed to be a 'surprise'. However, the REAL surprise occurred when the federales, upon leaving the conference room, found an attractive lady in the hallway. The first fed winked at her-- and was promptly shot square in the face with a 35mm camera. As memory serves, the fed in question was named Paul Benners.

He attempted to escape the deadly camera assault, but was shortstopped by a cameraman from a Huntsville, Bamaland tv station. He and his little fed buddy managed to tear themselves away from the further assault by camera, and dashed out into a driving rainstorm to their fedmobile, and finally made good their escape from the terrorists.

The subpoena turned out to be nothing but waste paper, since it was an 'administrative subpoena', not signed by a judge, but only by a bureaucrat, and only valid to members of the government. Their ploy failed, the Justice Dept. then attempted extortion, threatening the Gadsden Minute Men with an armed assault by federales if we didn't turn over all the documentation-- and every other scrap of information possessed by the Minute Men-- to the feds.
Good O' Boy Roundup Report - Executive Summary
And that collapsed, in the 'Siege in Attala', where the federales realized that to further assault citizens for nothing in particular would not play well, not in the current atmosphere. So, the feds made nice.
And the necessary information was turned over to Senate investigators, and was subsequently whitewashed by the 'Inspector General's Report' on the Good O'Boys. A few folks had their wrists slapped... and a lot of federal careers were ruined. My heart bled for them.
A bit later, I was photographed at a private meeting on private property, 'running' a MAC 10 fully automatic submachine gun, with a large suppressor-- 'silencer'-- attached to the front. A cascade of spent brass was visible in the air. Just for informational purposes-- the weapon and the suppressor were fully registered and licensed, and the owner was slightly off camera. This, and trespassers prowling in my back yard in the dark of night, were the basis for a raid by a platoon of SWAT with air support on my home, soon after. No 'illegal weapons' were found. What was found were a few ounces of cannabis."
Mike Kemp, Snitch Detector

"This provided, 18 months later-- after the locals managed, on their third try, to convince a local grand jury comprised of government employees to indict me on several drug-related felonies-- of charges, and I was taken to trial. Where I, acting in my proper person, convinced the jury that the cannabis found in my yard was for my own use, and they convicted me of a misdemeanor-- for which I was sentenced to the maximimum, a year in the county lockup.

It didn't quite manage to kill me-- I am a near-lifelong type one diabetic, and spent some time hospitalized-- and was, on occasion, even a bit of fun, for I was then in the faces of officialdom all the time. But all things considered, it was largely the end of an adventure, with many high, as well as low moments."
As you can see, the people who are trying to put a 'racist' label on the Militia movement are the racists themselves, and they are using that label to repel people from seeing what is really happening with the country.

Here is J.J. Johnson, the leader of the Ohio Unorganized Militia. You need to hear what he has to say as he speaks to the US Senate:

More on JJ Johnson:
Other Good O' Boy Roundup related articles:

Who is the Militia?

You are.

When you see wrong, it's your job to make it right.

Thanks to Mike and the Gadsden Minute Men for setting a shining example for the rest of us.

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The day the Earth froze: An hour-long storm started a mini ice age, say scientists

By David Derbyshire

An hour-long hailstorm from space bombarded the Earth 13,000 years ago - plunging the planet into a mini-ice age, scientists claimed today.

The catastrophe was caused by a disintegrating comet and saw the planet sprayed by thousands of frozen boulders made of ice and dust.

The collisions wiped out huge numbers of animal species all over the world, disrupted the lives of our stone age ancestors and triggered a freeze that lasted more than 1,000 years.

New theory: An hour-long hailstorm from space bombarded the Earth 13,000 years ago - plunging the planet into a mini-ice age

The theory is the brainchild of Professor Bill Napier, from Cardiff University, who says it explains the mysterious period of extinction around 11,000 BC.

Scientists have long been puzzled by what caused a sudden cooling of up to 8C (14F) just as the Earth was warming up at the end of the last ice age.

The change in climate caused retreating glaciers to advance once again, and coincided with the extinction of 35 families of North American mammals.

Some geologists have argued that the world was hit by a giant asteroid - a smaller version of one which wiped out the dinosaurs 65million years ago.

The collision left behind tell tale traces in the rocks - including a black 'mat' of soot an inch thick thought to have been created by continental wide wildfires.

Microscopic 'nanodiamonds' created in massive shocks and only found in meteorites or impact craters have also been discovered dating back to the disaster

Read more:

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