Friday, February 5, 2010

Lucus at Brave New Books 1/27/2010: The Destroyer Star & The Future of Mankind

According to some our planet is about to change and become something unfamiliar to us all. Some say that a massive star may be coming our way and it may have a profound effect on our planet. Has this happened before? Some say it has and is going to happen again. At this presentation at Brave New Books in Austin, Texas, Lucus presents indications of this coming destroyer star and connects it to the Denver New World Airport.

Video by Floyd Anderson

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Homeland Security


I have an idea that will be extremely helpful to the citizens of this country.

It is a plan to enlist the eyes and ears of the truck drivers of America.

The purpose is to help law enforcement to combat terrorism in this country.

As I am sure you have heard that our government has been trying to inform us lately through the news people on television that they believe that the terrorists are planning some kind of attack in this country in the next few months.

Here is how you may be involved in combating the terrorist.

Since you are on the cb radio and there are so many truck drivers that hear you; I thought that you might be interested in formulating an advisory of some sorts that you could pass along to the truck drivers.

The advisory does not have to be very involved or long.

Just mentioning that 'We could use their help in combating the terrorist' is sufficient in most cases.

This simple mention of what our government is trying to advise us of is all that is needed by most people.

Just something to put it in the front of someones mind or present thoughts are quite effective.

Kinda like 'JUST A REMINDER.'

Someone having car trouble is not suspicious but if they are not terrorist they still need help with their obvious 'car troubles.'

A lot of criminals have been discovered and/or caught by law enforcement just because they were having vehicle problems.

And on the other hand, someone that wears a towel on their head is not necessarily a terrorist or up to no good.

This would give you the opportunity to have another good purpose for the use of your radio efforts on channel 19.

We must come together to fight these evil people.

I hope you are interested in complying with the purpose of this message.

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Your help will really be appreciated

Thank you
Theodore Mann
Please don't be suspicious of this message.
It is not difficult to get someones email address.
The average person is quite capable of it with just a little effort.

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