Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Lucifer, the god of the movie industry!
Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Defeated by God riding into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey 2000 years ago, Satan is now busy deceiving humanity into joining forces against God for the final battle yet to come to their eternal destruction, by poisoning the minds of men against their creator God and his plan for their salvation.

Looks like the agents of Satan involved in the movie industry are well versed in God's plan for the future. Why aren't you?

You see, there is no mercy, room for repentance, or plan for redemption for Lucifer. God did not die on the cross to save Lucifer and his legions of fallen angels from eternal damnation, but he did so for us in his son Jesus Christ.

Now in a state of rage, envy, and malice he wants to take all of you with him to share in his eternal suffering in hell.

Why let the movie industry and other institutions under his control brainwash you out of your chances for eternal salvation?

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Black Rituals of Satanic Sex Cults DVD (Alpha Blue) (NTSC All Region) Descend into the cinematic netherworld of the 1970's most underground sex cults! You will see tearful teens suffer welt-raising ass floggings while the devil's disciples stuff their virgin assholes, ending in sprays of supercharged cum! Satanic orgies unfold with ritualistic mummification, sexual possession and anus worship. All shown in uncut XXX detail! Includes Cult of Sadists, Witch Sabbath Hexensabbat, and Lucifer's Lust, plus a gallery showcasing ultra rare 70's publications like Witchcraft Today, which will either have you rushing to church on Sunday or hailing your new God!

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Posted: 08 Apr 2010 03:07 PM PDT

Dissemination: All Patriots, All Militia Units, All Resisters, All Gun Rights group, Tea Party Members and Concerned Individuals

Priority: Highest
Subject: Opposition Intelligence Bulletin

James (Stach) Stachowaik

American Resistance Movement and Freedom Fighter Radio Show


James Stachowaik; Aka Jim Stach—the alleged host of The American Resistance Movement and The Freedom Fighters Radio Network is a Federal Intelligence Agent/Informant. The website(s)currently operated have been deemed to be a funded intelligence gathering group tasked with the responsibility of locating, identifying, infiltrating, and classifying members of Patriot and Militia organizations.

Evidence collected suggest the following:

#1) The Websites are bogus fronts operated as part of the national intelligence directive to infiltrate Patriot and Militia groups within the continental United States. Unsubstantiated reports indicate that these website may be part of the FUSION Center initiative currently being operated through the US at various locations.

#2) All video(s) broadcast from within the framework of this website are high definition, high quality broadcast that counter Stachowaik claim that he is operating the website pro-bono.

#3) Stachowaik’s violent anti-government threats and diatribe broadcast through youtube video and other source, are in direct violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service Agreement, yet no action(s) by Youtube have been taken against Stachowaik.

#4) James Stachowaik is a former police officer that was [alleged ] to be disgraced for charges related to a minor—yet those charges resulted in no jail time—whereas other people would be classified a sexual predators and receive jail time and lifetime probation as a sex offender.

#5:) James Stachowaik was a documented member of the Communist party (USA) as well as a Pro- Soviet propagandist

Supplementary Evidence:

http://crotchshotra 09/26/jim- stach-stachowaik -the-most- hateful-racist- pig/
http://blog. truthbrigade. com/2008/ 08/11/the- most-hateful- racist-pig. aspx
http://minutemansca index.php? PHPSESSID= 2364c18eb527f872 532bea9ab29455ba&topic=20.msg40# msg40 com/watch? v=wHGoLKON9W0
http://againstcommi es009.blogspot. com/2010/ 03/obvious- traitor-file- jim-stach- phony.html
http://mah29001. wordpress. com/2010/ 03/28/american- resistance- movement- leader-jim- stach-an- avowed-communist /
http://mah29001. wordpress. com/2010/ 03/18/jim- stach-useful- idiot-for- russian-red- chinese-sponsore d-phony-american -white-army/
http://forum. prisonplanet. com/index. php?topic= 139542.0
http://metrospirit. com/index. php?cat=19931010 74458954&ShowArticle_ ID=1101170209339 1851
Conclusion(s) :
1) The originators of this Special Bulletin Alert recommend that All Patriots and Militia groups through the Continental United States immediately determine the feasibility and operational security of their own groups or organizations through continued association and/or cooperation with James Stachowaik and The American Resistance Movement, The Freedom Fighters Radio Network, and all associated websites(s) before engaging or continuing dialog with James Stachowaik; Aka Jim Stach.

2) It is recommend that all Patriots and Militia members immediately cease communication with this State Sponsored Infiltration Agent, his known websites, his knows video channels, and known radio and/or televised shows.
Excerpt From The Video
“Nothing can stop us, and I mean literally, Nothing can stop us. Either psychically, or legally”

Telephone harassment, intimidation, threats, and dissemination of private personal data is illegal in the U.S. unless you happen to be part of the system that has judicial process to conduct these types of intimidation operations. You are then above the law, and can operate with impunity—
fearing no legal or criminal action against you.

Jim Stackowaik
PO Box 204183
Martinez, Georgia 30907
706-394-8019 706-868-4150 202-470-6682

Areas Code 202 is a Washington D.C. Telephone Number

Please take a moment to alert your community, patriot websites, and those within the rank and file of militia units.

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How Much Is Your Liberty Worth?

Posted: 08 Apr 2010 04:27 PM PDT

The gentleman in this video makes some very good points about some very concerning issues. I applaud this man for standing up for what he believes in. For maintaining the hope that we can restore this republic and break the chains of tyranny and injustice. I believe We The People have not yet been motivated properly. Unfortunate as that may be their are still many of us out here fighting to restore our constitutional republic.
I wanted to take the time today to post a video from youtube in which a concerned and motivated citizen did something for the cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and not just for you and I, but for our children and our children’s children. Before I leave you to watch this short clip I ask you what have you done today in the name of liberty? Call, write, fax. Motivate, re-motivate and activate your friends, family and the general public’s awareness. Many will not wake up in one sitting, but planting seeds and setting brush fires in the minds of potential new patriots is what we must do unrelentingly.

If you are able please donate to your local, county, state and out of state constitution parties in order to get representation that will adhere to their constitutional oath, and not just collect the peoples money and continue to send us down the river.

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femacampinfobase 29 March 2010Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
Category: Nonprofits & Activism

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Food Police Strike Again

You'll never guess what one city is cutting from your diet

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Weatherman finally says it
* 12
He doesnt say 'chemtrails' out right, but we knwo what it all means...

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Toxicity of Degradable Chaff Countermeasures

The U. S. Navy currently uses aluminized glass chaff as a passive countermeasure for radar-guided threats to both aircraft and surface ships. Chaff countermeasures are composed primarily of aluminized glass strands with lengths of up to 2 inches and a diameter of approximately 1 mil. Since aluminum is a primary component of chaff, we estimated the aluminum concentration of several environmental media in the central Chesapeake Bay, an area over which aluminized glass chaff has been deployed for over 30 years. Following collection, soil and sediment samples were analyzed for several forms of aluminum by an independent laboratory. The results show that bay sediment aluminum levels in the flight path area are not significantly different (p>

Although chaff is comprised of relatively innocuous materials and the possibility of ingestion of chaff by a human is extremely remote, a second component of this study focused on the bioavailability of aluminum over an eight day oral dosing period. Male Fischer 344 rats were dosed with three different concentrations of standard (nondegradable) chaff and three degradable chaff forms currently under consideration as replacements of the standard chaff. No animals at any dose level died prematurely as a result of ingestion of chaff. Blood aluminum levels from animals dosed with chaff were compared to blood levels taken from control animals dosed with aluminum hydroxide, a common component of several commercially available antacids. The results show that aluminum derived from chaff is only slightly (18 to 43%) more bioavailable than aluminum hydroxide. These results further suggest that chaff, if ingested, would not present a health risk to humans. Likewise, chaff in its intact form is too large to be inhaled by humans.

Our continuing work on the toxicology of the Navy's new degradable chaff countermeasure has expanded to include a set of degradable plastics to be used in conjunction with chaff. Used in combination, these revolutionary new components will further the Navy's outstanding history of efforts at pollution prevention, while still fulfilling the vital role of combat flight training. The Laboratory is using novel approaches to assessing the potential toxicity of the new chaff forms and plastics, including a physiologically-based extraction test (PBET) and incorporating experimental exposure systems for both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. This work is sponsored by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division.

Toxicity of copper on rice growth and accumulation of copper in rice grain in copper …

J Xu, L Yang, Z Wang, G Dong, J Huang, Y Wang - Chemosphere, 2006 - Elsevier
... Cu level of 100 mg kg −1 , about 50% by soil Cu level of 300–500 mg kg −1 and about 90% by
soil Cu concentration of 1000 mg kg −1 . Root was more sensitive to soil Cu toxicity than other ...
Cu concentration in cortex (embryo) was more than 2-fold that in chaff and polished rice. ...
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The inhalation toxicity of glass fibers-a review of the scientific literature [PDF]
RL Carpenter, CL Wilson, NAVAL HEALTH … - 1999 -
... As discussed in this report, these factors suggest that the inhalation toxicity of chaff fibers is
extremely low. ... This research has considere relationship between fiber toxicity and fiber size the
ubiquitous use of fiberglass insulation, glass bears on the toxicity of glass chaff fibers. ...
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The efficacy of protein supplementation in overcoming urea toxicity in sheep

E Payne, L Laws - British Journal of Nutrition, 2008 - Cambridge Univ Press
... 3 were Page 3. VOl. 35 Protein supplementation and urea toxicity 49 given a
supplement of molasses at the rate of 150 g/d together with the Rhodes-grass chaff.
During week 7 sheep in group 2 received 170 g safffower meal/d. ...
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Assessment of the aquatic and terrestrial toxicity of five biodegradable polymers

DP Arfsten, DT Burton, DJ Fisher, J … - Environmental …, 2004 - 万方数据资源系统
... The US Navy is exploring the possibility of constructing degradable chaff dispenser components
made of biodegradable polymers. Fivepolymers are being considered. Degradability and toxicity
tests are two of several criteria being used to evaluate various available ...
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Environmental Effects of RF Chaff [PDF]
BJ Spargo - AD-A379848. Washington. DC: Naval Research …, 1999 -
... impacts of fibers; • respirability of fibrous particles in avian species; • aquatic and marine studies
to establish the impact of fibers; • pathology of inhaled fibers; • chaff accumulation on water bodies
and its affect on animals; • bioassay tests to assess toxicity of chaff to aquatic ...
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Environmental Protection; DoD Management Issues Related to Chaff [PDF]
... Another states that consideration could be given to monitoring programs for highly
sensitive environments subjected to repeated chaff releases and conducting bioassay
tests to further assess the toxicity of chaff to aquatic organisms. ...

Acute toxicity of neem products to the earthworm, Lampito mauritii (Templeton) kept …

R Bakthavathsalam, G Ramakrishnan -
... The results are presented of a study on the effect of four substrates, namely soil, cow dung,
pressmud and organic mixture (equal proportion of cow dung, pressmud, paddy chaff powder
and paddy chaff ash), on the acute toxicity of naturally occurring neem products (neem seed ...

RL Carpenter, S Scientist -
... As discussed in this report, these factors suggest that the inhalation toxicity of chaff fibers is
extremely low. ... This research has considere relationship between fiber toxicity and fiber size the
ubiquitous use of fiberglass insulation, glass bears on the toxicity of glass chaff fibers. ...

... Although Al toxicity is the primary concern, trace elements reported in chaff include B (Boron),
O (Oxygen), F (Fluorine), Na (Sodium), Mg (Magnesium), K (Potassium), Ca (Calcium), Ti
(Titanium), V (Vanadium), Mn (Manganese), Fe (Iron), Copper (Cu), and Z (Zinc) (NRL 1999 ...
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By John Brandon


Look past the details of a wonky discovery by a group of California scientists -- that a quantum state is now observable with the human eye -- and consider its implications: Time travel may be feasible.

Look past the details of a wonky discovery by a group of California scientists -- that a quantum state is now observable with the human eye -- and consider its implications: Time travel may be feasible. Doc Brown would be proud.

The strange discovery by quantum physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara means that an object you can see in front of you may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe -- a multi-state condition that has scientists theorizing that traveling through time may be much more than just the plaything of science fiction writers.

And it's all because of a tiny bit of metal -- a "paddle" about the width of a human hair, an item that is incredibly small but still something you can see with the naked eye.

UC Santa Barbara's Andrew Cleland cooled that paddle in a refrigerator, dimmed the lights and, under a special bell jar, sucked out all the air to eliminate vibrations. He then plucked it like a tuning fork and noted that it moved and stood still at the same time.

That sounds contradictory, and it's nearly impossible to understand if your last name isn't Einstein. But it actually happened. It's a freaky fact that's at the heart of quantum mechanics.

How Is That Possible?

To even try to understand it, you have to think really, really small. Smaller than an atom. Electrons, which circle the nucleus of an atom, are swirling around in multiple states at the same time -- they're hard to pin down. It's only when we measure the position of an electron that we force it to have a specific location. Cleland's breakthrough lies in taking that hard-to-grasp yet true fact about the atomic particle and applying it to something visible with the naked eye.

What does it all mean? Let's say you're in Oklahoma visiting your aunt. But in another universe, where your atomic particles just can't keep up, you're actually at home watching "The Simpsons." That may sound far-fetched, but it's based on real science


"When you observe something in one state, one theory is it split the universe into two parts," Cleland told, trying to explain how there can be multiple universes and we can see only one of them.

The multi-verse theory says the entire universe "freezes" during observation, and we see only one reality. You see a soccer ball flying through the air, but maybe in a second universe the ball has dropped already. Or you were looking the other way. Or they don't even play soccer over there.

Sean Carroll, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology and a popular author, accepts the scientific basis for the multi-verse -- even if it cannot be proven.

"Unless you can imagine some super-advanced alien civilization that has figured this out, we aren't affected by the possible existence of other universes," Carroll said. But he does think "someone could devise a machine that lets one universe communicate with another."

It all comes down to how we understand time.

Carroll suggests that we don't exactly feel time -- we perceive its passing. For example, time moves fast on a rollercoaster and very slowly during a dull college lecture. It races when you're late for work . . . but the last few minutes before quitting time seem like hours.

Back to the Future

"Time seems to be a one-way street that runs from the past to the present," says Fred Alan Wolf, a.k.a. Dr. Quantum, a physicist and author. "But take into consideration theories that look at the level of quantum fields ... particles that travel both forward and backward in time. If we leave out the forward-and-backwards-in-time part, we miss out on some of the physics."

Wolf says that time -- at least in quantum mechanics -- doesn't move straight like an arrow. It zig-zags, and he thinks it may be possible to build a machine that lets you bend time.

Consider Sergei Krikalev, the Russian astronaut who flew six space missions. Richard Gott, a physicist at Princeton University, says Krikalev aged 1/48th of a second less than the rest of us because he orbited at very high speeds. And to age less than someone means you've jumped into the future -- you did not experience the same present. In a sense, he says, Krikalev time-traveled to the future -- and back again!

"Newton said all time is universal and all clocks tick the same way," Gott says. "Now with Einstein's theory of Special Relativity we know that travel into the future is possible. With Einstein's theory of gravity, the laws of physics as we understand them today suggest that even time travel to the past is possible in principle. But to see whether time travel to the past can actually be realized we may have to learn new laws of physics that step in at the quantum level."

And for that, you start with a very tiny paddle in a bell jar.

Cleland has proved that quantum mechanics scale to slightly larger sizes. The next challenge is to learn how to control quantum mechanics and use it for even larger objects. Do so -- and we might be able to warp to parallel universes just by manipulating a few electrons.

"Our concepts of cause and effect will fly out the window," says Ben Bova, the science fiction author. "People will -- for various reasons -- try to fix the past or escape into the future. But we may never notice these effects, if the universe actually diverges. Maybe somebody already has invented a time machine and our history is being constantly altered, but we don’t notice the kinks in our path through time."

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Researchers Recreate Saturn's Hexagon

Many people are familiar with the Great Red Spot feature of Jupiter, the large-scale storm that could encompass the Earth three times over. But it would appear that most gas giants in our solar system have secrets to keep, experts say. One such cosmic mystery is why the North Pole of Saturn features a hexagonal structure of nearly perfect geometrical proportions. Its presence has fascinated scientists since it was first discovered, and now the issue appears to have been partially solved.

Researchers recently managed to obtain the same type of structure in the tightly controlled confines of scientific laboratories, using nothing more than water and a spinning table. This accomplishment could make future studies of the hexagonal formation possible, as it gives investigators a clue to the basic phenomena at work in producing it. The study was conducted at the University of Oxford in the United States, by a team of scientists led by physicists Ana Claudia Barbosa Aguiar and Peter Read.

The team used a 30-liter tank of water to simulate Saturn's atmosphere. Inside the cylinder, they placed a small ring, whose motions they could control. As they started spinning the “core,” the water was set in motion, and the group tracked its motions using green dye. They were aiming to create jet streams, the bands that give Saturn its stripped appearance. What puzzled the group was learning that the speed of the spinning ring was directly related to the shape of the ensuing rings. Additionally, once the speed passed a certain threshold, the shape of the rings started modifying.

As the team changed various parameters of the ring, they eventually obtained polygons, including hexagons similar to the one visible in the images of Saturn sent back by the NASA Cassini spacecraft. “We could create ovals, triangles, squares, almost anything you like,” Read says of the shapes made possible by controlling the rings. “These results are very intriguing. The team has formed what I think is a landmark paper that could stand the test of time,” NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) planetary scientist Kevin Baines says of the work. The lab, based in Pasadena, California, manages the Cassini mission, ScienceNow reports.

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INCOMING CME: Decaying sunspot 1060 delivered a parting shot on April 8th. The active region's magnetic field erupted, sparking a B3-class solar flare and hurling a faint coronal mass ejection (CME) almost directly toward Earth. Geomagnetic disturbances are possible when the cloud arrives on April 11th or 12th.

SUNGRAZING COMET: Today, the sun had a comet for breakfast. The icy visitor from the outer solar system appeared with no warning on April 9th and plunged into the sun during the early hours of April 10th. One comet went in, none came out. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) had a good view of the encounter:
Click to launch a movie

The comet was probably a member of the Kreutz sungrazer family. Named after a 19th century German astronomer who studied them in detail, Kreutz sungrazers are fragments from the breakup of a giant comet at least 2000 years ago. Several of these fragments pass by the sun and disintegrate every day. Most are too small to see but occasionally a big fragment like today's attracts attention.

This has been an active year for big, bright sungrazers. There was one on Jan. 4th, one on March 12th, and now one today. Normally we see only 3 or 4 bright ones in a whole year; now we're seeing them almost once a month. It could be a statistical fluctuation or, maybe, a swarm of Kreutz fragments is nearing perihelion (closest approach to the sun). Stay tuned for doomed comets!

Earthquake Watch in Progress

astrotometry 10 April 2010Donate to The Cosabio Institute

SOHO Site:

SOHO Movie Generator

USGS Earthquake KLM for Google Earth

SolarSoft - Models of the Sun's Magnetic Field Anomallies

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