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TV, Sex Majick & Brainwashed Masses
To Understand the role that modern television, and other media, plays in the Illuminati Program we have to understand that Mass communication falls under the same sphere of control as military propaganda. In other words, the Illuminati military ruling class manages and owns the global media and uses it to control public perceptions of reality and fiction.
The Legion

In Freemasonry and the Illuminati, the Military Ruling class is governed over by the "Philosopher kings", and rules over the merchant and banking classes. This organization was established by Plato in his "Republic" and formed the government of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome etc. We can see the same organizational structure in both Communism and Fascism.

13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati

While the Philosopher Kings are Luciferians and worship the fallen "angel of light", the military ruling class is a warrior class that worships the god of chaos and destruction, Satan. Yes, in the Illuminati belief system, Lucifer and Satan are two distinct entities, patterned after the Egyptian gods Set and his nephew Horus. Set was an evil deity and force for destruction. He was characterized as homosexual and sterile. Horus, on the other hand, was the god of the heavens. His one eye was the sun and the other was the moon. The symbol of Horus is the "All-seeing eye" on the back of the dollar bill. Note that Horus is really Lucifer and that he is the capstone on the unfinished pyramid.

The Knights Templar and other religious orders were organized after Plato's Republic as well. They were governed over by "Philosopher" Priests, military monks, and Merchant class monks that oversaw the financial interests of the "Order". When the Templars were disbanded and forced underground, they re-emerged through Free-Masonry and its partnership with the Illuminati Jews. The Templars and their partners control the financial, political and military leadership in our world today.

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"They speak of a Teacher of Righteousness and a pierced messiah, of cleansing through water and a battle of light against darkness.

"But anyone looking to the Dead Sea Scrolls in search of proof, say, that Jesus of Nazareth was the messiah presaged by the prophets, or that John the Baptist lived among the scroll's authors, will be disappointed."

News items are circulating about how "hints" and "insights" contained in the famous Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in caves near the ancient site of Qumran can be found in the Bible. In other words, certain ideas in the scrolls also appear in the New Testament, meaning, of course, that the impression of Christianity as a "divine revelation" appearing whole cloth miraculously from the very finger of God is clearly erroneous.

Few scholars today claim that any of the Dead Sea Scrolls ("DSS") date to the time after Christianity was allegedly founded by a "historical" Jesus in the first century of the common era. Indeed, it is agreed that most of the scrolls pre-date the turn of the era and that none of them show any knowledge of Jesus Christ or Christianity.

In my book The Christ Conspiracy, I demonstrate that Christianity is an amalgam of the many religions, sects, cults and brotherhood traditions of the Mediterranean and beyond. One of the major influences on Christianity is that of Jews, obviously, including those mentioned in the New Testament, i.e., the Pharisees and Sadducees. Ancient Jewish historian Josephus also mentions the sect of the Essenes, who are traditionally associated with Qumran, in a "by default" argument. However, scholar Solomon Schecter - who discovered a scroll at Cairo that was later found at Qumran - points to a heretical sect of Sadducees or Zadokites, as they are called in both the Bible and DSS. In The Christ Conspiracy, I discuss this Zadokite origin of the DSS and this group's obvious influence on the New Testament.

What this rumination all means, of course, is that Christianity is, as I contend in my books, largely unoriginal, representing not fresh and new "divine revelation" but, again, the amalgamation of not only the ideas of the Zadokite authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls but also influences from the Essenes, Jews, Samaritans and many others.

Hints of the Scrolls in Bible

To understand how the Dead Sea Scrolls influenced early Christianity, just turn to the New Testament.

Take, for example, the Great Isaiah Scroll, a facsimile of which is on display as part of the Milwaukee Public Museum's Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. Written around 125 B.C. and the only scroll to emerge virtually intact from the caves at Qumran, its messianic message is quoted in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, John and Luke, the earliest of which wasn't written until around A.D. 65.

The scrolls' so-called "Son of God" text reads much like the story of the Annunciation in the Gospel of Luke. And the Scrolls' "Blessing of the Wise" echoes the beatitudes of Matthew's Sermon on the Mount....

This early dating of the gospels, it should be noted, is based only on the a priori assumption that the story they relate is at least partially true in recounting a "historical" Jesus who truly walked the earth at the time he is claimed in the gospels themselves. There is no external evidence whatsoever for the existence of any canonical gospel at this early a date. In fact, the canonical gospels as we have them do not show up clearly in the historical record until the end of the second century.

Moreover, the Sermon on the Mount - supposedly the original monologue straight out of the mouth of the Son of God Himself - can be shown to be a series of Old Testament scriptures strung together, along with, apparently, such texts from Qumran. No "historical" founder was necessary at all to speak these words, as they are a rehash of extant sayings. (Even in this patent literary device the gospels cannot agree, as Luke 6:17-49 depicts the Sermon as having taken place on a plain.)

It is easy to see why the Catholic Church would blanche upon the discovery of these scrolls, as it could be - and has been - argued that these texts erode the very foundation of Christianity. It appears that this news, however, when released slowly has little affect on the mind-numbing programming that accompanies Christian faith.

The bottom line is that the existence of the Old Testament and the intertestamental literature such as the Dead Sea Scrolls shows how Christianity is a cut-and-paste job - a fact I also reveal in The Christ Conspiracy, in a chapter called "The Making of a Myth," which contains a discussion of some of the texts obviously used in the creation of the new faith. These influential texts evidently included some of the original Dead Sea Scrolls, serving not as "prophecy," "prefiguring" or "presaging" but as blueprints of pre-existing, older concepts cobbled together in the New Testament.

Source & Further Reading

There's insight - but not proof - in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Hints of the Scrolls in Bible

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Annysa Johnson - ‎Jan 23, 2010‎
To understand how the Dead Sea Scrolls influenced early Christianity, just turn to the New Testament. ...

There's insight - but not proof - in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Annysa Johnson - ‎Jan 23, 2010‎
They speak of a Teacher of Righteousness and a pierced messiah, of cleansing through water and a battle of light ...

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RED ALERT!!! HAARP has deleted its records from 1-11-2110!!

A very unusual deletion can be observed in the archived data of HAARP instrument readings from the day before the
Haiti earthquake. (Perhaps it is a matter of time until it will get fixed with a simple copy-paste operation, but I have made screen shots of it).

Set the date in "Chart Archives" below the today's graph to 2001/Jan/11 in the window below the graph and see for your selves. It is the only instance of such an occurrence I have discovered by looking through other historical dates. Perhaps some other deletions have already been fixed, I can think of date like May 12th 2008 or December 26th 2004.

The graphs are here:
Spectrum Monitor Waterfall Chart

HF Chart (1-30 Mhz)

VHF chart (100-200 MHz)

NCDXF Beacons (14.1 MHz)

NCDXF Beacons (18.11 MHz)

Also check patents related to HAARP to understand the technology of reversed piezoelectric effect in which earth can tremble when energy is applied to ionosphere. Scientific references will be underlining this further in this post:
The patents are from greater part owned by a LARGE defense contractor: html

- US Patent 4686605 - Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere

- US Patent 4999637 - Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth

- US Patent 4712155 - Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma

- US Patent 5777476 - Ground global tomography (CGT) using modulation of the ionospheric electrojets

- US Patent Application
20070238252 - Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere

US Patent 5068669 - Power beaming system

US Patent 5041834 - Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted

Just lets remember the scenario 6 years ago:
New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

and turn to some scientific backing:
Ionospheric Precursors of Earthquakes; Recent Advances in Theory
and Practical Applications

Theoretical Model of Possible Disturbances in the Nighttime Mid-Latitude Ionospheric D Region over an Area of Strong-Earthquake Preparation
(Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism,
Ionosphere, and Radio-Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Relationship between microseisms, geomagnetic activity and ionospheric absorption of radio waves
Geophysical Institute, Czechosl. Acad. Sci., Prague)

(Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) pdf/EP.32% 280275%29.pdf

And let us not forget that there is a functioning smoke screen cover up mechanism, as seen in the case of the Tromsø / Norway spiral which has been later ludicrously attributed to a russian Bulava missile test - which was taking place hundreds miles away: Mystery-s. ..

Data from HAARP style ionosphere heating facility EISCAT in Ramfjordmoen just over the mount Tromsdalstinden only dozens of miles away from Tromsø, during apparition of the spiral:

Daily plan for the 9th of December 2009 and the time frame: 200912099145. ..
power consumption data of the facility: consumption/
particularly q=tbn:jHWE5DBXLD wV-M%3Ahttp: //dynamite. ..

EISCAT facility can be easily located on google maps or google earth, under 'EISCAT'
Tromsø can be seen near by to the north. Its coordinates are: 69°39'07? N 018°57'12? E
Here is where the Russian missile was supposed to fly:

NAVTEX warning:

031230 UTC DEC 09
1. ROCKET LAUNCHING 2300 07 DEC TO 0600 08 DEC
09 DEC 0200 TO 0900 10 DEC 0100 TO 0900
65-37.2N 036-26.0E 66-12.3N 037-19.0E 66-04.0N 037-47.0E
66-03.0N 038-38.0E 66-06.5N 038-55.0E
65-11.0N 037-28.0E 65-12.1N 036-49.5E
THEN COASTAL LINE 65-12.2N 036-47.6E

If you put these coordinates to google earth you will see what I mean. This is how the public is being constantly misled on everything.

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Jumbo-jet laser cannon tested against missile

Vid The US Missile Defence Agency has released video of its jumbo-jet-mounted laser cannon - intended to beam down nuclear missiles lifting off from enemy countries - in action, playing its ray on a test rocket off California.

Here's the vid:

According to the MDA:

The Airborne Laser (ABL) research and development platform successfully fired the onboard High Energy Laser (HEL) to engage an instrumented target missile, called a Missile Alternative Range Target Instrument (MARTI). This test demonstrated the full functionality of the ABL system to successfully acquire, track, and engage a boosting target. Test instrumentation aboard the MARTI collected data to evaluate ABL laser system performance. This test engagement was not intended to lethally destroy the missile.

The MARTI test rocket was launched from San Nicolas Island off the central Californian coast, which lies within a US naval firing range used for the test. According to the MDA the trial raying earlier this month provided data which will assist with the first attempt to actually destroy a missile, now set to take place sometime this year.

ABL programme chiefs had previously spoken of full-on destruction tests taking place last year, so it's clear that flight testing of the mighty raygun hasn't gone as smoothly as hoped. Even a 2009 success would have been much later than was originally foreseen at the programme's genesis, decades ago.

The project may be doomed in any case, no matter how soon it manages to shoot a trial missile down. Funding for further planes after the original prototype has been cut, robbing the idea of plausibility - the plan was originally to deploy standing patrols of blaster-jumbos near enemy missile fields, for instance off the coast of North Korea. But hostile Norks armed with possible working missiles of the future - the only long-ranging Nork missile has yet to achieve a successful launch - could easily time their attack to avoid visits from a single plane.

Then there are the severe cost and logistic burdens imposed by the chemical technology used in the ABL's laser, which requires two massive C-17 airlifters' worth of supplies to achieve a single refuel. With electrically-powered lasers now beginning to deliver useful power levels, chemical energy weapons may soon become a techno dead end.

US missile-defence strategy has shifted significantly since the Obama administration took over, too, moving away from powerful midcourse interceptors, lasers etc. and towards the SM-3 naval countermissile, widely seen as more reliable if somewhat less gee-whiz.

Even so, the possible ABL missile blast later this year should provide a good show at the very least. ®

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