Friday, February 19, 2010

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A Moment for Reflection

Russ asked me to join his group as he became a major part of our Campaign for Liberty. I am having a hard time accepting this news today and was hit unexpexted by this shocking news. Russ was only 49 years old and only a couple of years older then me. I'm gonna miss this terrific indiviual as he raised my spirits this last year during all the Tea Partys. You would be inspired as Russ lead the Parade on his Harley an the image of a real biker lover.

My fellow "Defenders" and "Riders",

I must make this announcement even though I don't want to. It is with extreme sorrow that I announce the death of our energetic leader. Russ Wright died
February 15, 2010. I apologize that it has taken me so long to make this announcement. The reason I didn't is because it makes it real to me.

Honestly, this is a loss America's patriot movement could ill-afford. I have not even known Russ an entire year, yet he has become a real role-model and inspiration to me. To me he was the epitome of a man, a patriot, and a friend. I will never forget the way he laughed, nor will I forget him shrugging off staining his new jeans and cutting himself while selflessly fixing my wife's and my van when it broke down during one of our rides. Russ gave freely of his talents and resources. I won't go on with adjectives and descriptive nouns and verbs for his actions. Suffice to say Russ was the opposite of
James Dean. To myself and my wife, he was the All-American Boy Next Door Rebel with a Cause.

When one speaks of Russ you cannot separate his intelligent, sharp-witted wife Melinda from the conversation. If I wrote this email in tears how much more hurt is she feeling right now. Melinda, the "Defenders' of Liberty" thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

John Sasser
Assistant Organizer
Defender of Liberty

the date is this sunday at 6 pm 301 n walnut st. N
Manchester In at The Congregational Christian Church come as you are. Thank You all for caring about him so much I never really thought that being in a group would bring the caring that has been shown here about my husband thank you Melinda

Could you please verify the date and time for Russ’s Memorial Service?

I am sorry to have to ask, I just want to be sure as there are many friends and fellow patriots that would like to attend and I would like to make sure to give them the correct information.

Thank You,

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Election Reform 2010 and my Declaration of Candidacy for State Convention Delegate

The Campaign for Liberty Marches on as we get more organized in Indiana for the coming up Elections. Part of our stategy is too reclaim the GOP and throw out those corrupt critters who aint following the Oath of Office.


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