Monday, February 8, 2010

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Green Police Hit the Streets on Suberbowl Sunday

Superbowl 44, its Portents, and the 2010 Olympics Connection

Just in case you missed this one, it is worth your time to watch just to see where we are headed in the future.

With the “World” and “Our Children” indoctrinated with Climate Change these things will definitely be a part of our culture in future years.

Do you think are freedoms are being taken away?



'Moral authority'...

How did the Green Police and Gestapo find the Jews that were hiding?

The Green Police: Fact or Fiction?

Posted by majestic on February 8, 2010

I’ll confess that I didn’t completely respect Mark Dice’s appeal to boycott the Superbowl and during the few minutes I tuned in this commercial aired. It’s supposed to be humorous, but are the “Green Police” really so far from being a reality?


Alex Jones joins with fellow patriot Mark Dice in protesting America’s favorite sports ritual – the Super Bowl. Sure, the game is a good contest between two top rivals, but football isn’t what really matters. While America has fallen asleep in front of the television and allowed so many distractions and frivolous issues to take over its thoughts, our country has been looted financially, our military has been used to carry out ever-expanding wars, our President and Congress have ignored the Constitution and our people have stopped their participation in the process. Until we wake up and fight back against the damage being wielded politically, we have no business getting caught up in gladiatorial distractions. The heat of the contest has become a substitute for our real manhood and our real humanity. Our tribal instincts to protect the community and drive away its enemies has been overtaken by the thrill of cheering, shouting, painting our faces and wearing the colors of a team.

Political activist Mark Dice makes broadcast TV a second time this week in Los Angeles in a bid to convince people – some people at least – to boycott the SuperBowl and focus instead our excitement, anger and energy on the political looting of our country. Instead of a competition with no real impact on our lives, people should educate themselves on the things that really matter. Mark Dice calls the SuperBowl, and TV in general, the opiate of the masses. That is perhaps too much to swallow for the anchors.

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UN Chinese Troops killed in Haiti...

Notice the Red Dragon Symbolism on the plane's tail?

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8 Chinese peacekeepers buried, 10 missing in Haiti earthquake

So far there have been no exact casualty figures for Chinese nationals in quake-hit Haiti. The country has a 125-member peacekeeping police detachment on the Caribbean island. The China Daily website has quoted an official from the nation's Earthquake Emergency Rescue Team as saying that 8 Chinese peacekeepers were buried, and more than 10 others are missing.

The eighth detachment of Chinese riot police left Beijing last June for an eight-month UN peacekeeping operation in Haiti. The 125 members of the squad, including six women, are mostly border control officers from Southwest China's Yunnan Province. These young men and ladies received strict training in riot control, peacekeeping methods, and other UN-outlined programs.

The Chinese community in Haiti includes about 200 Haitian Chinese, along with an unknown number of Chinese nationals doing business and traveling in the country.

China's Foreign Ministry has launched an emergency mechanism in the aftermath of Tuesday's devastating earthquake. Officials are making every effort to detail the situation of Chinese citizens and institutions in Haiti.

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