Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future

A would-be saboteur arrested today at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland made the bizarre claim that he was from the future. Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said that he had travelled back in time to prevent the LHC from destroying the world. | The LHC successfully collided particles at record force earlier this week, a milestone Mr Cole was attempting to disrupt by stopping supplies of Mountain Dew to the experiment's vending machines.

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Louis Farrakhan: "Obama was Selected Before Elected"

This is the question some may propose after listening to world-renowned Minister Farrakhan on President Barack Obama.

Just look at the Picture I used on my YT channel and you will see the World Government mapped out the Agenda in 1959 to select a Foriegn Alien to become President, who had No Loyality to the USA and would Ram Global Government Down American's Throats.

Just last week, talk-show host Tavis Smiley held a round table symposium called We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda. In the discussion, Farrakhan responded to a question, "President Obama does not run the country."

The minister stresses how blacks need to come up with a strategy or agenda worth benefiting from Obama's presidency, subsequently influencing Obama to favor a black agenda in the political world.

Minister Farrakhan emphasizes that he indeed loves Obama and did not want the media to get his words misconstrued.

Accompanied in the panel were professor Cornel West, author Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Jesse Jackson and many others.

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Sea Creature Surfaces, Chaos Ensues

Think sharks are scary? They're downright cuddly compared to the Bathynomus giganteus, a very terrifying (and very real) sea creature that recently surfaced from the deep.

See Flickr photos of the creature. (Warning: May give you nightmares.)

So, what the heck is it? According to an article from Fox News, the Bathynomus giganteus (henceforth known as "Bart") is a type of giant isopod, "a large crustacean that dwells in deep Atlantic and Pacific waters." It passes the time by feeding on "dead whales, fish, and squid."

Ol' Bart attached itself to a submarine that was exploring the ocean floor. When the sub surfaced, people got an unexpected look at the slithery stowaway. The creature is a pinkish in color, two and a half feet long, and wouldn't be out of place in an Ed Wood movie (no offense, Bart).

The story was originally posted on Reddit by a guy who works for the submarine company. It quickly went viral from there. Once news of the creature's existence hit, Web searches immediately soared. Online lookups for "sea creature found," "giant isopod," and (our personal favorite) "terrifying sea creature" all roared.

It's worth noting that the existence of the Bathynomus giganteus isn't, in and of itself, a surprise. Scientists have long been aware of them. The shock came from seeing one up close in all its cockroach-like glory. Can't. Look. Away.

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