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Enter The World pt1 - A Review of the Preview for the Ignorant Profane Part 1

Enter The World Pt2 - A Review of The Trailer For The 'Ignorant Profane' - Pt. 2


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HAL: "What is going to happen?" Dave Bowman: "Something wonderful."
- 2010: The Year We Make Contact!After a week and a half of studying and monitoring the recent images provided by NASA's Stereo Spacecraft and the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), there is still no answer as to what the huge Earth-sized spherical objects orbiting the Sun represents. Are they gigantic asteroid chunks and massive balls of cometary nuclei orbiting the Sun in a kind of celestial pinball game, the spacecrafts of aliens visiting our solar system, planetary bodies, giant dust specks or just technical image compression glitches?

Whatever these bodies are, there is no doubt that the association with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and by extension extraterrestrials, further replicates the transmission of the exopolitical disclosure meme, expanding on the already burgeoning phenomena. We see this meme manifesting across all cultures, languages and peoples; influencing our perception like a virus, triggering new mechanisms to formulate parallel associations in the advancement of the original meme unit of information. And as continue our journey into 2010, this replicating
meme has now been amplified into a consciously rational standard for the manifestation of contact with extraterrestrial entities.

Case in point, astronomers and other scientists have gathered in London for a two-day international conference on the search for extraterrestrial life at the Royal Society, Britain's leading academy of science. The meeting will include representatives from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the United Nations' (UN) Office for Outer Space Affairs; marking the 5th anniversary of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program with the theme "The eerie silence: Are we alone in the universe?"
Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society and Britain's Astronomer Royal, says the chances of finding life in the cosmos have never been better. "Technology has advanced so that for the very first time we can actually have the realistic hope of detecting planets no bigger than the Earth orbiting other stars," Rees said the discovery of extraterrestrial life would change humanity's view of its place in the universe... "Were we to find life — even the simplest life — elsewhere, that would clearly be one of the great discoveries of the 21st century," he said. "I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms that we can't conceive, and there could, of course, be forms of intelligence beyond human capacity, beyond us much as we are beyond a chimpanzee." - CBC News.
Meanwhile, Paul Davis, a physicist at Arizona State University believes that we should look for "alien life" on Earth instead:
Professor Davies [said] that the best way of proving that extraterrestrial life exists elsewhere in the universe is to use evidence from earth. " We need to give up the notion that ET is sending us some sort of customised message and take a new approach." He suggested that the search could focus on deserts, volcanic vents, salt-saturated lakes and the dry valleys of Antarctica - places where ordinary life struggles to survive - to find "weird" microbes that belong to a "shadow biosphere." - The Telegraph.
Speaking of SETI, the man who founded the organization, Dr. Frank Drake, will also be there to continue the ongoing discussion on the search from alien beings from another realm.
Any alien civilisations that existed were likely to be far more advanced than ours, he said. Their analogue TV age probably came and went long ago, before humans even thought about searching the sky for signs of intelligent life. Dr. Drake said he remained convinced that intelligent life existed beyond the Earth, despite the lack of success of SETI scientists who have spent half a century tuning into the stars. - Google News/Press Association.
The magnitude of this conference is slowly but pervasively trickling across the news, enrapturing many in the exopolitical movement as well as those from the mainstream media with the prospects for the imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, much like the one on astrobiology in November of last year, that was sponsored by the Vatican as an inquisitory examination of the possibility and implications of extraterrestrial life.

Astronomers hopeful of detecting extra-terrestrial life. - BBC.

Are aliens out there? Heavens, I hope so!
- The Daily Mail.

Alien Life Could Already Be on Earth, Say Scientists. - Fox News.

Alien Life Could Already Be On Earth, Scientist Says. - Huffington Post.

Boffins see 'probability' of alien life. - AFP.

Scientist: Alien life could already be on Earth. - Yahoo/AP.

Why hasn't ET made contact yet? - Ethiopian Review.

Scientists say aliens may already be on Earth. - UK Metro.

Would space aliens need redemption? - Beliefnet.

Even if we found aliens, how would we communicate? - The Independent.

Aliens might not be friendly, warns astronomer. - The Telegraph.

In Britain, the hunt is on for aliens. - Press TV.

Life beyond Earth? - Bulgaria News.

Scientist probe alien life. - The Daily Echo.

Aliens visiting Earth will be just like humans, scientist claims. - The Guardian.

Aliens are likely to look and behave like us. - The Telegraph.

Our chance of finding alien life is greater than ever, says Britain's top astronomer. - Mail Online.

This renewed focus on exopolitical disclosure comes after the news about the release of hundreds of pages of secret UFO sightings by the New Zealand Military, continuing the process that we have seen with the UK, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, Sweden and other countries in 2009.

The files include reports of UFO sightings from 1979 to 1984 and references to the Kaikoura sighting of December 1978. The files are held by Archives New Zealand and were to have been made public this month, but the Defence Force is removing personal information from them to comply with the Privacy Act. "At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information," a Defence Force spokeswoman said. "Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year."- Stuff Press.
In addition to the actions from the Chilean Government to reopen their Special UFO Investigations Unit following the mass sightings in December in the capital city of Santiago de Chile.

It definitely appears that we are being prepared for imminent disclosure, especially given the unveiling of the Obama administration's Open Government directive for each federal agency to make high value data publicly available in December, thereby paving the way for the future declassification of secret UFO/ET documents. In December, another critical move towards realizing this process was done, when the United States through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton verified in signature the sovereignty of The Galactic Government and thebusinesses organized under the Galactic Business Corporations Act of 2005. The signed document included The Declaration of Galactic Independence, The Constitution of the Galactic Government and The Galactic Business Corporations Act of 2005. A copy of the signed document with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s verification can be downloaded in PDF format HERE, as well as the Articles of Incorporation HERE.
“I am pleased that the United States has recognized the Galactic Government and our works,” said Galactic Government President, Dennis Hope, “We have been working to provide equality for all both governmentally and economically. Having The United States of America as a partner is gratifying and humbling.” The citizens of the Galactic Government ratified the formation of the current pro tem and the structure of the full government in April of 2004 and diplomatic out-reach began shortly there after. “We have been in contact with several dozen countries around the world,” states Galactic Government Secretary of State Vincent Hamm, “and though interest in opening diplomatic relations with our government appears high, the diplomatic process can be slow. We are hopeful that, with the United States recognizing us, that other countries will be contacting us to solidify diplomatic ties.” The primary architect of the agreement, Attorney General Wes Faires says: “It is an honor to be part of the Galactic Government and to have been instrumental in validating all we stand for.” Negotiations are commencing with the United Nations. - PRLog.
Dr. Hamm is a resident of Colorado, where researcher and ufologist Jeff Peckman leads a Denver ballot initiative to a create Extraterrestrial Commission, a seven-member panel that would be charged with collecting data and research to prepare the citizens of Denver in the event of a possible extraterrestrial encounter.

Speaking of Galactic Government, here is the latest offering from the Galactic Federation:

"Your world continues to tumble in the chaos... invoked by the dark cabal... major governments are on the verge of collapse... economic distress approaches... spiraling panic... Mother Earth has spent the past year accelerating her progress toward full consciousness... general reintegration of her shifting tectonic plates... resulted in major earthquakes in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, as well as in the seven continents, and is accompanied by sizable volcanic eruptions... Mother Earth to receive vital data from the Sun and our galactic core... an accelerating extinction pattern... approaching cataclysm... a new global ecology and a fully conscious Earth..."

The appearance of messianic alien entities to save mankind from the dark cabal destroying the Earth, and ushering a new golden age? The same communitarian message that we have seen from the Vatican, the UN, President Obama, the President of Europe, and Benjamin Creme of Share International over the last year. We also saw this
manifested in the James Cameron film Avatar, the manifestation of the Luciferian spirit of gnosis, incarnation and ascension, rising from ashes of a chaotic and destructive world.

"In the midst of war, fear and famine, new hope is in the world for us all." - Share International.

If you put all of this information together - exopolitical disclosure, open government directives, Galactic Government, Denver, Galactic Federation, and the mysterious weather anomalies such as the Norway spiral and the earthquake in Haiti, a obvious resonance is established with the colorful murals at the Denver airport of order out of chaos. The murals depicts the establishment of a New World Order by a messianic figure following a global cataclysmic apocalyptic event, and this is ultimately where the widespread psychological integration of the exopolitical disclosure meme will lead, priming us for the arrival of aliens and saucer shaped ships from outer space. The saviors of the world. The Hero's Story. The Phoenix Rising. The Dawn of a New Day. The Aquarian Age of Enlightenment. The singular narrative of Lucifer, the Sun God. The pervasive convergence of the great deception.
Heywood Floyd: "Someday, the children of the new Sun will meet the children of the old [Sun]. I think they will be our friends." - 2010: The Year We Make Contact!


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Trucker Reactions to Uncle Sam text messaging ban Effective Immediatly
Another violation of the Contitution and Due' Prosses of Law'

I just captured first hand reaction off the cb radio as Truck Drivers hear for the first time today breaking news of this text ban.

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Head Of Davos Security “Suicided” As Global Banking Collapse Nears

Pentagon Report Calls For Office Of ‘Strategic Deception’
The Defense Department needs to get better at lying and fooling people about its intentions. That’s the conclusion from an influential Pentagon panel, the Defense Science Board (DSB), which recommends that the military and intelligence communities join in a new agency devoted to “strategic surprise/deception.” Tricking battlefield opponents has been a part of war since guys started beating each other with bones and sticks. But these days, such moves are harder to pull off, the DSB notes in a January report first unearthed by “In an era of ubiquitous information access, anonymous leaks and public demands for transparency, deception operations are extraordinarily difficult. Nevertheless, successful strategic deception has in the past provided the United States with significant advantages that translated into operational and tactical success. Successful deception also minimizes U.S. vulnerabilities, while simultaneously setting conditions to surprise adversaries.”

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